Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with mithoo finding the photo and then she comes on the terrace. Mithoo is finding the photo when gunjan and seema also come to find on the terrace, but they do not see each other because of the long bed sheets and dupattas kept on the terrace for drying. They all are finding when mithoo and seema crash from different sides and get entangled and then seema says it’s a ghost and goes near gunjan, then mithoo comes out and then seema tells that she got so scared,mithoo says sorry. Then gunjan tells why did she come here, mithoo tells that she was bored so she came to put water to the trees, seema tells that why so klate, then mithoo tells that she will take out the bed sheets and then fold them seema says ok and then seema and gunjan go and

mithoo is folding the clothes. Mithoo goes after the work. The photo stuck in the flower pot goes flying to the dustbin on terrace , buah comes there to throw something when she picks the photo up and gets shocked to see it and tells how did that photo comes there and then angrily she tears it and throws it in the dustbin.

Dalal and shail are every tensed as rachna has not come, dalal is angry and tells that rachna must be roaming with that kt and has lied at home, shail says no and tells him that she must be coming, then dalal tells that why didn’t they tell that kabir is her boss as that boy is not good as if his mom will not be good then what will the boy be, then kabir has come with rachna and is at the door, he listens everything and then rachna comes in. then kt tells that sorry to be late and then goes away saying Namaste. Rachna feels bad that dalal said this.

At home kt goes angrily and throws his jacket and all things and then throws a glass showpiece and gets hurt on the hand , dadi comes and tells why is he doing this? He angrily tells her that now he will not listen to her and that they both will go to us from the next flight and tells that she now can say nothing and has to listen to him.

At home charu is in the room and tells that now she will go and have bath again because has got all dirt on the body because of finding the photo. Then she removes her saree when buah comes in calling her and then charu gets scared and turns back and then sits down near a flower pot kept there and is very scared. Buah sees at her and tells that what are you doing there, then charu is forced to take a dirty step and she then takes the wet mud in the pot and puts it on the face and then turns back and buah tells that what type of face is this, charu wears the saree and covers her face and tells that it is face pack and then buah says it is so weird and charu tells it is a special and then buah goes, charu removes saree and then watches in the mirror and says that all are dumb in the house. In the room gunjan and rachna are talking, rachna tells that dad should not have done this and tells this today the whole day kt was angry because of his mom’s topic, then gunjan tells that dad must not have said it purposely because he never takes rivalry against anyone.

Next day morning, at the breakfast table dalal tells rachan that today he will leave her at office and then also ask forgiveness from kt. Rachna tells that there is no need for all this but she will tell him, dalal tells that he willcoem and will ask forgiveness as he has done a mistake and if not then he will regret.

Precap: vikram has brought mithoo’s photo and is asking everyone that they wanted to see mithoo and then he gives the photo to everyone and everyone is shocked. Mithoo is looking scared.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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