Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

A girl lies in a desserted place, on the floor. Three men come to her, two of them drag her to a side. Her forehead was injured. The news tell that this is the fifth incident of kidnapping in the city. Dayal comes to Shayl and Seema. Shayl was worried, Dayal says that she fears uselessly, Mayank is calling Rachna and she will soon be back. They hear siren of police mobile. Shayl asks why police would come here. Mayank says they must see outside, the door bell rings. Seema says she thinks police has come to their home. Dayal stops Mayank and opens the door herself. Rachna stood on the door. Mayank asks why her phone off was. Rachna says that the battery to her phone was dead. Shayl asks what happened of her job. Rachna says they will call her, when they need it, it isn’t a permanent job.

The man with the hat, wore rings in hand.

Gunjan is shocked to see the man on the bike, sitting on his dining table. He asks why is she silent, looking at her when she sees him in dreams daily. She smiles. He says he happens to be here daily. She asks what does this mean. He says he lives in her heart, and vanishes. Gunjan laughs, that what has happened to her. Akaash comes there. She asks him to eat in her room. He asks can he know who she was thinking about? She thinks she was thinking about dream boy. He asks was she thinking about Mayank. She says she was thinking about her rehearsals.

Mayank tells Rachna that the day was odd, his bike stopped. The flowers had withered, and Gunjan was smiling on the bench.

Rachna gets Gunjan’s call, she tells her that her dream boy was there in her college, but she never noticed him. Rachna opens the loud speaker. Gunjan tells her that he didn’t give her any flowers. Mayank was happy. Gunjan says it seems he is difficult to achieve, and she will boast a bit. Rachna says that one gets love very seldom, and must accept it. And being a friend, she would suggest that she must give him a chance. They hang on. Mayank asks should he say to her? Rachna says he must tell her tomorrow.
Gunjan stands in front of mirror, then thinks why get so ready for him, looks shouldn’t matter to love. Mayank thinks that the Gunjan who talks about feministic approach won’t be impressed with flowers. In fact she had never thought about the things she is dreaming about these days. Gunjan says that she must give his love one chance. Mayank says he will win her love.

In the rehearsal hall, Gunjan says on balcony where are you my dream boy, I have been looking for you for so long. I just saw you yesterday, but it seems it has been ages. Mayank stands downstairs, spot light goes to him. He comes upstairs, while Gunjan smiles. The director says that casting has been perfect. The spot boy says they have been made for each other. Mayank holds Gunjan’s hand, she asks she wants to come into his world, will he show her the path. He nods. The spot boy announces that they are about to kiss. Gunjan closes her eyes, Mayank comes closer and says he is so lucky, love cannot be expressed better that this. He will take her into his life, as her desire makes her closer to him. She gets rid of her hands, the director claps and appreciates the performance. They come downstairs. He telsl Mayank that each and every line was said by heart, and says it was a superb chemistry. Mayank says that they are a real couple. Gunjan stares. Mayank says that in Romeo and Juliet, they are a couple. Gunjan was leaving upset, for the break. Mayank thinks it seems she is about to recognize him, and hopes they can live the beautiful past.

Rachna goes in rickshaw. Gunjan tells her that she is in trouble. She tells her that she thought she will recognize her dream boy at once, but she is just confuse. Rachna says confusion is the middle name to love. She tells Gunjan that she must look for him, and will see him in five minutes. She thinks they had rehearsal, and Mayank must be around her.

Seema watches some photos, but tells a lady that their Rachna wants to work for some time. The lady asks that her groom didn’t reach at the stage, and sent his brother; is there any problem with their daughter. Seema asks why she brought the proposal then, and asks her to leave. Shayl hears this.

Rachna comes to an address. A boy in a car watches her going, and calls her Maa.
Shayl says she is her mother, so she dislikes. When will she listen to people’s gossip. Seema says we all know that Rachna is one in hundreds. Shayl says we have to live in this society, when will Rachna stay single. Seema says she will get someone special, who will always take care of her. The man with the boy, promises to bring him his mother. The boy named Lucky runs behind Rachna calling her his maa. Rachna stops by.

PRECAP: Gunjan looks at a passage through which Mayank was coming. She says she has been waiting for him, for so long. Mayank holds his arms, while Gunjan runs and crosses them. Behind him stood her dream boy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Plz post fast 🙂

  2. it means that KT is out……………………………………. !!!!!

    1. if kt is out all view loss show

  3. ooh what really 2 boys that love her no so KT mothers win. But bittu went to find him right so. i don’t get it.

    1. I know right , we are still waiting for Kt to come back , I hope it’s not too late for him and rachna to get back together ?

      1. men son car rachna double role

      2. i wish cast barun sobti

    2. kabir need know kabir go fight love kabir to win rachna heart again

  4. some1 plz tell me wats goin

  5. who did kidnap rachna i feel kabir twins brother

    1. kabir twins brother

  6. who did kidnap rachna vihaan come back

  7. Maybe the kid’s mother is Rachna look alike. I wonder if a relationship would develop between the kid father and Rachna, similar story like Ranjiv / Ankita/Naren In Pavitra Rista but in the end Rachna and KT would be together.

    1. The story is similar to punar vivaah were abhi wanted sarita like his mother

      1. I hope not the same , we want Kt and rachna together

  8. hope show better story line

  9. i really loves rachna new look

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