Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with mayank entering the house and gunjan asks him that why did he leave from the office early at least he should have informed her as she had come to give him a surprise but he was not there. Mayank replies rudely and says that he does not have so much of time to tell her. Mayank is going and charu stops him and asks him to take the Prasad as she had gone to the temple. Mayank looks angrily at charu and gunjan goes ahead and asks mayank to give his office bag and she will keep it inside. She holds it but he snatches it as his and charu’s pictures are there in his bag and his bag falls down with the pictures of his and charu in his bag. Everyone sees this but no one is able to see any picture. Mayank keeps it in his bag and goes away from there.

Gunjan gets hurt with mayank’s rude behavior and goes running to the terrace. She sits there and cries and rachna comes to make her understand asks her what’s the matter and why is mayank angry with her. Gunjan tells her that she acted to accept charu only to make shail happy but mayank got angry on her. Then rachna tells her that she agrees that it’s a small issue and he is making it big but she should think from his side also cause it’s not easy for him also to stay under one roof with his first wife and that too charu. Vikram says from behind where is his first wife. Then gunjan and rachna somehow change the topic. Vikram gives the Prasad to gunjan and she takes it and they leave from there.

In the room gunjan tries to convince mayank but he acts as if he is sleeping and gunjan apologise also to him but he doesn’t listen. She then says that he is getting charu between him and her and saying so she sleeps. Then mayank wakes up and says to gunjan in his mind that charu has come in between them long back and says sorry also. He gets tensed thinking about what all charu said and goes on the terrace. He thinks about telling to gunjan about it and charu comes there and shows him more pictures and troubles and irritates him more. Then gunjan sees that mayank is not there and goes out searching for him and reaches the terrace and mayank runs from there and hides and gunjan sees charu there and asks her why she is on terrace. Charu tells her that she is very happy that she is getting what she wants and so is not able to sleep. Then vikram comes there and gunjan leaves and charu and vikram talk and then they also leave from there.

Next day morning mayank in his room says to himself that he can’t take this anymore and so has to tell the truth to gunjan and saying so he goes out. In the hall shail gives the marriage cards to prabhu and asks him to distribute it to the relatives on time and she talk to dayal and prabhu and seema about other marriage preparations and calls gunjan and sees her all lost and tensed and tells gunjan that is she doesn’t want to help in the marriage preparations she doesn’t have any problem and it’s ok. Gunjan says that she will do all the mehendi ceremony preparations and says that it’s just for more few days and then vikram and charu will get married and go away so she doesn’t have any problem with this. Then myanak comes and tells gunjan to tie his tie. She ties it and then mayank says that he wants to talk to her about something important. She asks him to say and then charu sees this and says to herself that he won’t be able to tell gunjan anything as he is trapped in her trap and her eyes and ears will be always on him. The screen freezes on charu’s evil face.

Precap: – Charu acts as if she has fallen down and she asks for help from mayank and gunjan comes there and asks her to hold her hand and stand. Then in the mehendi ceremony the lady asks charu whose letter she wants on her hand and she says ‘M’. Everyone gets shocked hearing to this.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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