Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna asks KT if she is his friend. KT was quiet, Rachna asks if she is in some pain. KT says he wish he had some answers to his questions. Rachna says he betrayed her again. KT says she was behind getting married, she must have listened to him. Rachna says she fought for him, with her family. He asks did he tell her to go against them. Rachna cries that what has happened, why has she been mistaken. KT says he doesn’t know, he has no answers to the questions. Rachna runs back home. The girl asks KT what did he get with this all, why he made her do this.
Rachna comes home, Gunjan runs behind her to the room. Shayl stops Mayank, and says she is broken. Mayank asks Shayl isn’t she broken, Shayl says she isn’t.
KT tells the girl, he was paid a big price for this.
Rachna tells Gunjan that he betrayed her again, he didn’t want to marry her. Rachna cries that how will she face her parents now, whom she go against then. She asks what mistake did she do.
KT says her brother and mother came to him and asked him to break any relations with Rachna. He must break her heart once again. Shayl had said that her daughter in innocent, she can even give away her life for the one he loves. Shayl had said, she will be ready to run with him if he points at her. KT had said that he will not make anyone run, and will make up for all the complaints they have. Mayank says they can’t trust him. KT said he loves Rachna, Shayl had told him to do what Mayank said. They will say yes for Rachna’s proposal, but he must break her heart after that. He will also break her trust, as his life style is simply different from them. She can get someone better that him, he must leave her life.
Mayank tells Shayl that she just fulfilled what a mother’s responsibility is. Shayl says she has joined a girl’s life, and has badly broken another’s. Mayank says KT’s life is so disturbed, and she isn’t meant to be filling breakages in other’s lives, whatever they have done is for the betterment of her life. Rachna and Gunjan hear this. Shayl and Mayank are shocked to hear this.
They both come downstairs, Shayl was worried now. Gunjan asks Mayank to tell them what they heard was wrong. Shayl says no, we won’t tell a lie. It is true, and they got it right. Rachna says yes Gunjan this is all right, mummy had abruptly said yes, and Mayank accepted KT again. How is it possible that everyone is so happy, she thought about it then said to herself that her family loves her and will want the best for her. Shayl says she might not believe her but she has done it all for her betterment. Rachna says how can her happiness be different from my happiness. Mayank says the good thing is that Kt isn’t a part of her life. Rachna asks if he gets happy watching her cry. Shayl asks how is this possible. Rachna says she hadn’t even dreamt her mother will create such a drama to set apart her lover. Shayl says he was a lover. Rachna says she doesn’t anything now, everyone is just a liar. He heads to leave, Mayank says their intentions were good, they didn’t want her to go through the pain again. Rachna says at that time they were all there, but this time her owns have betrayed her; where must she go now. She runs to her room, they all run behind her. Seema also gets Rachna in the way, Rachna locks the door. Dayal and Prabhu also come there, there is a sound from inside. Seema says it is a glass that broke.
Gunjan knocks the door, asking that it is only her. She says she is also angry at Mayank and Shayl, please let her come inside. Rachna doesn’t open the door, Mayank says she won’t open the door. Seema was worried, Mayank heads to open the door but Rachna opens it. Gunjan is relieved, she goes inside alone and bolts the door locked. Rachna was crying, Gunjan spreads her arms and Rachna runs to hug her. Gunjan says she is here with her. Rachna asks why they did it to her. Gunjan was quiet. Seema tells Shayl everything will be alright. Seema tells them that time heals everything. Mayank says she is more angry than sad. Seema says she is right, they have snatched her love.
Rachna says to Gunjan that with a single glance of KT, everything returned. The love, the dreams and the times. It is the same love as she had loved Mayank. Gunjan asks if she shall talk to KT, KT must know what is going on her. Rachna says he has let her go, what will happen to him if he even knows. Gunjan says it isn’t as simple as that. Rachna says she must not have done this had someone asked her to do this. Gunjan asks her to let her talk to KT, and till then she won’t do anything wrong.

PRECAP: Rachna leaves home, Shayl cries hard and tells everyone that Rachna has left them.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Confused what Shayl really expected. Of course she left you Shayl….you messed up with YOUR thoughts not thinking about your daughter at all. KT was not YOUR choice but he was your dauthers OWN!!!!! I give Rachna all right for leaving them. Shayl is too stupid, she was so sad when Rachna wasn’t there which wasn’t her fault, now she is the ONLY one to blame for Rachna leaving a second time!

  2. Perfect rachna should return yes after married to KT

  3. when i saw sslk last shoot’s e24 segment, i couldn’t stop crying. i was crying from then when i heard sslk ending but i thought my tears got dried. but when i saw the video, i understood, the pain of sslk ending is not going to over soon. my 1st love rabir from which i can’t stay away even for a moment. i don’t know how to fight with this emotion. songs are being rememberred, tum hi ho, darmiyyan etc. song. i love u a lot sslk and rabir. and i hate zee tv 4 ending this serial.

  4. maybe, we should continue posting requests on zee tv f.b and twitter until zee tv don’t realize the importance of sslk and bring sslk 2 with mahiyush amd roonkit.

    1. I don’t think they plan to change. This show had its own standard with social issues and Gunjan and Rachna excellent positive role models. Now there is no other show like it on ZeeTv. Maybe DAK, but that is a bit more dark. Will miss miss miss this show!!!!!!

  5. Rachna did the right thing by leaving her home and shayl is to be blame for that how can she play with her daugther feeling she only think about herself n her feelings and not her rachna feelings and now she is crying out her eyes for what she wanted KT n rachna to get separated and look what she did she make rachna leaves home

  6. Is this series really ending? Wouldn’t Rachna get married?

    1. yeah, they’ll get married and rachna wii have children after a small leap

  7. …….and what about Mayank? He did so many bad things before marrying Gunjan but she forgave him and got married to him. But now when it’s KT’s turn he is against him knowing fully well that Rachna loves him.

  8. rachna go girl and give them a scare of their lives do not let them find you not even that stupid man kt who do not know how to stand up for what he wants it is the second time he has done this do no even answer gunjans call because she will tell them that you are well please let them think that you are out there all alone for some time personally speaking I find rachnas family to be wrong with what they are doing because it is two persons lives that they are playing with the decision should be up to rachna to make and not shayl and mayank so rachna stay hidden for a while and give them something to worry about I bet you they would not mess with you again

  9. Christine Dickson

    I will definitely miss sslk
    it makes me sad to know sslk is going to end

  10. Wil mix dis show real plenty

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