Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Peehu asks where is Rachna. Sangeeta tells her that Rachna is there at Dadi’s place, as KT has gone to Paris for some urgent work. Peehu asks don’t you people feel anything awkward about this proposal. She asks who is the baby in the cradle? They tell her it is Khushbu’s child. Shayl tells Sangeeta that they don’t know about Peehu and Gunjan but they are in a hurry to be grand parents. Peehu feels awkward.
Dadi asks Rachna if she liked all the items. She comes to drop her home, but Dadi says that this way she will meet the family as she feels bored without.
Seema and Shayl discussed that will the saree they have bought will equal the standard of shopping Dadi is doing. Rachna and Dadi listen all the talk, when Khushbu comes and asks what are they both listening to. Shayl and Seema notice their presence. Dadi holds Ayushi, Khushbu takes her leave. Seema also goes to get fruits for Dadi, Gunjan watches Ayushi vomiting on Dadi’s sleeve and clears it but she feels nauseatic. Khushbu comes downstairs asking Gunjan is she feeling the nausea again. Gunjan says anyone will feel so seeing the vomit.
Seema brings papaya for Dadi, she gives it to Gunjan but she refuses taking it recalling Khushbu had forbidden her. Khushbu says I will take it. Khushbu teases her that you did right not to take it. Gunjan thinks is she really pregnant?
Rachna shows all the jewellery to Peehu. Peehu says you are lucky, as it is very beautiful. Rachna takes her leave to mail KT about all the events. KT says she will go to see mummy in the kitchen. Rachna is elated to see KT’s mail.
Dadi says that she will take a leave as they have a wedding in the house. Shayl invites her to the function in the event. Dadi says she will come all dressed up. She says to Shayl that nothing can compare Rachna and KT’s couple; she prohibits her for giving her saree to someone else.
Rachna gets dressed up and stands excitedly in front of mirror for the video call. She thinks its been ages she met KT, and says he will never leave her alone after this. She recalls what else she has to tell him. She sits in front of the laptop waiting for the video call, and thinks just 5 minutes are left. KT doesn’t call her, she checks her mobile as well and feels frustrated.
Peehu comes into the room and calls Rachna that henna applier is here. Rachna takes only 5 minutes from her. Rachna gats KT’s texts saying sorry, he is busy in the work and can’t call her but he misses her. She thinks how lonely is he, and tells him his Dadi gifted her gold set and bangles. She tells him she missed that bangle, but found it from a sweet guy. She tells him to be home soon, as she misses him.
The lady checks all the utensils but there was nothing in food. She feels frustrated about when will their good days start. Bittu comes home and gives her a lot of money. She asks which lottery did he won. Bittu tells her that Bittu found his lucky friend yesterday, both were lucky for each other. He returned her bangle and she tied the friendship band in return. He says that after that, all his goods got sold. The lady feels suspected that who is this friend?
At the mehndi function, henna is applied on Rachna’s hands. The girls dance, taking Gunjan and Khushbu along. Gunjan feels worried taking her condition. Mayank comes inside watching Rachna happy, feeling shy. He says that every woman here is so sentimental. Peehu comes to Mayank and says how late is her, they must have enjoyed a lot had he come here before. Mayank says what will he do in the function and says he is leaving. Seema stops him and asks how his day was in the office. He says it was good. Gunjan goes to give him something to eat.
Mayank was with Ayushi in the room when Gunjan comes inside. She thinks shall she tell Mayank what Khushbu thinks. She asks him will he eat anything. He tells her to be quiet and not disturb the baby. She says she has something important to tell him. He comes along her. She was about to tell him when he gets his boss’s call. Seema calls Gunjan, and she goes to listen to her leaving Ayushi asleep with the almond bowl she had brought for Mayank.
At the dinner table, Seema asks about Mayank. Gunjan says he is coming after changing. Bauji says that it is a good news that you function went well. Prabhu says one thing was missing there, your old song. The all laugh. Mayank comes with Ayushi crying. Khushbu takes her, Mayank says he was on call when she ate a few almonds. They might be stuck in her throat, everyone was worried. Khushbu asks where she got the almonds. Gunjan says she placed them there. Bauji sends Gopal for the doctor while Shayl takes Ayushi. Gunjan feels worried she is so irresponsible, how can she be a mother.

PRECAP: Gunjan says to Mayank she couldn’t take care of the baby for a single day, what will she do when she will become a mother? Mayank asks it’s meaning. She says she thinks she is pregnant. Shayl hears this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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