Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At home, Rachna puts henna on Gunjan’s hand. She appreciates the colour of her henna being so dark. Peehu says that she must not forget to write M, Gunjan asks why; Peehu makes up that her name is Manju. Gunjan laughs and says it isn’t needed. Seema thinks she has forgotten her husband’s name. She asks her she isn’t wearing her ring. Gunjan asks how does she know she used to wear a ring. Gunjan says that she used to wear a ring, but the stone has been removed. Mayank asks Seema what she is doing. Seema says she did it mistakenly. Rachna thinks she must do something and takes Gunjan to her room. Mayank says to them that they must not stare her. Seema says what shall she do, she has returned after a long time. Shayl says to Seema that they must not pressurize Gunjan’s mind right now, she must celebrate that atleast Gunjan came back to their house.

Akaash calls Gunjan’s friend and asks is Gunjan with her. He thinks this means Gunjan is still there at Mayank’s house.

Chaya comes home, and calls Gunjan! She comes excitedly to her, and says it is good she came with Rachna, they have met after so long. Gunjan asks does she know her. Rachna says that she means she has told Chaya a lot about her. Shayl takes Chaya along. Rachna asks Mayank does he feel so hungry. She teases him. Gunjan asks Mayank to go and eat. Mayank leaves. Rachna tells her that he has also kept a fast. Gunjan asks why? Rachna says for her wife-to-be. Everyone teases Prabhu to take Seema to dance; Mayank joins them in the performance. Mayank watches Gunjan enjoying. She joins him in the performance, but he was only thinking about it.

Akaash comes to Mayank’s house, and looks at Gunjan enjoying. They all stop their performance. Shayl comes to welcome her, Gunjan comes to apologize that she enjoyed so much here that she forgot she promised her. Dayal invites him inside. Gunjan also requests him to stay, as there is much of the good food. He agrees.

Shayl gives Mayank the Thaal. Gunjan was coming down the stairs, and slips on Mayank. The thaal fell down, but Mayank stares at her as the Sindoor goes to her head. He smiles, while Gunjan removes it from there. Akaash and Shayl also watch this. Mayank asks for help, but she says thank you, and leaves. Shayl comes to Akaash and says that this is the truth, we might try to separate them but there is a power which wants to make them one. He says he knows how much she has suffered here. Shayl says that setting the two months apart, she has always been happy here; so is today. Shayl asks if Gunjan hadn’t lost her memory, she must have wanted to give Mayank another chance. The moon was about to be sighted, she leaves.

Golu thinks he must try to recall Gunjan everything. Gunjan asks about his school. He asks her to stay here. She promises she will keep on coming here. He says he wants to tell her a story. He takes he to a room, and tells her a story about a princess and prince. She kept a fast for the prince, but dian took the prince at the time of breaking the fast. She waited for him at Shiv mandir. Everyone from the prince’s family told her to break the fast. Gunjan gets blunt memories from her past. She asks did the prince return. He says that he returned at the last moment. He tells her that she was the princess in the story. He asks her about the prince. She was curious. He was about to tell her when Rachna comes to take Gunjan along. Gunjan was lost. Rachna tells her to go to roof, she will bring the thaal. Golu takes Mayank upstairs, Rachna also comes there. Mayank was upset, that Gunjan has fasted but she won’t break the fast with his hands. Golu asks can’t they do something for him.

They come to the roof. Peehu complains that she will have to break the fast looking at the photo. Rachna says she is lucky to have photo. Rachna says to Gunjan that they will both make each other drink water to one another, and calls Mayank. He comes to stand behind Rachna. Rachna breaks her fast, but in Gunjan’s turn she bends as to pick something, deliberately. Gunjan looks at Mayank from the sieve.

PRECAP: Gunjan drinks water from Mayank’s hand. Akaash comes there.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Omg , this is just too much, needs desperatly to end, very irritating wit Gungan losing her memory, and they ar romancing all over, so sic. As for poor Rachna, still waitin for her KT . My opinion he was just lookin 2 old for Rachna, 2 Mature for Rachna, n just no chemistry, KT just so COLD. END this pleaseeee!!!!!

  2. End, End, End, Gunjan also abit childish now, she is married , starting to romance her husband Mayank all over again, Ther is just NO committment wit marriage when these Writers write their stories , how sad :(, They make a mockery of marriages!!!!!!!

  3. Wonderin whether these writer ar gettin Commission frm the Jewellery and Bridal shops for dressing the Actresses in their Bridal Attire for SHOW and just makin them Model for us, Because there ar always Drama at the weddings (weddings ar planned but never take place!!!!!)

  4. instead of breaking rachnas heart again and again they should have just got her married to my dear Vihaan!!!! as for gunjan and mayank its so boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i like rajeev i wish bring new guy for rachna barun sobti

  6. i wish barun sobti play armav sapne suhane ladakpan ke

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