Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl caresses Ayushi while Gunjan watches her spit almond seeds out of her mouth. Seema says to Gunjan that we should keep no eatable near the kids. The doctor comes and after observation says that the baby is alright, but they should take care as such incidences can be dangerous. Seema and Sangeeta discuss that such incidence happened for the first time in our family. Gunjan leaves wiping her tears. Mayank goes to see her; she was crying at home Mayank says that it wasn’t her mistake, he was also in the room. But she kept crying. He removed her hands from her face, and makes her relax. Gunjan says that she couldn’t take care of a baby for a single day, what will happen when I will be a mother. Mayank asks what does this mean. Mayank asks what does this mean? Gunjan says that she think she is pregnant.
Mayank stands up in shock. She says I can understand, I was also in shock and I am not able for this; couldn’t take care of the baby. Mayank asks what if she becomes sure. He is elated and says that for him it would be like he got promotion on the first day of his job. He hugs her but she asks isn’t he nervous. But he is more excited than being nervous. She says that baby is a big responsibility, and a full-time job. She says I am getting tired thinking about all the jobs I will have to do for him. Mayank tells her that she will get a time-period of 9 months; and if you want you can practice with your baby Mayank. Gunjan tells him to be quiet in front of the family and don’t say anything to anyone at home. She pushes Mayank out of the room, when they come across Shayl. Gunjan says she was telling Mayank to go and sleep.
Shayl asks Gunjan about Khushbu, Khushbu comes with Ayushi crying. Khushbu says she will keep us awake tonight as well. Shayl asks what happened to her. Khushbu says she just have to keep her mummy awake at night.
Rachna was at home, trying to contact KT. Shayl comes there, and asks did she talk to KT. Rachna says he just mailed once. Shayl gets worried. She says he must be really busy, and will come in time. Rachna gets KT’s text saying I miss you. Shayl teases her that she is going to sleep well now. Rachna smiles.
Everyone in the family prepares for the function. Sangeeta asks the tailor that the cloth must be of the highest quality. Peehu says that it’s a rich family, they must show her the best dresses. Gunjan comes out and watches Ayushi clapping. Gunjan thinks the family keeps such good care of a child. Prabhu takes Ayushi and she begins crying; Khushbu comes to take her. Sangeeta tells Khushbu to go and check her nappy.
Gunjan thinks that child is a toy till he is quiet, but everyone only remembers a mother when he cries.
In the bedroom Mayank says there is such noise at home. Gunjan says it is a house of engagement; but Mayank says that there will be noise even without engagement in a few days. Gunjan says that he promised they won’t talk about it until it is confirmed. Mayank says that this doesn’t mean she won’t take care of herself. She comes to kitchen. In the kitchen, Seema asks Gunjan to bring her the sugar from over the cupboard. She stands on the stool, but Mayank comes there and asks her what she is doing over there. She shows him eyes to be quiet, and asks Seema that she will make the breakfast. Seema suspects something is wrong about them.
The lady thinks where KT has gone. Bittu comes to say a Boo to her. She thinks about using Bittu and explains her what she wants from him. Bittu goes away saying alright.
Rachna was in the terrace saying KT! Please return soon. She watches a plane in the sky and hopes you are in it; what was the urgent work that you went away and didn’t call from yesterday. There is lightening. She says my heart says you will be here soon as this heart beats only for you. She looks down the balcony at Bittu, standing there with flowers.
Peehu comes to Shayl, she asks was you blouse stitched. Peehu says you must look at Sangeeta’s saree, her sarees are filled with embroidery. She says my dress in old-fashioned. Shayl stops her and asks her to go to market and buy something for herself. Shayl tells her to buy a ready-made dress or tailor wont stitch it. Peehu says she has already talked to the tailor. Shayl says this girl will never change.
Rachna comes down to Bittu, he says you tied me the friend-ship band so I got you the flowers. I like sweet things as you. Rachna sees the stall and asks you must like the ice-cream then. He agrees, they both go to have ice-cream. Rachna orders tuti-fruiti. Bittu asks did the smart brother told you all this, he explains he is tall and handsome. Rachna thinks is he talking about KT? Bittu asks where has he gone? Rachna asks how do you know? Bittu says his Maasi told him. Rachna invites him tomorrow. The lady says his maasi will also come.

Mayank is worried that Gunjan has gone on auto. Shayl and Seema ask, he tells them she might be pregnant.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Plz hurry….y r u taking so long???????!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was hoping to see Kt on the Precap at lease

  3. No kt 🙁 disappointed
    But hey gunjan is pregnant i hope 😀

  4. Where is kt so long, series boring without kt, we need kt on tomm episode plz plz plz

  5. I can’t wait to see tanveer exposed and ankita to reunite with naren , it will fun

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