Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan thinks that a KT named problem has come in Rachna’s life. Dayal goes to bring water for her, while Shayl sits besides Rachna. Rachna asks Shayl to be with her and not leave her alone. Shayl promises she won’t move from here, but they must all go inside as it is really cold outside.
Prabhu comes when Bindia offers Vikram to take him home. Vikram was ashamed, Prabhu says that it is you both, he thought Seema has seen him drinking. Bindia laughs that her lips will remain sealed. Prabhu notices Vikram stealing eyes, and asks what he is doing at the bar. Bindia laughs that he wanted to be alone, away from dance floor so he came here. Prabhu appreciates Vikram. Bindia asks Prabhu if she can go home, as she isn’t feeling well. Prabhu offers to drop her, but Bindia says Vikram will drop her. Bindia points Seema behind, Prabhu hides the glass and leaves. Vikram felt dizzy.
Gunjan comes inside, thinking it is all her mistake. Rachna told her, her heart says KT is around and she didn’t accept it. KT is still in her mind and heart. She turns to find Mayank standing behind her, she steals look. He asks why she looks stressed out. Gunjan says why she shouldn’t be stressed, when the wife is expecting and the husband is flirting. Mayank says he has been looking for her, but she and Rachna were nowhere to be around. He says he will kiss her, in front of everyone. She challenges him; he waits for the right time, accepting the challenge.
Shayl asks Rachna if she is alright now, Rachna nods. Shayl asks her to enjoy. Mayank calls Gunjan, she ignores him and goes to Rachna pointing at her quizzically. Shayl understands and goes looking for Seema. Gunjan asks Rachna how she feels now. Rachna asks why KT has returned, what can be the reason. Gunjan says she knows one thing; he won’t dare come here again. She apologizes for leaving her, as she doesn’t want Mayank to know about KT, he gets angry. Mayank calls Gunjan again, Rachna asks her to go to Mayank and dance. Gunjan leaves while Rachna wonders what can it be, that KT has returned after so long.
KT comes to the benches, where Rachna was sitting. He recalls every word Rachna has complained to him. He says he wanted her to take care of his younger brother, but why she must have taken care of him, she wanted to marry me. I was lost in myself, got selfish that I forgot my love. I couldn’t be a good brother, nor a good partner. I just wanted to see a glance of you, and when I got it I wanted to meet you. Where should I go now, what should I do. He stands up and says I have no right to put her in more pain.
Gunjan comes looking for Rachna, and finds Peehu. She asks why is Peehu worried, and asks to help her. Peehu asks her to call her husband. She stops Gunjan and says she will call her by herself. Gunjan suspects, but Peehu calls and asks him that he was about to come to party, why he hasn’t come yet. Shayl comes there to Gunjan and asks about Rachna. Gunjan says she herself has been looking for her. Peehu was talking still, when her phone rings. Gunjan turns shocked, Peehu looks at her. Peehu says it was his call, she couldn’t know and was continuosly talking, so he called again. She receives the call, and then disconnects. She explains Gunjan that he is still stuck in his work. Gunjan says what work he has to do on new year night. Peehu says what they can do.
Rachna comes out and sits on the benches. She says life shows you its colour, the one you want to gain goes away, and if you try to forget the past it stalks you like a shadow.
Mayank comes to Gunjan and Peehu, and says not everyone is lucky like Gunjan.
KT thinks about Rachna, and her complains. She had asked him to go away from her. Gunjan had also blamed him, and asked him to leave. He recalls he had promised Rachna to go to Goa, in 2015.
Rachna comes inside, the organizer announces the countdown of 2015. The lights go off, Mayank kisses Gunjan and says he has won. She says he is a champion, and has really won. The countdown begin, Rachna cried as the new year was wished. KT watches the firework.
In the rickshaw, Vikram says Happy New Year. Bidnia wishes the same. Mayank wishes his child to be’s mother. Everyone hugs, and wishes New Year. KT says happy New Year Rachna! Dayal says they have faced a lot in the past year, and solved them. He is sure, the New Year will be better than the past, because a child is about to come to our family. Gunjan laughs shyly.
The next morning, Vikram wakes up thinking how he reached here. He wakes up, bare. He thinks where his clothes are, and who brought him here. Bindia wakes up and explains him what happened at night. He is worried, what he did unknowingly.
Gunjan denies Shayl eating anything else, Shayl doesn’t listen to her. Seema comes and says she has to take juice even. Gunjan gets a call, and is excited by the news. She tells them that Rachna has got the job. She goes to tell Rachna about the good news. Seema asks her to go after taking sweet, and goes to take it. Gunjan runs to Rachna. Rachna stood in her room, saddened. Gunjan tells her that there is a good news, she has got the job and asks when will she join. Rachna says she doesn’t want to join, she can’t think about future, when her past isn’t leaving her. Gunjan asks her to leave his memories, as he has left her. Rachna cries, that how can she forget about it. She wants to come out of it, but she can’t fine the way. She just want to know why he left her, and why he has returned. She can neither get out of it, nor move on. She cries and hugs Gunjan.

PRECAP: Gunjan questions KT that he has no idea how she has managed himself. KT thinks he has to stay away from Rachna.

Update Credit to: Sona

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