Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with two new introduction in to show… An young man leaving hurrily from Gunjan’s home and an old lady is behind asking him to stop. But the guy leaves without paying attention to old lady. Rachana opens door.. Dressed so beautifully seeing upon them so curious. The old lady back to rachana and says she forgot to introduce herself. Rachana recognizes her as Swaroopa dadi. Rachana asks about the guy who left just before and asks on the day of Diwali why did he leave without celebrating . Dadi says he is her grandson and if he gets any work he doesn’t bother about dadi also. Rachana invites Swaroppa dadi into home. All are surprised and happy seeing the new dadi.. Blessing and hugging formalities .

Dadi says to Shail, “Im very angry on you.. ”
Shail confused and asks why..
Dadi, “In the whole colony am the only beautiful… but you have given birth to this gal” showing rachana..
Rachana feels shy..

Dadi asks rachana that whether she is a comeptitor to her. All start laughing . Shail says Dadi is unique and no one can compete with her. Dadi too much… still guys are back of Dadi.. All share a great fun.

Dadi asks about the programme. And assures today onwards daily party in this house.

Dadi asks about Gopal and says sure he might have gone to play cards. Dholu asks about how does she knows about them. Dadi says she was staying in the next house to theirs. Dholu doubts that now that house is empty. Shail says to Dholu that, they were staying there long back and now they have come back. Dholu innocently asks Why they have left the house. Might be some tragic or new twist going to be.. All faces turn sad. Gunjan, Rachana and Mayank seems to be doesn’t aware of the twist of Why dadi left the house.. So they were seeing the sad faces so confused..

Shail tries to lighten the environment and asks everyone to come for dinner. Shail asks about seema. Pratap says she denied to eat. All share some fun talk while eating. Suddenly Dadi gets severe cough. Rachana offers water and comforts her caressing her back. Dadi conveys thanks to Rachana. (Seems to be Dadi’s Grandson who entered will be the hero of rachana). Dadi says that she wants to take Rachana to her room. Dadi asks about seema. Pratap says her health is not fine. Dadi wants to see her.. Pratap tries to make an excuse.. but Dadi doesn’t listen she wants to go and see her.. All will convince her from going to Seema. Gunjan says she will go and chck seema.

Gunjan enters seema;s room. Seema is pretending sleep covering blanket fully. Gunjan asks her to wake up and eat something. Gunjan tries to uncover the blanket. But Seema denies form doing that and says she is having severe headache, she cant see the light and asks to switch off light. Gunjan turns off light and says her health is severely bad and requests her to eat something atleast. Gunjan about to call doctor. Seema irritates on Gunjan and asks her to leave alone. Gunjan informs that Swaroopa Dadi has visited house and asks to meet her. Seema says she will come back once she feels fine. Gunjan says she will bring food to room itself for both. Seema loudly shouts on gunjan to leave. Gunjan gets doubt and asks tell what exactly happened. Seema gets flashes of the incident, where two people stoling her jewellery and pushing her.. Then seema replies she is having severe headache and asks gunjan to leave. Gunjan leaves. Seema starts crying for shouting on Gunjan.

Gunjan comes out and signs to shail that seems didn’t turn up. Shail requests Dadi to come back again with her grandson. Dadi says she cant give promise that her grandson married to work, other than work he will not concentrate on anything. Sangeetha suggests to search a nice girl for Daadi’s grandson and he will change soon. Shail gives some sweets. Daadi takes sweets and asks she will Rachana too along with her. Shail agrees.. Dholu too excited to join them. Dholu, Dadi and Rachana leaves.

Pratap comes to seema taking dinner for her and switches on light. Seema still crying and doesn’t uncover the blanket. Pratap asks her to eat something. Seema denies. Pratap says he knows why she is crying and he knows everything. Seema shocked to know that Pratap got to know everything. Pratap says that this year for Dhante ras he could not bring anything for seema. Seema gets relieved with Pratp words that he doesn’t know about the incident happened to her and says she is not bothered about it and starts crying silently. Pratap promises her tears will be cured by tomorrow.

Rachana, dadi and dholu enters Dadi’s big bunglaw. Dholu and Rachana excited seeing the ambience of bunglaw. Dholu comments their house is cleaner than this big bunglaw. Rachana asks about Dadi’s grandson. Both will share some talk about him how Dadi is very much tired up with him. Rachana asks where is he. Dadi asks whether she wants to meet? Rachana denies that its too late and she will meet some other time. The new guy listenign to their words and Dadi shouts he will get irritated and ask her to let him work. Rachana about to live , Dadi offers some choclets. The new guy comes out of room and sees them. But rachana is turning other side he could see her face. Rachana and Dholu leaving meantime the new guy comes near to dadi. He congratulates Dadi. Dadi asks why. He gets irriated on her and he doesn’t like all these. Dadi says Rachana is very sweet girl and if he meets her , he too will like her. He asks why she has come here. Dadi is talking about he starts chckng phone. Dadi says, in this busy busy business man heart is very loving and soft and only thing he needs a girl in his life who can understand him better . He gets irritated and says stop it dadi. He says He doenst require any girl in his life and leaves angrily. Dadi is worred about him and self that she will search the girl who was made for him by god.

Calling bell buzzes. Dadi asks him to open the door. Rachana is outside. Slow motion walk , Just before the guy opens door he gets a call and leaves from there without opening the door. Rachana buzzes bell again. This time Dadi opens door and feels happy seeing Rachana. Rachana informs she forgot her phone here itself. Dholu , Rachana and Dadi start searching for her phone. The guy is talking In phone near dining table. Rachana starts moving towards the guy in search of her phone. Finally Dadi finds the phone. Rachana takes it and say bye to Dadi. The guy turns back side and screen freezes on his face.

PRECAP : Pratap shouts on seema why did she take Gunjan’s necklese without asking her. All are confused. Pratap asks to bring the chain. Seema reveals the truth that she lost it and starts crying.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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