Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindia is shocked hearing Rachna is going to Chaya’s house, she thinks Rachna must not see the poster and shouts after deliberately hurting herself with the broken glass. Rachna runs to get turmeric. Bindia runs outside and tears all the posters off the wall. She turns around to see Rachna with the turmeric. Rachna says she brought turmeric to put on her hand, she makes up that she was removing the posters from the wall, as the ruined walls doesn’t look good. Bindia asks Rachna for the turmeric, but it fells. Bindia says she is sorry, everything is slipping off he hand, and runs inside. Rachna wonders why is she behaving so weird. Bindia watches the man in a shop nearby, asking for money and in actions promises to return his money as well as receive his calls.
Seema was cooking, when Bindia comes whispering that he always blackmails her. Seema is worried about her cut, Bindia says she wished to place turmeric on her heart as well. She is suffering such disrespect, when will the peace return to this home. Shayl says it will come really soon, relation and love are like water, the get joined again. Seema says curtly, that these things seem good in speech. Shayl says to Seema, that she has loved Gunjan from sheer hate. Gunjan is expecting, and in such conditions one gets mood swings. Seema says whatever Gunjan did is wrong. Shayl asks her to scold her, as she is her daughter in law, if she can’t do so, she must tie the thread that Shayl has brought for Gunjan and her child’s safety. Seema says she can’t do it, and leaves for market.
Shayl ties to thread to Gunjan’s arm, and says it will keep them both safe. Rachna asks doesn’t she need to be protected. Shayl says how she can forget her, but Rachna takes her thread and ties it to Gunjan’a arm. Rachna calls herself Bua-si, Bua + mausi. They hug. Shayl says they both always make her proud. Gunjan asks about Seema. Shayl says she will soon be peaceful, just needs some time.
Bindia comes to the room, and cheers. She looks into the mirror happily when her phone rings. The man says he wants to remind her that only three days are left. She gets worried, and calls him a goon saying where she will bring so much money.

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Dayal gives Shayl some money to save, which Bindia watches. Dayal says he has ordered some sarees, these are for them. Shayl goes inside, Bindia comes to her and offers her some tea. Shayl says she doesn’t want it, but Bindia says it is Tulsi tea. She drops it on Shayl’s saree, and offers to wash the saree. Shayl thanks her and goes inside, Bindia follows her. Shayl comes to the room, keeps the keys on the table and goes to change. Bindia gets the keys and opens the wardrobe.
Rachna looks for Shayl to the room. Bindia opens the drawer with the money, and is shocked to see so much money. Rachna enters the room, and is shocked to see the wardrobe open. She thinks why the wardrobe is open, has someone robbed it. She looks into the drawer and thinks nothing has been robbed. She sees some money on the floor, and wonders where they came from. Bindia was hidden behind the bed crown; Rachna wonders why the money is fallen. She closes the wardrobe and takes the keys with her. Bindia comes out and after confirming Rachna has left, regrets and says she has to do something about Rachna.

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The reporters wait for Seema in the market, they harass Seema. Gunjan gets a call from an NGO, asking for help. Gunjan says she doesn’t need any help. She is frustrated, and says to Rachna that she is really angry. A woman comes to tell them, Seema has been caught by media in the market. Rachna and Gunjan run there. The media asks what if the same had happened with her. Rachna tells the rickshaw driver to drive it slow. Seema shouts that it is her personal matter, the public needs her answer else she must apologize Gunjan. Gunjan and Rachna come there, Gunjan asks Seema to go home. She says to the media, that she is really happy with her mother in law. The reporter ask Seema to learn something from Gunjan. Seema tells Gunjan to stop it. Mayank and the family also come there. The reporter ask Seema if she will get her paternity test. Seema, in an attempt to slap the reporter, slaps the media. Bindia gives a high-five to the reporter. The media sensationalizes the issue. The reporter asks why she deleted her blog, and shouts against Seema.

PRECAP: The public protests against Seema Garg, the police come to arrest Seema for slapping Gunjan in public.

Update Credit to: Sona

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