Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seema gives Gunjan the juice, as the nurse leaves with the sample. Gunjan asks her to sit but she says she is busy in kitchen. Gunjan keeps the glass, and sees the laptop. She is shocked to see so many comments on her blog. She thinks so many people can relate to this thing, but this thought has to be changed. Mayank comes there, she thinks she won’t let him read this, as she knows his reaction. He will fight with mummy ji. She shut the laptop, and doesn’t let him have it.
Seema comes to Bindia and says she needs Mayank’s hair. Seema meets Mayank in the hall, she offers him an oil massage, but he leaves saying he has a lot to do. Bindia picks hair from the brush in Gunjan’s room, then thinks this is too long to be Mayank’s. Gunjan comes there, Bindia says she was looking for the brush as she has lost her brush. Gunjan asks will she use someone else’s brush and gives her a new one. Bindia leaves.
Seema sits with Mayank, she forwards her hand to his hair. He asks what happened. She asks can’t she sit with him. He says he is a bit busy. She says she isn’t disturbing him, and says there is something in his hair. She takes some of his hair to the kitchen, with Bindia. Bindia says once the reports are here, their work will be done. Seema says she doesn’t know how to thanks Bindia. Shayl comes to kitchen, and tells her that Gunjan knows everything. Bindia asks what she knows. Seema asks what? Shayl says she knows that she is making laddu for Peehu, and Gunjan wants them too. So she must make every special thing in two. Gunjan comes there, and says she wants to talk to mummy ji about the test. Shayl asks what about. Gunjan was to tell her, but Seema sends Bindia to show Shayl her saree. Seema asks what she wants to ask. Gunjan says she wants to ask that whatever she said about the child wasn’t true. She was also worried, that she falls. Seema says she is blaming her for being responsible for the fall. Gunjan says she just wants the assurance that she didn’t mean whatever she said. Seema says if what she said, means so much to her, she would have got the test done and leaves the kitchen.

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Bindia assures the man on phone, that she will return the money. She comes across Vikram, she asks why is he reading the business page. He asks if she has something to do with it. She asks if he wants to do the business. He says he wants to work with his chacha, he has some 50,000 which he wants to invest. Bindia asks in shock, then asks him for the money as her friend will change her 50,000 to 50, 00,000. Rachna comes there, and asks if her friend is a magician. She says there can be no such scheme and tells Vikram not to get into such things, she feels that Bindia’s friend is a fraud. One should report in police about such people. Bindia is afraid, hearing about the police. She says that Rachna is right, he must be a fraud, she thanks her that he got her innocent into his talks. Rachna is suspected about her.
Gunjan comes to her room, thinking about Seema. She writes about it on her blog. She writes ‘paternity test ruins the reputation of mother and child both. It is distrust. She is going through the pain of proving, that the child is her husband’s, to a woman who is a mother herself. She has respected her lot, along with love; no other that her mother in law. Why shed disowned her in a while, why a mother in law just like a mother treated her like this. Someone said right, in this country one just has to prove oneself. Be it mangal-sutar, white dress of a widow or such humiliating test. She uploads it as ‘Aam Larki’’. People read the blog, and discuss about it widely.
Rachna opens her laptop, and is shocked to see the blog. She comes to Gunjan, and asks to tell her truly. She asks if Seema is still forcing her to get the test. Gunjan says yes. Rachna says that her suspect was right, that blog Aam Larki is hers. Gunjan asks how she knows about it. Rachna says that it has high discussion on net. It got a lot of likes. She has shared so many girl’s problem to public, she read all the comments. Someone has to come forward and raise the curtain over this problem. Gunjan is worried, that there will be many problems in the house already. Rachna tells her that no one will know about it, but she must keep her fight and she is with her. Bindia over hears the conversation, and thinks she must read the blog.
Shayl brings Gunjan’s favorite halwa. Mayank teases that she will eat the whole. Bindia comes there, and thinks why they haven’t come. The door bell rings, she opens the door. The media stood out there, a man nods at Bindia who nods back. They tell her that they are working on women rights and wants to take Gunjan’s interview. Bindia invites them inside. Bindia comes inside, to announce that the reporters want to take interview of Gunjan. Gunjan looks at Rachna.

PRECAP: The media reporters ask Gunjan about her blog, they ask if she is going through this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Why Bindia is still there in the house , I hate this Bindia and Seema track

  2. very bad

  3. the most shit I have ever seen or heard is in this serial this soap has lost its ratings real shit going on bindia get to ass out of the people house and find yourself a man somewhere to distress

    1. I have honestly stopped watching this serial… I only read smh

  4. What nonsense I felt as though I was watching Mrs kaushik plZZZZ WRITE BETTER SCRIPTS OK

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