Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The mob in the market get out of control, in the presence of reporters. Gunjan tells Rachna to take Seema there, she shouts that it was by mistake but Mayank takes her. He jerks the reporter, who complains about Mayank as well.
At home Seema cries, while Gunjan explains that the slap was by mistake, Seema was intended to slap the journalist. Bindia whispers to Seema, what is the need of this confession here. Seema wishes she had died, as everyone stared her like her killer. Gunjan apologizes, but Seema asks what award she could have got by writing the blog. Rachna says this drama wasn’t about the blog and Gunjan isn’t responsible. Seema asks Rachna to stop taking Gunjan’s side, she takes an oath that she won’t go out of the house anymore. Dayal says that till the news get cold, Gunjan should also not go out of the house and no one in the family would speak to any media person. Shayl says he is right. Prabhu tells Seema and Gunjan to go inside.
Gopal comes to Dayal, and tells him to switch the TV on, they are reporting about Seema and Gunjan. The family is shocked to see the sensationalized report. The media takes Seema’s silence as her acceptance to the sin. A minister further pushes the mob not to forgive such people. Gunjan shut the tv off, and says she will tell the whole reality to people right now. Shayl tells her not to go out, whom she will answer. Gunjan disagrees, and goes out. The police come home, just then and say they have come to take Seema Garg for what she has done to Gunjan.
Gunjan says a wrong information has been given to them by media, she is really happy in the house. Her mother in law is like her mother, nothing is wrong if she has forgotten her. If the people want to help her, they must take the police away as she is really happy in her house. The police agree, and leaves. Seema cries, that this was left to be seen. Mayank tells her that he is with her.
At night, Gunjan was reading in bed, she notices that Mayank was lost and asks if mummy ji is alright. He nods. She says she is angry with herself, hadn’t she written that all, it must not have happened. She asks if he also considers her accountable. Mayank says he doesn’t know but honestly, he doesn’t know who is right and who is wrong. She wrote her thoughts without giving her identity, but he is worried only about how Seema will face the public. She has to face this all, being a good mother and a good mother in law. He heads to sleep, Gunjan is worried.
In the morning, Bindia whispers to Seema that all the newspapers show the same news. She must have said something, people are only siding Gunjan. She notices Shayl come there, and change the topic to cold. Shayl asks Gunjan to go, when Dayal asks them where they are doing. Mayank offers to drop them, but Shayl says it is nearby, they will walk. Gunjan tells Seema that she is going for her check-up. Seema goes inside. Prabhu comes after her, and asks her to get rid of this anger. Seema complains, Gunjan didn’t tell her about her check-up even. Prabhu says she herself doesn’t talk to her rightly. Seema says her mind and heart are saying two different things. A stone hits the window, breaking the glass. A crowd of protestors burnt Seema’s poster. Seema heads to go out, Prabhu stops her and says she will talk to them and won’t fear. She goes out and shouts at them to stop it all. She asks why she must answer to them, what is true. The reporters say that she must fear God and law. Seema says she has a heart, as well as emotions. The protestors say that they won’t move until she gets punished. They begin to protest again. Mayank shouts at them to leave, they accuse him about taking his mother’s side, and begin the protests again. Mayank begins fighting with a reporter, but Dayal stops him. Gunjan says they are all college students, protesting. She is shocked to see a man colouring his hands as black. She runs to Seema from within the crowd.
Rachna asks Seema to come in, but she is stubborn. Gunjan crosses the crowd, comes to the boy and jerks him backwards. The reporter asks why she stopped her, doesn’t she need justice, they all consider her as role model. Shayl stops her, but Rachna asks her to let her speak. The boys say she is taking the side of injustice. Gunjan says she wants justice, and if they want to do the justice, they must first make her face black. She wrote her frustrations in public domain, which should have been written in diary. She hadn’t written a lot of things on the blog, like about her family being her power, giving her courage. She couldn’t write it all, so she is mistaken. That was just a wind of rage, which made her mother in law a bad person. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love or respect her; she did everything right with good intentions. Seema cries. Gunjan says that they must all have mothers, all mothers love in different ways. We can’t accuse mothers, neither can’t change their ways. No mother in the world would want the bad of her child, if they have to fight her mother, they must fight her first.

PRECAP: Bindia whispers to Seema that reports have come. Mayank is shocked to see the reports. Gunjan comes forward and says she knew about the test, and she didn’t tell them all because she didn’t want any drama at home.

Update Credit to: Sona

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