Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl says that Mayank has filled energy in us. Mayank suggests we must dance on a good song. Mayank and Gunjan begin to dance, while Prabhu joins him too. Dayal comes there, and everyone stops looking at him. He comes to Shayl and begins singing; leaving everyone shocked while Shayl shy. Dadi comes home, Dayal tells him it is because of Mayank’s job. Shayl says that we are thinking about keeping a hawan. Dadi says we came here to say something important, as for some really important work KT had to leave for Paris. Dayal says that if the work is important he should have gone, and we believe for him relations are not as important as work is. Mayank interferes that what was that important work; Rachna defends KT that the work must be really important and he didn’t delayed the engagement dates even. Dayal comes to Dadi and says that look at my daughter, she sides Nanha always; and this is the result of our brought up as we taught her how important the relations are. He appreciates Rachna. Dadi says that you are right, Rachna has been brought up in family where success of child is celebrated by all and every single needle prick is felt by the whole family. But KT was brought up by a sad father and me, we tried our best to give him our love and we have been successful in it. Dadi says I have been victorious because he selected Rachna as his life partner, she says my brought up isn’t very bad; KT will return soon. Gunjan comes forward and says that KT has selected Rachna as she is a diamond. Dadi asks Shayl to gift Rachna their family bangles. She then asks Dayal, who permits and Dadi puts the bangles on Rachna’s hands. Rachna touches her feet, and hugs her. Dadi asks Dayal if she can take Rachna market to buy the matching ear-rings and necklace as well. He smiles while permitting.
Dadi and Rachna come to market. Dadi thanks Rachna for supporting her and KT. Rachna says I want the happiness of KT, he must have real urgent work otherwise he would never have gone. They hug and the bangle falls in it. Someone picks them. The jeweller shows Rachna some designs; Dadi asks which one she likes, Rachna asks for a simple and intricate. She likes one and they buy it. The shopkeeper asks about the bangles but Dadi says we have one. She thinks my mother in law gave them, and I gave them to my daughter-in-law but she left everything. They look for the bangles and find one missing.
Mayank and Gunjan tell Shayl that there is engagement at home and it is getting boring. They all goes against Mayank’s song choice while Gunjan suggests for some slow song. Mayank asks Dayal for some song suggestion, but he says there must be a song for an irresponsible groom. Gunjan thinks about correcting the mood of Dayal. A baby cries and a lady carrying it comes to the door.
Dadi and Rachna look all the way back for the bangle. Bittu comes and asks why is she crying, is something missing. He says that Bittu just found something, is it yours as he takes put a bangle from his pocket. He looks up to find Rachna and Shayl gone. He calls them and runs after them; he falls down on the road while the bangles get to Rachna’s feet. He comes to her and says you don’t listen. Rachna says thankyou so much Bittu, you are so intelligent. Bittu becomes happy at it. Dadi says you helped me a lot, take this as a gift but Bittu denies taking any money.
Gunjan introduces the family with the lady as her friend. She had a habit of saying ‘don’t mind’. Dayal asks for the baby as she was continuously crying. Seema says that as soon as he got the baby, the anger was all gone.
Rachna buys a band from Bittu and ties it on his hand. He asks for fifty-fifty. She gets him another band. She gives him his hand for shaking, but he says they will shake hand in Bittu’s style and they do. Rachna laughs, meeting Bittu.

PRECAP: Gunjan’s friend tells her not to have a baby, at least now. Gunjan looks for the crying baby all night but in the end is successful in making it happy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  5. Kt’s mom is using bittu against them ,the whole family needs to be careful am afraid this might hurt dayal

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