Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with kt asking rachna what she is doing there? Then he asks her what is in her hand? Then he pulls her hand and then sees his passport in her hand. Dadi is praying to god that please help rachna as she has sent her to take the passport and stop him from going abroad. Then kt comes behind and tells that yes he got the passport and that he did not expect this from her and rachna. Then dadi tells that he only told her that do everything what dadi tells to do. Then he tells rachna to stay away from his family matters or else he will remove her from her job. Then dadi gets scared and tells him no and then he tells her to keep quiet and he goes. Dadi tells rachna to stay with her for sometime and also come with her to US as she will be all alone there

as kt will go for work. then while talking dadi gets unconscious and falls on the bed. Then rachna calls kt and tells him but he thinks that it is a trick to stop him from going to US and so he tells her to tell dadi that stop doing this drama and then he keeps the phone. Then rachna calls the ambulance and dadi is taken to the hospital.

At home, rachna calls seema and tells that dadi has got unconscious and then seema tells everyone and then all of them go to the hospital. Gunjan calls mausaji and tells that dadi got unconscious and then gunjan tells that she will stay at home as mithoo is alone. Then mithoo tells that there is no need and that she can stay alone. Then everyone go and charu goes in her room and then removes her ghunghat and then she removes sarees and then puts on a red saree. Then she does make up and then goes in the compound and puts candles and starts singing and dancing on the song ang laga de. Then vikram comes home and charu looks at him as mayank and then she sings the song and then vikram runs about the candles and she goes behind him and then he stops and then charu goes to take his blessings and then he stops her and hugs her and then says i love you. Then she tells that she loves him too. Then after hugging she opens her eyes and sees that its vikram and then she turns her expressions and then tells him that its you and then to send him away she tells him that the neighbour dadi is not well and she sends vikram away. Then she tells to herself that she is so unlucky and that when will she get rid of vikram.

In the hospital dalal calls kabir and kabir comes running to the hospital and then he goes in dadi’s room and then starts crying and then dadi gets up and catches his hand and tells that why is he crying and then tells him that she is still fit and fine and that nothing has happened to her and she will come home. He and dadi are crying.

At home mayank comes from office and then charu gets happy and tells him to give his bag as he will be evry tired and then gunjan comes from behind and tells that he is not tired. Charu gets angry. Gunjan comes and tells that he is not tired and then she tells charu that don’t help him to keep is things as she has taught him after a lot of hardwork to do his work by his own. Then charu says yes. Then they all come in. Mayank asks why are candles lit. Then charu says in an agry mood that the light had gone so she lit the candles and then she tells that the electricity has come so she will extinguish the candes. Mayank says no and tells that it is such a romantic atmosphere and let it be. Then he tells that he and gunjan are now going to be romantic. Then gunjan says not today and she runs around charu and then mayank catches her hand and then gunjan tells him to come in teh room and then she will tell how romantic she is. Then she runs away and then mayank tells charu sorry for showing their romance and then he also goes. In the room charu goes angrily and then breaks her bangles and then she starts crying loudly and tells that she hates gunjan and then tells that if mayank cant be hers and then he also can’t be gunjan’s.

Next day morning, charu comes in the hall. She looks in the kitchen and sees that gunjan is preparing breakfast and then she sees that she is going to take water for someone. Then she sees dholu driving his remote controlled car. Then she asks dholu to give the car as she also wants to play and dholu denies to give but she pulls it from his hand and then tells that she will show how to play. Then gunjan starts going with glass of water from the kitchen and then charu drives the car from her legs and tries to make her fall.

Precap: charu goes covered in a bed sheet in buah’s room with incense sticks and then acts like a ghost and then the covered bed sheet falls down and then buah tells that its mithoo and then charu then takes the incense sticks towards buah and makes her fall down and buah says why she is acting like this and then charu kicks buah she falls down. Then charu removes her ghunghat and then looks at buah and as it is dark she cant see. Mayank and gunjan come in on hearing the sound and switch on the lights and look anxiously.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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