Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Last part from yesterday’s episode —
The fire gets fierce a lady appears in between. Guru ji joins hands in its front.

The lady turns out to be Gunjan in Goddess avatar. Guru ji is shocked to see her. Seema and Shayl fail to see gunjan in all the smoke. Gunjan walks to Guru ji. Mayank informs the family that he couldn’t find Gunjan. They wonder where she went. Guru ji asks Gunjan what joke is this. She says, devi maa (Goddess), not Gunjan, and this is not joke, joke is about to start. She asks him to wait and watch. Both stare at each other.

Instead of the chosen girl Gunjan appeared from the fire. Guru ji deters her but she says sarcastically that she will now do something. Shayl and Bauji and everyone is about to leave, one of the man tells them that they have found Gunjan, she is injured and he can take them to her. They all leave, worried. Gunjan announces in public that Guru ji is her best follower and will serve her today. Guru ji asks what she wants, he says they can distribute it all in her, they can eat it together. She reminds him that right now all the power lays to me, i.e the 10th Devi. He tells something to the man in his ear when he brings the broom-stick. He then cleans the area and washes the feet of Gunjan. He points his man who nods him for approval.
The man takes everyone of them to the store-room. The men arrive from different corners. He announces it the orders of Guru ji to tie them all.
Guru ji says that if she dares to speak her truth, she will be the first one to kill. Gunjan places hand on his hand and leaves something on it.
They were all tied; her husband scolds Seema who cries for doing all what she did. Mayank also regrets. A man comes to announce Guru ji’s order to kill them all.
Gunjan announces that she has brought gift for them, Guru ji has said today that he is going to distribute all that he earned till today in them. A box comes rolling by itself, KT and Rachna appears from behind it. Gunjan recalls how they both saved her from the store-room. KT announces that in Guru ji’s ashram there is Prasad for them all, so come to him in a queue. He begins distributing all the money among the people. The man comes and shows him a video on cell-phone. Guru ji announces that she has some more gifts and shows her trapped Mayank’s video.
KT sees as Gunjan is worried and Guru ji tells the man to end that fortune just there. Gunjan points to KT, who nods and leave there. As the men were about to light the fire, KT follows the informer.
Guru ji says she must do what he says and tells her to tell his followers that she is leaving, and she informs them that they must only follow him as he is the true living God on the earth. He smiles.
KT fights the men in the store-room.
Gunjan tells Guru ji to look at his back, he sees Mayank and all coming there.
Gunjan announces that does anyonw know how her follower does these miracles. She announces it is that same way a magician gets these powers. She shows the people a pipe from his sleeves that has a rubber band attached to it, and realeases colours.
She comes into the public, removes her jewellery and announces she isn’t the 10th Devi but Gunjan Garg and this man is a magician. She tells them how she came here, she shows then that there is a hole in the center of the place of fire and came easily through it when the fire was lit. She says she just came here to get her family rid of this false belief.
Guru ji starts to shiver and comes down from the stage. He shouts that 10th devi came inside me, she is wrong and is a witch. Gunjan says that she isn’t a magician nor a witch, she just wanted to bring her husband out of this false belief. Seema comes and cries to her, Gunjan hugs her. Gunjan says man misguided you. Gunjan says I believe God but not a human can be God, we should fight against such people. The people begin throwing stones at the Guru ji. Police arrives and takes the Guru ji along. Guru ji says that he will come back. Mayank comes to Gunjan and hugs her. Rachna comes to thanks KT. Rachna and Gunjan hug each other.

PRECAP: There is strike in the city, Rachna goes out through window. Bauji is worried that they don’t have any idea where Rachna is.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. gd epi finally guruji is finished now its time for kt n rachna…. YEEPEE!!!

  2. After busting the game plan of the God Man (Manoj Verma), Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) has just breathed a sigh of relief in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Shakuntalam Telefilms). But now she will encounter her next problem.

    Well, the sisters Gunjan and Rachana (Mahima Makwana) will be out at the market when a riot will break out at a nearby dhaba, resulting in extreme chaos. In the commotion that would follow, Gunjan and Rachana would get separated and would lose track of what’s happening and where to go.

    A source states, “Huge drama will be built up with the sisters getting separated. Mayank (Ankit Gera) and Kabir (Piyush Sahdev) will get to know of this, and will come rushing to the action spot.”

    Rachana will be in a spot of bother with few men literally attacking her and tearing off her clothes. But Kabir will come in at the nick of time to save Rachana.

    The source further adds, “The viewers will also get to see an emotional moment between Kabir and Rachana. Kabir will fight the goons, cover Rachana with his suit and there will be a lovey-dovey moment between the two.”

    Meanwhile, Mayank will also try to reach out to Gunjan to help her out.

    Will Mayank be able to rescue Gunjan?

    We tried contacting Ankit, but he was busy shooting.

    1. Finally !! A new track 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. well i am just looking foward to kt and rachna’s love story..hope their love story leads to a wonderful marriage.

  4. thanks for the info naina…..I really hope to see kt rachna love moments…..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. You are welcome!

  5. Finally guru ji booooring track would b over….its kabir n rachna love time hurray 😀

  6. it must have rained sometime

  7. plz update todays epi.. its already 9:05 pm

  8. Plzz update today’s episode fast…….

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