Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bittu calls Gayatri inside. She asks him to come out. He comes dressed in groom’s dress shyly. She cheers and says that he looks great. Gayatri goes to talk to Dadi, she must take him quietly.
Rachna enjoys her function. Gunjan thinks why is she happy, when Mayank doesnt want her to live here what kind of henna. Shayl asks her to put on this henna, Gunjan looks at Mayank, then looks away. Mayank thinks if she dislikes him so much why doesnt she leave.
Gayatri tells Dadi that she is going to Mehndi before time, as Shayl’s friend. Everyone appreciates Rachna’s henna colour, KT comes. She shys looking at him. KT comes to her, she sings a song for him. He sings back for her. Rachna comes to a realization that she was day dreaming, and asks Gunjan was KT here. Gunjan says it was her dream which will soon be fulfilled, Rachna asks her to stay quiet.
Bittu comes there smiling. Peehu says she doesnt like her henna, Gunjan offers her to get it done from her side, she doesnt want it on second hand. Shayl asks the reason. Gunjan asks how will she eat then, Shayl hands the plate to Mayank and tells them to make Gunjan eat it. Gunjan recalls the time, he was so happy to put bites in her mind. Mayank puts the plate on a side, and leaves.
Dadi looks for Bittu at home. She is worried, and thinks what if he goes to Shayl’s house. She thinks about calling KT, then thinks she must not call him as he would get worried; she then calls Gunjan. Mayank attends Gunjan’s call, as she isnt able to pick it. He places the phone at Gunjan’s ears, she looks at Mayank tear-eyed. Gunjan informs Dadi that Bittu has come here for a long time, and is with his sister-in-law. Dadi was worried. Mayank thinks she must say sorry now, while Gunjan thinks he still doesnt realize what he said yesternight. Mayank see G written on Gunjan’s henna while handing her the phone and thinks Gunjan only wrote G, and wants to remove his name from her life.
Everyone notices Bittu coming to Rachna. Dadi tells Rachna she couldnt know when Bittu left, they all heads for her house.
Mausi thinks what will KT say when he would not see his but KT’s name on Rachna’s hand. Bittu asks Rachna to show her henna, Bittu sees KT, written on her hands. Gayatri waits for the drama. Dadi and KT arrive there too. Bittu tells Mausi that Bittu’s name is there, i.e Krish Tripati. Dadi takes Bittu home.
Shayl hears Gunjan and Mayank talking. Mayank asks her to stop till his sister’s wedding. Gunjan says she has no problem, if he can bear her for two more days. Gunjan tells Mayank to correct his mood. Shayl enters the kitchen. Gunjan tries to change her attention, she tells her that if she gets busy Mayank thinks she is ignoring him. Shayl asks about the truth. Gunjan says that she has to go out of city for important work. Mayank says that she has to go Jaipur. Gunjan asks Shayl why would she get Mayank’s initial written on her hand. Mayank is shocked to see this. Shayl says she get worried on small matters. Mayank asks why she got his initials written, She says when they are doing the drama they must do it fully.
Bauji asks Shayl about changing the necklace Rachna doesnt like. Shayl suggests she and KT must dance as well. Rachna hugs Shayl and cries. She says she won’t be able to live without them.
Gunjan comes into the room, Mayank also enters. Mayank comes near to her, while she smiles. Gunjan calls his name, and asks him to give her way. He comes to conscious and asks shall he go out for sleep. She says they must not make an issue about it. The lie on the bed, thinking about each other. In the morning, Gunjan was sleeping on Mayanks hand. Peehu wakes them. Peehu tells Gunjan that she is hungry, and the doctor has suggested her bed-rest. Gunjan goes to give her breakfast.
Bittu practices dance with Mausi saying the tomorrow is Bittu’s wedding. Mausi is shocked to see Gunjan. She asks Bittu why he didnt tell her he is getting married,when? Mausi asks her the reason to come, Gunjan gives her sweets. Mausi says that Bittu is so eager to ge married, they thought about marrying him. Gunjan asks has he got a girl to marry. Mausi puts sweet in Bittu’s mouth, and tells Gunjan she is busy. Gunjan leaves, she has forgotten her mobile. Bittu asks Mausi how doesnt Gunjan know about the wedding. Mausi says she must not have got the card. Gunjan picks her cell phone, and wonders what they are talking about.
Bittu tells Mausi that he has written his name, by cutting KT’s name on card. Mausi tells Bittu to keep this card safe, as a prove; she asks him to keep it to herself safely. Bittu resists, that he has made this card to give away. Mausi says that the elders give card, and takes it along with her.
Gayatri was frustrated at gifting clothes to Shayl. She is shocked to see the card, and asks to take care of it. Bittu has snatched the card, and says he will give there himself.
Rachna finds something missing in her preparation. Mayank comes to ask why is she worried, he says her smile is missing. Gunjan gets teary, Rachna says she knows she will miss her but she will come to meet her daily.
Bittu looks for Gunjan, when he hits Mayank. Bittu tells him this is his wedding card. Mayank opens it, but Bittu snatches it from his hand and says this is for Gunjan. He will make another one for him, and goes inside. Gayatri snatches the card before Gunjan could hold it. She apologizes Gunjan that he teased her. He says he came to invite her, Gayatri asks him to leave for home now. He resists, she scolds him and takes him forcefully.
Gunjan stops them, and asks Gayatri let Bittu give her the card Bittu got. Gunjan reads the card and smiles, she shows it to the worried Gayatri. The card was plain, about KT and Rachna. Mausi stood there, and winks at Gayatri. She had changed the card when it fell down. Gunjan promises Bittu that she will definitely come to his wedding. Gunjan was skeptic.

PRECAP: Bittu leaves the Sangeet watching Rachna and KT dance. KT follows him on the road, and asks what he wants. Bittu asks ‘Rachna’.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Rabirian Fans

    Awsome episode.kt’s scane so short.precap scareing.i hope kt doesn’t secrifice his love.

  2. Rachna and KT loves each other and they deserve to be with each other. Hopefully KT talks sense into Bittu when he says he wants Rachna. Rachna parents let alone Rachna would immediately anul the marriage if Bittu ends up being the groom. I hope the writers don’t go there.

  3. bittu with his mad self want some hand from kt that is what and doh talk for twist up face mausi

  4. I didnt knew that bittus name was krish tripathi !!

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