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KT is in his room, he thinks how Rachna thinks that there is a difference between there ages. He thinks how old is he, 30 or 35. Dadi listens to him and comes laughing. She says he must begin looking for himself, he says it happens to someone who is in love. She asks what it is about, that he is happy after Rajiv left. She says he must go to gyms and dress up well. He says he cant change himself for the world. Dadi goes saying, fine, just skeep standing in front of the mirror and keep questioning you.
Gunjan wakes up and thinks it is just 1.15, how will she wait till 4.00. She wakes Chiraya up but she doesn’t move, she wakes Mayank but he also doesn’t move. She goes out thinking how the people live here. She thinks what the police officer said to them, and Chiraya had also warned her. She goes back but sees two men there. They put a flash light on her face, she tries to run around but her dupatta is caught in a basket. Someone is standing in her way, she could only see the shadow, She recalls the bracelet, he was the one who followed her the other day. He lights a candle, and comes towards her. He says Namaste Bhabi, two other guys come there. She says she doesn’t know them. He says we know you well, my name is Vikram Bundi and you are from Banaras. Gunjan is worried and asks them to leave her way. He tells her it isn’t her city, anything can happen to a girl here. She tells him to leave her way as she will call all the village shouting. He gives way.
She comes to the room and thinks the female aren’t safe here because basi bathroom facility isn’t here. She looks at chiraya and appreciates how they live together.
Rachna thinks how Kt was worried when they had to hide in the restaurant, she thinks everything is fair in love. Kt also thinks about her and the age difference she talked about.
Rachna gets ready, KT also sprays the perfume she gifted him. He thinks he will start jogging tomorrow, she thinks she will give KT a surprise tomorrow.
Someone wakes Gunjan, it was Chiraya. Chiraya tells her that we have to go to fields now else they will get to go there tomorrow. Gunjan wakes up worried saying she has to go right now. They all wash in the fields; Seema helps Gunjan wash her face. Gunjan says that she feels bad about these women. Seema says they have no choice, Gunjan tells her that some guys were wandering drunk in the fields, if they have this much money; cant they make toilets here. Seema is worried; Gunjan says they have to change this thing.
Gunjan tells Shayl about the situation. She says she is astonished that the conditions of the village have still not changed, Gunjan tells her that there is no electricity as well. Shayl says she must not put herself in trouble. Gunjan says even she is telling me not to do anything, Shayl says she just wants her daughter’s safety. Gunjan’s phone’s battery goes dead. Shayl prays for her safety.
Vikram and his mates sit, discussing about the drink. Gunjan comes and asks about the head of village. She looks at the Vikram, the head comes there. Vikram comes and touches his feet calling him Bauji. Gunjan thinks this was the reason he was jumping so high. Bauji asks what is the problem. She says she wanted to ask about Divia, the girl who is lost, whats the news about her. He says that the police is looking for her, she asks what he is doing to find her. He asks her does she know whats the reason about her missing. Gunjan says there are no toilets and electricity, that is why this happens here. He says she must attend the wedding she came for, and go back to her city. They don’t want the bathrooms, she says you might not need them but the respect and security of women does need it. She shows him the news in the paper saying this is what happened. He says it is a saying in their village that female must stay in veil. She says woe, face in veil and toilet in field? Mayank comes to her rescue, excuses the men and takes her.
The wedding preparations were at their peak. Seema says to Gunjan why is she creating problems, Gunjan argues that a lot of things have been changed till today, but today a girl is missing from here and no one dares talking to the head. Ciraya’s bauji comes there, Gunjan asks him who this head is, and everyone fears him. He just arrives there, they say that we are the father in law of Chiraya, did you arrange for the generator. Bauji says they have done it all as they wished. The head talks to Gunjan that you must be feeling it all awkward, but you will either understand this all or you will leave in the city peacefully.
He announces that we are getting the Baraat at night, we should be welcomed well. He asks Vikram to go.
Rachna writes Sorry on a paper, she asks KT how is the design. He tells her to give it to some other girl. She goes back, and tears the paper apart. She smiles and adjust the mirror such that she can look at him from behind. He sees her in the mirror, she holds her ear and says Sorry. He smiles. The girls there looks at them, she goes to her seat. KT says she is mad, and can do anything.
Chiraya says to Gunjan that we must have been home. Gunjan says we just have to returm Diviya’s dress; and you can give the invitation to your best friend’s parents by yourself. Diviya’s mom cried, and says to her dad that we know Diviya is no long. Chiraya hears this and cries, Gunjan gives her the dress. She says to her that she prays that it doesn’t happen in this village again. The all cry, and Gunjan and Chiraya leaves
They were getting ready in the wedding, the generator gets on.
Baraat comes, Gunjan asks Chiraya that the don’t you want justice for whats happening in the village. Gunjan asks what is the guarantee it wont happen to you. And that Vikram, he has no rules and dicipline. Chiraya looks at her, gunjan says that if you want a change or justice you must think about that Vikram again; else go and marry him. The guests welcome the groom, the bride and the groom comes to the stage. Gunjan comes forward and says that this wedding cant take place. The men there shouts that what is this all about, the head also shouts that here the woman remains in the veil. Gunjan says that the face in the veil and toilet in fields. She asks him is there a toilet at their house. He says no, she says he must make a toilet here. What happened to Diviya is because girls have to go to fields at night. She asks will he marry his daughter to a house where there is no toilet. The head asks Bauji what has happened to you, your guest is insulting us. He comes and asks Gunjan to take an apology. Her mother also joins hand in front of Gunjan to ask for an apology. Seema tells Mayank to take Gunjan inside, Mayank also ask for apology. Bauji lays into the feet of the groom’s father and promises him he will never interfere in his matters. He asks Chiraya to proceed with the wedding. She says that Gunjan is right, I wont marry in a house where there is no toilet. She wants a respectful life. Her parents urges her top do the marriage, she says when she saw Gunjan she thought, she has another chance. Gunjan says Chiraya is taking the step for the betterment of all of us, and we must support her.
Chiraya begs to her dad that she just want a life which is respectful, did she ask for much? She runs inside crying,

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  1. I live in Guyana abha ,radika and them once visit Guyana in April maybe their in another soap or in another country oh yes I heard one of my friend telling me that they are getting marry but that was a long time from now so I don’t know

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