Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with gunjan preparing juice and food for charu and seema comes and asks her that for whom she is doing this. Gunjan says that she is preparing it for charu. Then seema gets angry and asks her that why is she doing this for that charu and says that how she can accept charu. Then gunjan smiles and tells seema that she has accepted charu only for shail so that she gets a bit happy and she is going to keep an eye on charu and will find out her motive of coming to the house again. Shail is standing at the entrance of the kitchen and hears everything. She goes from there disappointed and hurt. Then seema says to gunjan that she will go and talk to shail and she should better convince mayank.

At KT’s office rachna is embarrassed and scared by seeing all the boys shirtless. Then nitya takes the fun of this. Nitya tells a boy to take his kurta from rachna purposely so that rachna gets more scared and irritated. Then that boy comes to her and says that will she take his measurements as his kurta is loose. She tells that nitya will take it but nitya purposely says that she has to check some urgent stock details and she goes from there. Then that boy taunts rachna and says that if she can’t do this work then why is she here and asks her to take his measurements and he is going ahead and KT comes there and asks what’s the problem to that boy and that boy tells him that he doesn’t have good working employee and it doesn’t match his standard. Then KT asks him not to teach him anything and he knows what suits his standard and asks him to do his work. Rachna is crying and KT asks her to fight for herself.

At garg house seema goes to talk to shail and asks her to relax and how can she trust charu again and she is not trustworthy. Then charu comes in her room and asks shail whether she can go to the temple to pray and complete her wish. Then shail asks her that she can go to the temple. She goes to the temple and asks her vikram to go and shop for shail and gunjan as they have accepted her. he agrees and goes.

In the office mayank gets a bouquet and thinks that gunjan gave it to her. There is a message in it asking him to come at 5:30 in hotel in room no. 502. He goes to the hotel. Gunjan leaves from home excited and says that hope she reaches on time. In the hotel room mayank goes and gets happy seeing the decorations. From behind charu comes and hugs him and he thinks that it’s gunjan so says that if he knew that he would get such a romantic surprise after getting angry so he would always get angry. Then charu also says that she would love to do this for him and he turns to see who is it and is shocked to see charu. The screen freezes on mayank’s shocked face.

Precap: – Mayank says to charu that he will tell her truth to everyone and charu says that he can’t as she has trapped him in his trap and shows him his n her picture. He then asks her that what does she want.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

  1. Faith Douglas

    I hope he get though

  2. this show is unbelievably annoying and stupid. I cant believe that mayank will allow charu to blackmail him when his wife asked him to not keep anything from him.

    This show is making a mockery of its viewers. It believes that the viewers is dumb. The ratings must be shitty for this show cause the acting, dialogue and direction is shitty.

  3. Its really good

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