Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mausi tells KT that Bittu is ready to talk to him. KT is happy, and promises that he will never hold hand. Gayatri says that he is an elder brother and doesnt need to apologize. Mausi calls Bittu, who was reluctant to enter. Bittu says to KT that he is sorry, but he resists KT’s hug. Gayatri tells Bittu that KT is his brother, and can do anything for him. Bittu says that he can also do any thing for him. KT promises him to never hurt him. Bittu asks Mausi what this means. Mausi looks around and explains KT will give Bittu anything he wants. KT hugs Bittu. Gayatri sends Bittu inside with Mausi to sleep.

Prabhu and Mayank bring their surprise. It was a picture frame, of a lot of family photos. Gunjan is upset to see her wedding photo. Peehu complains that hers is only a single photo in this. Rachna gets sentimental recalling all the memories. Bauji asks what she is thinking. She says she is thinking that she will have to leave it all in a few days. Prabhu says that she will even take all these memories along. Rachna hugs Bauji. The frame slips from their hand reaking the frame ask well as the bangles. Shayl is worried that it has been a bad omen, Seema says that breaking of glass is a good omen; Peehu says that breakage of bangles is bad and the photo of engagement has also torn. Gunjan also says that everything will be alright. Gunjan tells Rachna not to worry.

Dadi wonders how did Mausi agreed Bittu. Gayatri says that she made a promise to him. KT asks what promise? Mausi tells Bittu that she fulfilled her promise by reutning his brother. Now as KT promised, he will even give Rachna to Bittu.

Gayatri explains to KT that sitting along him, he will feel like the groom. Dadi says that Bittu doesn’t understand this. Dadi tells KT that this is wrong, but what option do they have. Gayatri promises him that after the wedding she will handle Bittu. KT asks how Rachna will feel? Gayatri says that she won’t feel it; she will handle Bittu, and after this she won’t ask him anything. Bittu cheers as Mausi promise Bittu to be the groom of Rachna.

Gunjan recalls what Seema had said. She thinks mummy ji was right, what is in fighting. She drops the file, and picks it up. Mayank comes there. She apologizes that his file fell from her hand. He snatches it from her, and keeps it in the drawer. Mayank was not in a state-of-mind to talk to Gunjan and when she says she is fed-up of fighting daily, he says that she may leave, why is she staying with him. She says she will leave forever and goes out of the room. Mayank realizes his mistake. He thinks that she wanted to leave, then says that his Gunjan is not like this and wonders does she love him how much he does. There Gunjan says did Mayank wanted this: and was I a fool to be trying to make up.

Shayl thinks about what Peehu had said. She comes near the temple, and prays that any black shadows must never come near the house.

KT thinks about Bittu as he jogs. He looks at Rachna in terrace, Rachna comes to terrace then. They both look at each other. Rachna consoles his worries through her eyes.

Mayank comes to ask about Gunjan, as everyone is busy with the function preparations. Shayl tells him that Gunjan is with Rachna and was happy in helping her get ready. Mayank thinks that only he was sleepless about yester night’s fight so he must also stay happy. Golu announces Rachna is here. Gunjan helps Rachna in the hall. Mayank calls Golu to play with him. Gunjan thinks that it seems Mayank is happy without her.

PRECAP: Dadi looks for Bittu, Gunjan tells her he came earlier and is with Rachna. Gunjan hears Bittu cheering with Mausi that he is getting married tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This indian soap should done it ant make sense namo share bullshit a happen in here… Look man what yall done give rachna n still giving she bittu be4 yall married her to kt… Ever since this indian soap start rachna is like from 1 man to another I will stop watch n read this indian soap n I will watch n read another 1

  2. Rabirian Fans

    I hope nothing bed happen

  3. who the hell is the director/writer in this series this series is getting from bad to worst and even straight to hell

  4. Each bak is rele whoring in this series .. She jumping from man to man

  5. From being my favorite show, I’ve completely stopped watching it, i could see this Bittu crap a mile off and Mayank is not a man, he’s a pathetic little boy with a fragile little ego….ugh…..What utter predictable drivel

  6. Yes I use to love this show as well now this Bittu crap is destroying the show. Let’s hope he doesn’t marry Rachna or this will be the end of the show. Seriously KT needs a reality check and why haven’t anyone seen Gayatri and her sister when they smile at each other and plot evil. Mayank is a selfish man who doesn’t respect his wife enough to realize she is trying to fulfil her mothers dream not compete with him.

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