Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Mayank looking at Gunjan. Gunjan says she has a good plan and that is to go out.Mayank says its 3am but gunjan says that the city of Mumbai never sleeps. They are in the car and Mayank asks where are they going and Gunjan says to have breakfast. Then Gunjan picks up her handphone and calls her best friends. She also tells Mayank how much they helped in the suprise. They reach the place and Gunjan starts talking to the guy in merati. Her friends also reach the place. They wish Mayank happy birthday.Mayank tells Gunjan that he didn’t know she could speak merati and she says of course she can because she is from Mumbai.Gunjan says that next time when she curses him she will do it in merati.They finish their breakfast and decide to take Mayank around Mumbai. As Gunjan is pointing out places to Mayank in the car, she falls asleep.Mayank brings her back to the hotel room and he tucks her into bed. He tells her thank you for showing him Mumbai through her eyes and how much she left behind to be in benaras with him. Mayank then tells her that her loves her and kisses her on the forehead.

Part 2

Dholu sees Seema putting the prasad in a bowl and tries to take some but she stops him and tells him it has to be offered first to god. Shail asks Seema if Gunjan is joining them to go to the temple. Seema tells her that Gunjan had something important that she left early in the morning.Shail is shocked and says that Gunjan didn’t tell her anything. Seema complains and tells Shail who is she to stop anyone from doing what they want. Prabhu enters and ask whats wrong. Seema says that she told the priest that Gunjan was going to do the pooja and now she has to do it. Prabhu says what difference does it make if Seema or Gunjan does the pooja. Seema gives Prabhu to hold the prasad and leaves. Prabhu asks Shail if Dayal had called.Shail says no and asks him if he called Mayank to wish him. Prabhu says that he tried but his phone is unreachable. Prabhu says he is probably busy preparing for his interview.At Mumbai, Mayank and Gunjan are still sleeping .Mayank suddenly wakes up.He looks at his watch and realises its 9am. He wakes up Gunjan and tells her she missed her flight. Mayank says he is also gonna be late for his interview. Mayank’s friends are at the door so Gunjan goes to hide.The friends ask him if this is the room they entered yesterday and if he knew the girl. Mayank says the girl actually entered his room wrongly. Mayank says he will be ready in ten minutes and they leave.Gunjan tells Mayank she is sorry and all of this is happening because of her. Mayank says its not her fault. He rushes to get ready and Gunjan helps him.

Part 3

Gunjan tells Mayank not to miss her too much and wishes him all the best for his interview. Gunjan is booking new flight tickets and realises by the time she reaches Benaras it will be 8pm. She says she will tell the family that the workshop went on longer. Shail, Seema and Prabhu are at the temple. Shail tries to call Gunjan. Shail tells Gunajan to try and come to the temple for a little while.Gunjan says she can’t as she already signed up for the workshops. Gunjan hangs up and then says she is so sorry that she has to keep lying to Shail. Seema tells Shail she knew that Gunjan wouldn’t come as she doesn’t believe in poojas. Prabhu tells her not to forget that they are all here together because of Gunjan. Shail tells Seema not to be upset.

Part 4

Prabhu tells Shail not to be hurt by what Seema said. Shail says she is not and tells Prabhu that by now Dayal and Rachana would have reached Delhi. Prabhu says that Dayal hasn’t called yet as there could be a network problem. Rachana and Dayal have reached Delhi.Rachana stares at the sign that says New Delhi and imagines a voice saying the best designer award goes to Rachana Garg. Rachana thinks that no matter what she will not let Dayal’s believe and hopes shatter. she then says rachana Garg you have to win.Rachana and Dayal leave the station and Rachana says she will carry the bag. Gunjan is at the hotel reading a magazine and wondering what Mayank is doing.She prays to god that Mayank finishes his interview quickly. She sees a nice lengga design in the magazine. She remembers that Rachana would have reached Delhi by now and calls Rachana up.Rachana answers and Gunjan asks her how is delhi. Rachana says they just arrived and asks her how is she and if she has arrived in Mumbai. Gunjan tells Rachana that she missed her flight.Rachana says you missed it and Dayal looks at her. Rachana realises that and says Gunjan it’s okey you just missed class only. Rachana tells her to reach on time the house. Gunjan says not to worry about her and for Rachana to focus on the competition. Gunjan wishes her all the best and tells her goodbye.

Episode Ends

Some girls from college come to the Garg house to pass Rachana absence slip that she needs to fill up. Shail tells them that they should have passed it to Gunjan. The girls tell her that Gunjan was not in college today. Shail says they must be mistaken as Gunjan attended a workshop. The girl tells Shail that there was no workhop today. Seema and Prabhu are shocked.

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