Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna stands up and says sorry to Gunjan, she doesn’t mind and tells her to give her water. The lights go off. Rachna gives the glass of water to Mayank, Gunjan asks for water and he makes her drink it. They are all shocked to see this, Golu gives a thumb up to Rachna. Akaash comes upstairs as well. Gunjan feels awkward when she was saying thank you and notices it was Mayank and not Rachna. She then smiles at him. Shayl comes to Akaash, and asks him not to do anything on which Gunjan keeps asking questions. Seema says she is much hungry. Shayl appreciates Seema’s dahi-baray, and says no one will touch her parathay. Gunjan asks Mayank are these the same parathay? She feels excited. Rachna asks Gunjan to stay here, tonight. AKaash says he doesn’t like it. But Gunjan insists, Mayank promises he will take Gunjan to college in time and Akaash agrees.

Mayank was in his room, thinking he must buy a good and unique gift for Gunjan, and looks for some deals on sanp-deal. He likes the facilities, the site provides.
Rachna gives all her clothes to Rachna. Gunjan says this is so excited, she always wanted to share her clothes with some girl. Rachna says that day, she shared her everything with her. Gunjan thanks her for sharing her family with her. Mayank hears the conversation. Gunjan says she always wanted a big family, but she is so alone. Rachna says she has a sister. Gunjan is thankful to her, and says she always feel some connection with Banaras, she thinks that her dad knows about it; and doesn’t tell her. Mayank gives a thumb up to Rachna, who smiles back.

Gunjan and Seema were in front of temple; suddenly Rachna’s candle goes off. She is worried, that nothing worse can happen to Rachna now.

Mayank watches Rachna and Gunjan asleep. He says that she might not recognize her, but she is fast asleep peacefully and somewhere he is responsible for this peace of mind, he is now relaxed.

Gunjan watches the same dream, about her prince. She sits up. Mayank hides, while Rachna also wakes up. She tells her about her dream, and says that she feels he wants to come out of dream into the real life. Mayank says he wish she can see his face. Rachna peeks at Mayank, and says may be he is somewhere near. Gunjan appreciates her idea, as she wants to see him too. Mayank is happy about it.

In the morning, Gunjan comes dressed up. Seema says her college dresses still fits her. Shayl was shocked. Seema explains, that Rachna’s dress suits her a lot.
Mayank comes there, and says he is going to college. Shayl asks won’t he take Gunjan along. Mayank says he has something important to do. Gunjan says she doesn’t need anyone’s help, and will go by herself. Mayank watches her leaving, and says he is sorry they couldn’t go home together but she will be shocked to get her surprise tonight. He wants her to get back her surprise soon.

Shayl hears Rachna talking to someone on phone. She asks her, and Rachna says she wants to work but will stay with her. Rachna notices some people following her, gets the auto-rickshaw and go by it. A man informs someone on phone, that they have found the girl. The young man keeps a knife, on Rachna’s photo.

Gunjan waits for Mayank for rehearsal. Some girls come to ask her for coffee, she asks them to go. She calls Mayank, but he doesn’t pick it up. Mayank buys bouquet for Gunjan. Gunjan sits on a bench, and thinks this place is similar to her dream place. Gunjan calls Rachna to tell her. She tells her that they both will get their dreams come true on one day, she got a call from a company’s HR, and she is going to get her dream bay. A biker comes from the side, Gunjan stands up wondering is it a dream. The biker comes to her, removes the helmet and then the rose petals from her head. She laughs watching him, he wasn’t Mayank. He goes away on bike, while Gunjan keeps smiling.

Rachna is followed by some men, who looks at her and her photo. At home, Shayl and Seema were worried about Rachna. Mayank tells them he called the boutique, she isn’t there although.

PRECAP: Rachna lies on the roadside. The TV news announce that this is 5th kidnapping case in the city. The police siren rings outside the house. Dayal and Shayl are worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. vihaan kidnap rachna

    1. I was actually thinking the same thing. But when you look at the guy his built looks very similar to KT.

  2. who guy to kidnap rachna new guy

  3. had kt left tis show???


      Mintu I am just guessing from the episode Episode 39 – 11th July 2012

  4. Wher is Kt ??

  5. the guy that put acid on gunjan right

  6. Omg more twists. Where on earth is KT. I wonder if KT mother is behind kidnapping?

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