Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabhu boasts that their daughter in law is always in news. Mayank bucks her up, and goes with her for the interview. Bindia invites everyone for the interview. She thinks there will be a big drama now, and invites Seema to the interview there.
The media announces about the interview. Gunjan says that in this city, she doesn’t feel alone but she knows that the city isn’t safe for girls. We should increase police petrolling, and also teach the boys about girl’s respect. A man from them winks at Bindia, congratulates Gunjan about the blog. Gunjan in disturbed. Gunjan denies but the reporter says that the whole world knows about her blog, and repeats the lines about the humiliating paternity test. The reporter asks her if the same is happening to her as well. The family is shocked at once. Gunjan denies this, but the reporter asks to talk to her saas. Bindia says no, they have come to interview Gunjan only, why drag Seema. The reporter goes to Seema at once, and asks her views about the paternity test. Seema is silent. Other family members disturbed. The reporter asks Seema how she can do like this. Seema stammers. The reporter says that she said herself, that her saas is equivalent to her mother, what does she feel now knowing about her reality. Bindia enjoys. Gunjan is silent, about the reporter’s accusations. She shouts at them to stop it all, she doesn’t have to give any interview. The reporter asks is she worried because of their questions, or she doesn’t want to give the true answers. Mayank interferes, and shouts that they must all remember that Gunjan is pregnant, and she must never get into a trauma; if this happens he will get their journalism off. Bindia points at the man to leave, and the whole media team leaves the house. Shayl comes to Gunjan, while Seema stares at Gunjan. She says that she is wrong, because she asked Gunjan for the test but what happened today, is it right. Gunjan ruined the family’s respect as well. Gunjan says she doesn’t know about it, and didn’t deliberately do it. Seema asks didn’t she write the blog, she disrespected them, made a petty issue into a big one. Gunjan cries. Dayal says to Gunjan that it is all wrong, she must not have done so, he agrees with Seema. Rachna says that there has been something wrong, Gunjan didn’t mention her name or anyone else’s on the blog. Seema says that media must be magicians to know about it. She asks Mayank why he is quiet now, why not support his wife today. Mayank says he apologizes her from Gunjan, he knows that it is her mistake. Seema says what is the difference with her apology, she has been disrespected and the stain will remain with her for the lifetime. Shayl says she knows whatever happened has been wrong, house matters shouldn’t leak out but what they can do with it. She sends Gunjan inside. Gunjan asks if she also doesn’t believe her. Shayl says she understands but right now she must go inside. Mayank tells Gunjan to delete the blog. Prabhu also tells her to delete it. Gunjan goes in. Seema goes annoyed.
Rachna says to Gunjan that she doesn’t understand how people know that this is her blog. Gunjan asks this doesn’t matter, what matters is that her and mummy ji’s distances have increased. Mayank comes there. Gunjan asks him if he is angry with her as well, she is so sorry. Rachna leaves. Gunjan says she didn’t do it deliberately; she didn’t want to put the family in pain. She just wanted to release the stress; else it would have affected the baby. She shows him the blog, that she didn’t mention the family or her name anywhere. Mayank complains that she could share on internet, not her husband. She had to share with the disowned. Gunjan says sometimes sharing with the strangers is easy, and she didn’t want him to fight with maa. Mayank says that now, maa’s reputation has been ruined. He asks Gunjan to promise, she won’t do any such thing again. He asks her to delete the post. She deletes the post.
Bindia drinks tea, and says she didn’t get time to have tea in the drama. She enjoys the whole scene. Her phone rings, she attends the call asking to call after 15 or 20 days. She gets a text message and is shocked. Her latest film poster has been released outside. An old man sticks the posters outside the house, as she watches from the balcony. She runs outside, while Prabhu stops her to read the medicine bottle. It breaks, she apologizes. He asks her to clean it, he will buy another. She says she wont clean it, but Seema comes there and tells her to clean it. She nods, looking at the door. Seema urges her to go and clean it. Rachna comes to go to Chaya’s house, informing Seema. Bindia thinks she can’t let Rachna see the poster.

PRECAP: Seema is caught into reporters in market, the family gather there. Bindia gives a high five to the reporter, Gunjan spots her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hope this track come to and end now with this Bindia and Seema , enough already

  2. I don’t mind the twists and dramas to keep the interest of the show going but 2 stupid unrealistic tracks for a bit! Why would the woman that a man was PAYING to pretend to be his wife still be living in the same house with him and his wife!?!? Sick!?!? Well go to the hospital!!!! Where was she living before that!??!! Is it normal for a woman just to go and take up residence in someone else’s house!?!? This track is annoying me!!!!

  3. writers you all are doing a whole lot of shit I agree with kristelle how on earth the same girl you were paying to pretend she was with mayank was allowed to remain living there with them I find this bindia tract to be shit and I hate everytime they show her face up to some trick that stupid music comes on bring the damn storyline to an end and stop all this going round in circles I am getting dizzy now stop the shitty storylines and you writers start thinking and come better than that

  4. Bindia might bribe the nurse to change the paternity test. She would ask her to set it as adi’s child. -.-

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