Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

KT hugs Bittu. Dadi calls him to ask him come home. KT says he is busy, Dadi says I don’t want to listen to anything, you must come here soon.
Gunjan thinks about calling Rachna.
KT asks Bittu to come to doctor, but he says he wont go to the doctor, he must give me an injection.
Gunjan teases Rachna why she is being so hurried. Rachna tells her that today KT proposed her, Gunjan says that this is great news.
Dayal asks Dadi why KT hasn’t arrived, still. What can one do to a guy who hasn’t got the time to come here for his wedding proposal? He tells Shayl he came here upon her saying, but KT doesn’t care about this proposal.
The doctor bandages Bittu, and says there has to be a pain-killer injection. Bittu was reluctant but KT promises there will be no pain. KT gives him a chocolate, and Bittu doesn’t feel the pain of injection. KT asks what ice-cream he will like. Bittu says Tuti-fruiti. He buys him ice-cream and thinks he must call Dadi, but the battery goes dead. Bittu asks do you know why I asked Tuti-fruit, because there is ice-cream as well as fruit in it. KT recalls some child saying the same and thinks where he heard someone saying this.
Dadi says that KT might be coming, Dayal was frustrated. Gunjan asks why we are waiting KT when we know that he and Rachna love each other. Dayal says sarcastically that we should just decide the dates. Dadi goes for sweet but Dayal stops her. He announces that three days from today, it’s a good date. We must do the engagement then, and leaves. Shayl congratulate Dadi. Dadi says I feel like dancing today, and am really happy; as we have become relatives.
Bittu comes to the lady following KT. She asks did he like him, Bittu says he is the best man in the world maasi; and shows her the chocolates KT bought him. Maasi says what if this man meets Bittu daily.
Gunjan comes to give the good news to Rachna, Mayank also congratulates Rachna. Gunjan was excited and thinks about the list of all the arrangements that have to be done. She says she will celebrate her sister’s engagement will full zeal. It begins to rain, Shayl calls to bring the clothes inside. Gunjan and Rachna go out and dance in the rain.
The lady comes to a room with all the KT’s pictures from the newspaper cuttings. She puts another picture of KT and Rachna on the notice board and tells her jiji that this is Nanha’s wife to be, there will be engagement in three days.
KT tells Gunjan about his job interview, she teases him with her wet hair. They play in the room, and hug each other.
Mayank says he applied to the company before working in GS’s company and now they want to have a telephonic interview. Gunjan asks him to call now, Mayank calls and feels frustrated that this will happen to him now, everyone will ask him about the case. Gunjan tells him to relax, as when they will do the investigation, they will know the truth.
Everyone was busy in the arrangements, Rachna comes to stand by Gunjan. Gunjan was thinking for whom they will have to buy the gifts. Mayank comes home. Pandit ji asks him he is the one who went to jail in murder case, Gunjan comes to say it was a false allegation. Pandit ji goes apologetically. Mayank was lost when Gunjan comes to ask him for dinner. He gets a call from a company, he asks him to come for interview tomorrow, and wish his wife Gunjan for all the social work.

PRECAP: Prabhu asks Mayank why is he rejecting the job offer from such a great company, Mayank says this job was for a social-worker Gunjan Garg’s husband and not for me.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Who da hell is bittu?’? (missed sum episodes):):/

    1. It was a mentally challenged man who was getting beat up and KT saved it…..he is going to turn out to be KT’s brother from what I read.

    2. typo him not it *hides face* sorry

  2. Nice no kt and rachna together scane.rabir rocks.

  3. I think bittu kt’s brother.nice guy.innocent

  4. so whats the new twist now with Mayank and Gunjan?
    hope everything turns out fine between the two of them.

  5. The only reason why I watch this is for rabir. They rock!! I am so happy that dayal finally swallowed his pride. But seriously, if bittu isn’t kt’s bro then who is? Anyways he looks adorable! 😉

  6. i just hope kt’s mom is not using bittu as a bait to get to kt and spoil dayal’s mind against him

  7. Every girl should learn something from Rachna!!! She is the ideal girl, her innocent character never changed whether it was for Vihaan or K.T. She is a role model to young girls.

  8. I dont know wy god is putting gunjan en mayank on such a test

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