Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The man in the car stops his son, lucky. He says he promised him that he will bring him maa. Rachna was talking on phone, Lucky stops again and runs after her.

Gunjan prays that before she gets late, he shall come. He was watching her watch, and thinks the 15 minutes are over, how will he come now. She turns around to see Mayank stood there. She says she has been waiting for him for so long, finally he is is here and runs into his direction. Mayank holds his arm to take her, but she runs to the back of him where the biker stands. Gunjan goes to him as he removes his helmet. Mayank leaves in disappointment.

At home, Shayl was lost. Dayal asks what happened to her. She says she will bring him water, but he makes her sit with her and asks what has happened to her. She says it is nothing. Dayal says in these 26 years of marriage, I can read your mind as an open book. He knows when she is happy, and when not; why she is worried. She says she wants everything to be alright, as she just has hope with her. She says Rachna is back home, but she is worried about future. She now fears about her luck, people may not make her past a problem for her future. Dayal says he understands her, but life has made Rachna a strong girl and only a jeweller can identify a true diamond like her. Seema says that Dayal is right, but where has she gone.

Rachna looks back, but finds no one. She moves on, Lucky runs after him. The man runs after him, and crosses Rachna standing with a stall. Her purse fell down, a robber runs with it. She follows him for a while, then thinks about going to police station. The man thinks he doesn’t know where the Lucky has gone, his brother will not leave him. He must go to police station.

Mayank thinks about Gunjan. Gunjan comes to him in rehearsal hall. She tells him she is very happy, as she is in love. She was excited, and tells him that he used to come in her dreams. She loves him dearly, but doesn’t know whether she loves him or not. She fears that what if he has already seen him, but doesn’t like her.

Mayank gets Rachna by hand and what rubbish is this. She asks him to leave her. He says she was hers, and will remain hers. He says she wants the truth, she must not think about anyone else. He asks does she wants the truth, so he is her husband. She looks at him in shock. He says that they were married, before her accident and were happy together. He asks doesn’t she remember anything. He asks her to remember, he didn’t want to tell her all this but she made him to say this. Gunjan fells on the floor, Mayank calls him in worry. She was standing alright, and asks him honestly what happened. He thanks it for being a dream. She asks will he help her to understand him closely. He says he can do anything for her. She hugs him. His phone bell rings. Seema tells him there was a little accident with Rachna, he must come home immediately.

Rachna tells Shayl she is still afraid. Seema says the good thing is, she came back soon. Rachna says she won’t spare them, but Shayl forbids her to do anything. Rachna says she felt afraid too, and missed her. Shayl hugs her, saying every child feels herself safe with her. Rachna tells Shayl about Lucky, who was calling his maa.
Mayank and Gunjan come there. Rachna is happy to see her and asks how she came. She says how could she not come, there was tension. Rachna hugs Gunjan, Mayank thinks they both still love each other as if nothing has changed.

Lucky stood with the wall praying to get his mother. He says he didn’t get his mother and is lost himself. Some men come to him.

Gunjan asks Akaash to react. He says she dreams of some boys, and now she has found him. He asks where she met him. She says in college, and it seems she know him from before. He thinks it has all been done by Mayank. He asks his name, Gunjan tells him it is Adi. Akaash tells him to go on, as she will make friends this way. They give a high-five. She says she has two more friends, Rachna and Mayank.

Mayank tells Rachna that she loves someone. She doesn’t recognize him, so it is of no use. He blames himself, for being egoistic and stubborn when she needed his support. She says he is really worth it, but he should make it his courage and never lose hope. He resolves to run again and again.

PRECAP: Lucky comes to police station, and asks the inspector to bring him his mother. He shows her picture, it was Rachna.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So now Rachna has a twin!?!??! Gunjan in love with someone else?!!! and KT disappear!??!?! Do the writers really want us to continue watching this show!?!?!

  2. Rabirian Fans

    Wat is dis going on dis serial? When kabir came?

  3. Rabirian Fans

    Miss them badly rabir.

  4. i really think the writers want us to stop watching . boring writers

  5. I have stopped watching this show long ago. Its nothing but a waste of tym.

  6. I dont understand anything going on

  7. So nw rachna playing mummy again plzzz boring and put a new nice girl for mayank plzz gunjuan to old and ugly for him she should act mummy roles nw plzzz

    1. i love to see rachna modol role

  8. Where is kt, we all miss him alot, this series really boring without kt n rachna love,

  9. yes I agree with u people this serial is a bunch of sh**!!!!

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