Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

KT runs towards the door and calls if someone is outside. Rachna asks worried ‘what will we do now’. The mob goes shouting ‘whoever will come across us is going to be pissed off’ Gunjan and Mayank see this hidden.
Mayank gets his father’s call, he attends it and tells him he and Gunjan is alright. Bauji takes the phone and tells Mayank that gunjan is outside, KT went after her but he is unable to contact him too. Mayank tells him not to worry as he will contact KT and get Rachna back.
KT gets Mayank’s call, Kt tells him that Rachna is with him and they are locked in a dying factory. Mayank says he will be there is a while. Rachna hugs KT, he places his hands on her head and tells her not to worry, he is with her and soon Mayank will also be here. Rachna goes away from him and says she doesn’t understand him, at one time is so loving while at the other he scolds her hard. She says he himself scolded her today in the office, then sent him out and then came after her. KT says he sent her out with a reason, he didn’t know about the riots; but he promises her that he will love her always.
Mayank and Gunjan come out of the hiding, Gunjan listens a child crying. She tells Mayank to be quiet as she traces the voice. She removes the covers of a rickshaw and finds two girls hidden there. She tells them that this place isn’t safe and asks them to come out.
Bauji is worried, he says the goons will burn our whole city, while our children won’t come home. He tries the phone but it is out of reach. He and Prabhu went to see the children.
KT sees Rachna shivering. He asks what happened to her, she says nothing but goes to faint. He feels she has high fever. He asks that she had so much fever still she came to meet him. she begins to explain but he tells her to be quiet and do as he says. He makes space for her to lie on the bench. She holds his hand and asks him not to leave her. He promises he won’t leave her ever and will be back.
The girls tell Gunjan that they came with their dad while he got lost somewhere. Mayank tells Gunjan that they must take them to a nearby police station.
KT keeps wet cloth stripes on Rachna’s forehead. She resists but he tells her to lay quiet.
The mob comes running towards them, Mayank and Gunjan gets worried. Gunjan sees some wood logs burning in a nearby fire, she runs to pick one while Mayank runs the other way protecting the girls.
Bauji comes out of the house and sees everything burnt there. as he steps out of the gallery the men stops him and tells him to stop here, he cant go out. The man shouts he is the one who got their Guru ji arrested. Bauji shouts to shut up, he wasn’t the one to get him arrested, he got arrested because of his deeds. Bauji tries to get out, but the men hits him with the rods and charge on them. Everyone comes out the house, Shayl shouts to stop the men.
Gunjan deters the men, the police mobile come there. They run while the policeman asks them what they are doing here during a curfew. Gunjan says they found these kids hidden somewhere, the parents come running from the police mobile and hugs their daughters. The inspector tells Gunjan that it isn’t safe that she is out like this, she tells them that her sister is locked in some shop in the Ganga market. Mayank says they must take her home. The inspector asks them to come along.
Shayl shouts on the men that whatevever they are doing with their children today can also happen to their children tomorrow. She cries and shouts that they might do whatever they want to.
The police siren rings, the men runs away. Shayl sits down and cries where her children are and in what condition.
Rachna thanks KT; KT says she must thank her when he gets her home, as he is responsible for her condition. She says she is much better now, he helps her sit up.
Mayank, Gunjan knocks at all the shops doors and calls their names. KT knocks from inside that they are here. Mayank says that this is locked, Gunjan gives him a stone and they break the lock with it. Gunjan tells the inspector, who brings hammer. Mayank finally opens the lock.
The mob and the police have a fight together.
Gunjan and Rachna hugs each other. KT says thanks God they came in time. Gunjan feels Rachna has a fever, and must be taken to the doctor. The inspector tells them that the curfew is over as the mob has been caught finally. Mayank asks the inspector, to take them to the doctor.
At the clinic, Gunjan says that at these times we must spread the language of love and friendship like the Zee Zindagi. It is being launched tonight. Rachna says that the stories of love remain same everywhere. Mayank says that the first story being telecasted is Zindagi Gulzar Hai which is a story about Kashaf and Zaron. KT says that it is going to be the stories from across the border. Before they leave, Gunjan asks Rachna what was such an emergency that she had to come out without informing anyone at home. Rachna is speechless.

PRECAP: Bauji scolds Rachna and asks her what such an emergency was that she went out without informing anyone. KT says he called her for a meeting; there was no mistake on her part.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I hope everything will be fine between kt n rachna… 2days epi ws gd they get home safely.. eager to see the nxt epi.. 😀

  2. thanks Sonal for the quick update…..u really understand us………………..nice!…KT is very caring… the pair

  3. Always excited for the episodes when we see the story unfolding between kt and rachna. Love mayank and gunjun to! Hope to see more of kt and rachna.

  4. we see the story unfolding between kt and rachna we want to see them kabir rachna

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