Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with mayank telling charu that doesn’t she have any shame. Mayank tells her that he is not going to wait there anymore. Charu tells him that does he think that she is a fool and then she shows him the slide of all his and her photos. Mayank gets angry and charu shows all the photos of they both hugging each other. Charu then tells that she will show all the pics to his dear wife and his family. She tells him that she will destroy his life, mayank gets sad and asks her that what does she want? Charu tells that now he understood, she tells him that she wants to do that what she did not get to do when their marriage was done, he asks what? she tells him that she wants to just spend 1 night with him which she did not get to spend after their marriage.

He tells her that he will never do something like this and he will not betray his wife as he loves only her and cant think of someone else. Charu tells that she will marry with vikram and do the suhaag raat with him. There gunjan goes in mayank’s office but he is not there and so she asks the peon but he tells that mayank did not tell him where he is going before going. Gunjan thinks that where is mayank and what is he doing? She calls him, there mayank gets a call, charu sees it and mayank cuts it, in the office gunjan thinks why he cut her phone. Charu then tells him that he is going to have suhaag raat with his wife only, mayank says what do you mean? Charu removes a box from the drawer and shows him their divorce papers and tells that she is still his wife, he tells that we both have signed there, charu tells that she had also signed but the divorce was not done as her signatures were different from her original ones. Charu smiles and tells that she is tsill his wife and gunjan is his wife but illegally. Mayank gets sad and he sits on the bed and hits it, charu tells him that he has to come to her before vikram and her saat phere and he has to come to her as the bridegroom and do suhaag raat. She removes her and his photos as a copy and gives him. He takes the photo and goes.

There vikram who is finding mithoo is very tensed and scared and thinks that mithoo must have got lost in the market and he is finding her loudly by calling her name, then suddenly his hand starts shivering and he shaking and till then charu comes from behind and he turns and is satisfied that mithoo did not get lost in the market, he asks her that where was she, charu tells that she was in the temple and was asking the sadhu suggestions to make vikram life better and make him good from his infection. Vikram tells ok and they go home.

At home, gunjan comes, seema looks and sees that gunjan is sad and she asks why? Gunjan tells her about mayank not picking the phone and her surprise which failed, seema tells that he must have been in a meeting and we will make his favorite kheer and he will be happy, they both smile, then vikram and charu come. They come and mom comes there they give Prasad to them and charu takes her blessings. Charu and vikram have brought presents for mom and gunjan and they give first to mom and charu takes to give to gunjan, vikram tells gunjan to not say no for the gift and she takes it. Then mayank also comes, and everyone see that he has come, gunjan goes to him, mayank looks at charu and gets more angry than before and remembers all in the hotel, gunjan then asks him that she had come in his office and he was not there and the whole surprise went bad. As mayank is angry he talks to her rudely and tells that from now onwards should he wait for her everyday at the office for her stupid surprises. Gunjan gets sad and seema and mom shocked to see his behavior.

Precap: gunjan is tells ,mayank that she will keep his bag and you go and get ready, but mayank remembers that there are those photos so he pulls the bag from her hand but it falls down and the hotos come out but they are on the backside.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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  1. Stupid to be blackmailed by Charu. Mayank is living with Gunjan and the divorce has been granted if the signature differs its not Mayank’s issue as the got the okay. he should not fall for Charu’s tricks. A very nice serial. Superb acting by Mayank / Gunjan and Charu.

  2. Sorry to blackmail again gunjan & mayank by this stupid charu i hope mayank will understand her tricks

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