Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the party, Rachna and KT dance together.

In the car Gunjan was upset about what Mayank had said, with tears in her eyes. Mayank looks at her, she looks apologetically but he looks away.

The dance continues.

Gunjan places hand on Mayank’s. He removes hers. She asks him to listen to her, but he increases the voice of music.

Bittu comes between the dance.

Mayank and Gunjan arrive at the party, Seema is in a bad mood. Gunjan thinks that it is a good way to make up Mayank’s mind, she enters the dancing area and whispers in Rachna’s ear. She starts dancing and comes to Mayank. He stays in a serious mood, but joins her later. The family enjoys their dance. When the dance is finish, he removes Gunjan’s hand from his shoulder. Gunjan asks he was just right, but Mayank says that he didn’t want to spoil his sister’s happiness.

Dadi asks them to give the date of 15 days later. Gunjan tells Shayl to say yes, all the arrangements will be done. They agree. Gunjan hugs Mayank; he abides but soon takes himself away. Gunjan asks him to forgive her, as she was really nervous. Shayl congratulates Gayatri and Mausi. Bittu goes for a photo with Rachna. Mausi looks at them together, and points to Gayatri that a way is still left with them.

At night Gunjan comes to room, Mayank looks at her arriving and poses to sleep. She sits beside him, and says she is sorry, she wanted him to meet everyone and tell them that she wanted everyone to know who her husband is; but somehow everything didn’t go well.

KT and Rachna talk on phone that nothing went bad today. Rachna says that Gunjan always told me that all the hurdles always make a relation even stronger.

Gunjan caresses Mayank’s head, says Good Night, I love You! and sleep. He turns to her, touches her face and says she can’t ever hurt her deliberately.

In the morning, Gunjan and Mayank come to breakfast. Golu comes and says that Gunjan’s photo is in the newpaper. Everyone celebrate, while Mayank is upset. Seema looks at it, and asks Mayank isn’t there. Mayank tells her that his photo wasn’t taken. Gunjan wants to explain, but Mayank says that he went to party as a driver of Gunjan only.

Bittu comes to tell Gayatri and Mausi that he did a lot of shopping, the same as KT’s. His dress is also the same. Gayatri says that the groom should look different. KT says it is ok, if Bittu is happy this way. He gives them both their dresses. Gayatri asks why he bought such an expensive dress. He says he remember she used to wear such dresses.

Seema says to Gunjan that she knows she wouldn’t have hurt him deliberately; but no man can watch a wife going ahead of him. Gunjan says she just want to fulfil her mother’s dream. Seema says that she must also not forget about her responsibility towards Mayank, as he didn’t. Gunjan promises she will take care. Seema blesses her. Akaash overhears the conversation and thinks what trouble he has put Gunjan into.

Mausi brings Gayatri to a side. She tells her that she has come up with an idea. She points at her to see KT and Bittu. Rachna and Bittu were shaking hands with each other. Gayatri and Mausi look at each other. Mausi says that the relation between Rachna and KT can only be broken by filling Rachna into Bittu’s head and heart. Bittu takes the ‘Sehra’, and wears it. Dadi stops her that it is Bittu’s. While Bittu insists, Dadi touches it to KT’s forhead and KT then drapes it onto Bittu’s forehead. Gayatri says that for KT, Bittu’s happiness is everything. Gayatri says that KT won’t leave Rachna, but Mausi tells her to look KT draping Bittu with his ‘Sehra’ and hugging him. They both laugh, Mausi says that to stop the marriage, the only way is that Bittu becomes the groom. Gayatri smiles and says she understands it.

PRECAP: Mayank’s friend and his wife says that one can never manage two things at a time. Gunjan comes, Mayank asks her for sweet but she says he forgot to bring them. Gunjan then asks Rachna for some needed help, Mayank says all is done as work doesn’t wait for anything.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I love how Mayank is finally opening his mouth. He was a bit to whipped over Gunjan.

  2. I love today episode , I hope the truth comes out soon about Kt mom , I want Kt and rachna to get married and lived happy , but Kt mom have be out of the house befor that to happend

  3. Omg not a next problem for rach n kt, plz let the truth comes out abt kt mom, please let kt n rach marriage be successful n hav lots of romance

  4. Share madness a happen in here now this soap ant make sense namo them should end it becz the have rachna from man to man what them take the girl for stew… Allow kt n rachna to married n after they marriage kt mom will take revenage but kt mom can’t win kt must find out the true

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