Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohit tells Mayank that his wife takes care of all the matters and he works whole-heartedly in the office, and is sure everything he earns is hers also. Mayank says that Gunjan also takes care of him, and is always there when he needs her. Rohit asks him to keep hand on his heart and tell him that there is no problem going on between him and Gunjan.

Mausi watches Bittu coming and changes the channel of music. Bittu comes singing, and watches the romantic scene on the TV. He asks his Mausi why he is saying so to her. Mausi tells her to look around how a girl and a boy are always friend in the beginning, but they then gradually fell in love. She winks at Gayatri who just come. Bittu says that he and Rachna are also friends, but nothing such happened. Mausi says that Rachna and Bittu is friend, but when I see you eager and shy I think that why he shy; because when people are in love they sing song. Bittu recalls singing for Rachna. Mausi says that it still seems that Bittu wants to sing for someone, Bittu leaves shyly. Mausi and Gayatri celebrate his day-dreaming.

Gunjan serves tea to Mayank, while Rohit’s wife serves him with tea. Gunjan watches her buttering the bread and starts doing that for Mayank. They both speak in one tone that the phone has been charged, clothes pressed and the shoes are polished. Mayank asks Gunjan what she is trying to prove. He leaves the table, annoyingly. Gunjan stops him and asks didn’t he want her to become like Deepa? He asks will she annoy him. Gunjan tells him to think cool mindedly that like you and Rohit have no comparison, me and Deepa don’t have any comparison either; we are different couples. Mayank nods and leaves. Shayl hears Gunjan saying that he won’t accept his mistake. She comes to her and says that husbands never accept mistakes, all husbands are the same. They both laugh.

In the market, she shops for some goods when the shopkeepers comments to each other that they must sell her on double rates and she won’t know. The sales man misbehaves with her, for wasting their time when she denies to buy. Gunjan get rid of her. The sales men recognize Gunjan as the founder of Banaras Hut and welcome the lady inside.
Bittu reads the card, and throws it saying why his name isn’t written with his princess. Dadi tells him that his name is there in the bottom, and scolds him. KT watches him and asks about it. Dadi says that she will make him up.

Rohit was discussing his plan with Akaash. Deepa brings tea for him. She gives them some suggestions, when Gunjan says she didn’t know she had the business sense too. Rohit tells Gunjan that she is also qualified from the same institute as him and Mayank. Gunjan says that one more seat has been wasted, and asks Deepa why doesn’t she start a career. Deepa says she had to chose between career and family. Romit says to Gunjan that her situation is different from Gunjan, as he is planning to start a family. Gunjan asks is it only your decision or of you both? Deepa is quiet. Rohit says that atleast Deepa agrees with him.

Gayatri reads Rachna’s text on KT’s cell phone, that she wants him to come to workshop for the wedding dress. She deletes it saying he won’t come. KT comes there, and asks Gayatri if she wants something? She wipes her tears saying she came to clean his room.
Bittu cried, saying he wants the name with Rachna. Mausi asks him to do what he wants, and she will make him happy. KT was going to workshop, when Gayatri indulges him in talk about morning incident; and Mausi and Bittu heads to the workshop. KT asks her to come to market with him, for shopping. Gayatri says she will stay at home, and tells him to bring the sweet. KT leaves, while Gayatri wonders what Bittu is doing now.

Rachna was in the workshop, when Mausi sends him inside to her. Mausi forbids him to tell this all to princess. Rachna waits for KT, and thinks about calling him. Bittu comes in, keeps his hand on shoulder. She turns around to see Bittu, and is excited to see him. She says she was waiting for KT, as she has to take the fittings. Bittu asks her does Bittu matters for her. She says that Bittu means for him, as he is her best friend. Bittu says that this is all what I wanted to know. He looks at the groom’s dress, and asks to wear it. Bittu asks will she make one like this for him. She says yes. He asks her to let him wear this. Rachna agrees, thinking she has to match some borders. Bittu looks at the entrance and searches for Mausi while Rachna sends him to change. Mausi says that one step is clear now.

PRECAP: Gunjan asks Mayank what he wants, he says that if she loves him she must leave Banaras Hut project.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. MAyank is just jealous of Gunjan’s success….

  2. Mayank need licks! hmph

  3. I can’t not wait when Kt will know the truth and kick them out of the house , mayank is a idiot

  4. Rabirian Fans

    What happen rabir?

  5. Rabirian Fans

    What happen rabir? Bittu come in between.

  6. They got rachna from man to man stw

  7. craxy

  8. Yes I hope KT’s grandma discover the truth about Gayatri and her sister since she is the smartest one in the house. Everyone else is letting their emotions make the most of them and not realizing that someone is putting ideas in Bittu’s head. Mayank is being influenced by his friend, hopefully he realizes his mistakes before it’s too late.

  9. Kt i hope u are right about grandma discovering the truth about gayatri and the sister even if it happens i doubt if KT will believe her,the show will loose its ratings if bittu is made to have any relationship with rachna,as of now the scene of putting romantic ideas into bittu head is irritating having kids watch it is a bad message

  10. Muthumani Athmanathan

    pls mayank try to understand gunjan.she s the best wife ever.nd she s the one who behind all ur its time for u to support gunjan..

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