Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd April 2014 Written Update

They were all playing truth and dare. Shayl comes out. Mayank asks her to join, but she tells them to enjoy as she will get tea with pakora for them. The bottle stops at Mayank. Gunjan asks him ‘Doesn’t he love his wife?’ he says ‘Yes!’ then ‘No’. He says this is cheating s everyone laughs. They spin the bottle again. It stops at Murli. He takes the dare, and asks what to do. Mayank says he must sing a song. Rachna comes from the kitchen and says that whatever he does must be for Pihu. Murli sings the song, gets up and takes Pihu’s hand while they dance. Everyone claps. Mayank spins the bottle again, it stops at Pihu. Gunjan suggests what about a romantic scene for Murli. She says she cannot even sing a romantic song, how will she sing a song. Seema says you daily go to the acting class, do some scene you learned from there. Everyone gets shocked. Shayl thinks Murli doesn’t know anything about the acting class. Gunjan says she meant she watches a lot of dramas, so repeat a scene from them. Pihu stands up and says ‘Today the night is falling, but still he hasn’t come, but she her heart is sure he will come. ’ She feels shy and sees Bauji coming. Everyone claps. Bauji and Shayl see together that Shayl’s cell phone is ringing. They both head towards it but Shayl picks it up. She says it is neighbor, must be getting disturbed by the noise and comes inside.
Shayl comes in the room and picks up the call. Vicky asks her why Pihu is picking up his call. She tells him everything is getting alright between Pihu and Murli. They might no more need this drama. Seema comes at the door, shayl disconnects the call and turns; fearing she must have listened to it. Seema tells her dinner is ready and leaves. Shayl was relieved. Vicky was suspicious.
KT was jogging in the chill of night. He thinks Rachna saying to him ‘Ask from heart and you will get the God as well, Open your eyes and see you Rachna is still around.’ He says this is lie, you are nowhere, but I want you to be near always, I will never forget you.
They all have dinner. Mayank appreciates Rachna for cooking a wonderful meal. Murli says very lucky one’s get such sister-in-law. Murli’s phone rings. He says it’s his mother and talks to her telling her he will be back home soon. Seema says to Shayl that Pihu should also go tonight; Murli asks them for the leave as it was very late. He comes to Pihu and says it would be better if she also comes along, but he won’t force her. He promised he will never get shy about showing his love for her today. He leaves saying goodbye to everyone. Seema congratulates Shayl that at least Pihu has started talking to Murli again.
KT was outside Rachna’s house. He says he has worsened his life himself. He thinks he must talk to her dad. Rachna is in her bedroom thinking KT must be disturbed because of Sonal, she must ask if she can help him. She thinks about calling her. They dial each other’s number, and find it busy. Rachna thinks she must go to Dadi, there is nothing wrong about it. KT thinks it is not the right time to call, he must go inside.
Shayl thanks in front of Gods that everything was getting fine between Pihu and Murli. KT heads towards the door, while Rachna heads to leave the house. KT puts hand on the bell but doesn’t ring it, Rachna is about to open the bolt but stops; both thinking is it right to do it now. They both go back.
Shayl brings the ‘prasad’ to her husband. He asks at this time. She says it’s because everything is getting better between Pihu and Murli. He asks but why didn’t she leave with him. She says you must wait for some time, she is hopeful everything will get better. He asks her to forgive him for not understanding her. She says you are her father, and a father only wants the betterment of his children. Shayl gets Vicky’s call. She leaves saying she is going to get the water. He says ok, but sees the jug in front. Shayl comes out and asks Vicky what it is about. He says he came to give Pihu’s class forms else she won’t be able to perform in the next class. He says he will leave without starting the bike or someone will wake up. Shayl comes inside and sees Gunjan standing on the door.

PRECAP: Gunjan sees from window as Vicky kisses at the back of Pihu’s hand. Pihu also dislikes it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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