Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank comes to tell Seema that his uncle called and said that Guru ji might come to their home. Sangeeta also get elated. Seema goes to tell shayl. Gunjan tells Rachna that Guru ji is coming so they can’t go to see Rajiv. Rachna tells her that she called to find out that Rajiv sir is alright. Mayank comes in the room, Rachna leaves. Mayank says to Gunjan that he hopes that she helps Seema is preparation. Gunjan tells Mayank that she looked for him on internet, he seems to be real someone.
Gunjan comes outside to ask Seema if she can come to help. Seema says she can’t come to kitchen without taking bath, and she will have to wash all the utensils and prepare the Prasad. Gunjan has to agree. As she comes outside, she sees everyone busy to give royal welcome to Guru ji. She gets skeptical at the preparations. Pihu recalls what happened when her mother in law came home. Shayl, Gunjan and Rachna together see her eyes filled with tears. Shayl calls her while Gunjan places her hand on Shayl’s shoulders. Mayank bring some men inside. One of them tells them that no one should go near to Guru ji. Gunjan thinks why such a distance between him and his believers. Seema tells them to check the preparations. He tells them that their Guru ji only uses eco-friendly utensils like silver and gold. Gunjan thinks she must meet this Guru ji who has so many restrictions.
Guru ji arrives, the security personnel come inside first to ask to cooperate for checking. Gunjan speculates but Mayank says they can do whatever they want to do. Seema asks them has Guru ji left his place, he says he doesn’t have permission to tell any information about him. In the shouts of his followers Guru ji finally arrives. A lady tries to talk to him; his worker stops her put he listens to the lady. She asks for blessings, he produces red colour by rubbing his fingers and put it on the lady’s son forehead. Everyone is astonished. He stops and turns to bless crowd at the first step of stairs. He says that all his followers belong to him and he is theirs. He says they must be thinking why he selected this house; he chose it because of their love. He goes inside followed by everyone. Gunjan stays outside.
Gunjan takes the plate of Prasad with Seema, the candle flame goes out. Seema asks for apology and tries to burn it with matchstick but cant lit it. Guru ji rubs his fingers again and puts it on the thread, it lights. He tells Seema he is also a normal person like her, it is only her love that make him what he is.
He sits on the seat. He asks them not to violate Prabhu by praying him. He is like them, and owns nothing among these cars or people. He also doesn’t ask anyone to follow him; they do it by their own will.
In the kitchen Gunjan thinks there must be something in this man that he has so many followers. Rachna comes there, Gunjan asks her why is her mood so off. Rachna says she is confused that if he is such a simple man, then why such security, gold and silver utensils or such royal seating. Gunjan gets Murli’s call. She tells Rachna that Murli’s mother is black-mailing him to divorce Pihu else she will sucide. Gunjan goes to tell Shayl. When she comes outside Guru ji was saying to Seema that he is worried about the problems her house is facing and prays for their resolve. He starts rubbing his fingers and throws something on Bauji. He gets a strain in his head, he looks at him. The Guru ji promises him he will soon regain his self respect, just to believe in God.

PRECAP: Guru ji asks Gunjan what she wants to ask. She asks he says he is among them then why everything special for him. He gets up from his seat, all his men and girls also stand up.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. waaaw ! it seems that Gunjan will face a lot of problems with Mayank and his mom !
    i hope this track will be good one as they said that it will be a long track 🙂 🙂

  2. From where came dis booooooooooring guruji? Its really so boring.

    1. this is just the begginning 🙂
      maybe it will be fun and drama

  3. This wat i truly call a WTF serial..!!!!!!!!!!! honestly… a typical aunty type serial… makes no sense literally!!

  4. Mallika Kasturi

    Ye kya hai KT nehi hai ek scenes mai how poor it is

  5. missing rachna and kt

  6. pls give the seen of RACHNA & KT the serial becoming boring by gunjan track always

  7. Kranti shikha

    Hi dude dumb serial.

  8. Kranti shikha

    Must b enjowing ur dumbness. U dumb serial

  9. vihaan???

  10. I wish I could rub my fingers too ha ha ah ah ah ha

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