Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna packs her bag in frustration. she says she wont be able to meet KT and go office and hopes some miracle happen and they dont have to go to village. She hears Shayl calling everyone, Bauji was fainting. they all come worried, he says that the weather is too hot these days. Shayl says that there is much heat in the village, how will you live here. Bauji resists but Gunjan also says that Shayl is right as there might not be a doctor there. Shayl says she will also remain here with her. Gunjan says what will she do there alone but Seema says that people might talk that the daughter in law hasnt come yet.
The villagers are crying, the inspectors discuss that they have filed the report but the condition has worsened following media coverage.
Shayl bids farewell to Seema. She calls Rachna, Gunjan says she know Rachna also doesnt want to go. Rachna comes all dressed up and shows excitement to go. They all leave. Rachna slips from the stair and gets a cramp in foot. Shayl asks is it really painful. Seema says how will you go this way, Rachna says she will manage? Gunjan scolds her what manage, Bauji and Shayl also stops her. Gunjan comes near to her and says someone won a lottery without buying a ticket. She tells Rachna to take care of herself, both heart and pain.
Rachna makes her hair and gets ready to go, she smiles in front of the mirror. Shayl comes there sees her skeptically, she asks how is her foot. Rachna walks in pain, then tells Shayl not to worry about her. She takes the bag and begins to leave. Shayl says is something important today? Rachna says that there is an important meeting with a foreign delegate, she hugs Shayl and kisses her on cheek and says I love you.
They go in the car, Gunjan asks Mayank why is he worried. HE says he isnt sure about the interview he just took. She tells him to take an interview when they get back, but before that they both will do romance in the fields. Mayank tells her to be quiet, she shows them that Seema and Prabhu were asleep. Gunjan appreciates that openness of village when their car is stopped by the police.
The inspector inquires them where they are going. He warns them to take the girl and woman at their ow risk. He tells them that a girl was kidnapped during the day time, he doesnt take any repsonsibility. Mayank asks what doesn that mean. The inspector shows them the mother crying for her daughter. Gunjan sees her, and says that they have lost their daughter. Gunjan says she must go to meet her, but Seema stops her.
Rachna comes to the workshop. She smiles and thinks KT will be happy to see her. He goes and sits there, busy with the meeting. She calls Hi to her, he replies and gets busy again, She goes to her chair in a bad mood, he glances at her and begins telling the clients that they are using net in this one. Rachna hands her net, the client says that golden lace will suit it. He looks for the lace and calls Rachna. She corrects herself and asks what happened. He asks for the lace, takes it without looking at her. The client tells him that he must leave as he promised to take his wife to lunch today and give her time. KT asks does it work? He says that women should be given some time. KT comes to Rachna and says that they have to go out. She asks where, but he says it is compulsory to ask questions. Come out in just five minutes. The villagers welcomes them warm heartedly. The girls comment on Gunjan that she is really fair. They says that she looks like heroine, doesnt have sindoor and head is also uncovered. Seema tells Gunjan to cover her head. The host tells Seema that the rituals have just begun, she has come at a good time. Gunjan goes and meet the bride, she recognizes her as Mayank bhaiya’s bhabi. She says that she has heard that She is different. Gunjan asks Mayank to take her cell phone. She asks in aw, that Gunjan takes the name of her husband. Gunjan runs after the bride. They come inside and takes blessings from the elders. The grandma was really a strict woman and talks harshly to Gunjan not to spoil their girls with the city talks.
PRECAP: Someone chases Gunjan as she is playing. She gets suspicious about the presence and recalls someone saying her to go home as people here looks for opportunities.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. oww kt n rachna is going out goody-good… 😉 n thanx Sona fr understanding us… :p 2days epi ws great… 😀

  2. thanks for the update,Sonal……W
    ow!…cant wait until tomorrow….heyyyyyyyyy……KT taking Rachna out…hope to see their romantic moments

  3. kt and rachna needs some more alone time and romantic moments. keeps the story between two of them more exciting. As kt is a breath of fresh air and rachna is so innocent. The really match each other well.

  4. Kt and rachna look hot in kumkumBhagya in yesterday episode

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