Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th April 2014 Written Update

Rachna calls someone and asks them to come outside. Vikram Kapoor comes. Sonal says its good you came, tell Kabir what Rachna did. Vikram says that whatever I did today, I am really sorry about it. I was worried you – a US settled designer will steal my fame, and to save it I did so wrong, but thanks to Rachna Garg that through cheating, a person can only lose. I hate myself that I listened to Sonal. I am sorry Sonal but I can’t keep this guilt, you not only betrayed KT but me also. KT you are a true winner, congratulations. He thanks Rachna and leaves.
Sonal says fine, so this is a new plan of Rachna. KT interrupts saying how many more lies will you make? He tells her he had seen her talking to Vikram backstage when he came to her saying she had assured him KT had no back-up and she had made him leave from there. He says he agree Rachna talked to Vikram but in front of everyone, she also gave him the packet and took money from him but that too in front of everyone. He says you are my fiancé still you betrayed on me and you expect me to forgive you? I cannot marry a woman who I can’t trust or respect. So I am breaking my engagement right now. He takes the ring off her finger. She asks him to wait and let her explain it all, she has waited for him for seven years, you know me! He shouts at her to relax. She says to damn with relax, she spits out that she induced the fear in Rachna that KT was stalking at him, she told this truth to you. Then on Holi, Rachna challenged me that she will snatch you from me and she will win anyway. Rachna feels awkward and Sonal tells him Rachna loves you. Sonal says that from the last week, I was watching you people coming close to each other, how could I bear that? So I leaked your designs and put all the accusations on her. But you should understand that I did this all only for you, because I love you. She was crying while she shouted that we will get married anyway, because damn it I love you.
Dadi comes from the back, gets old of Sonal and slapped her. She says it’s not the love but filth you are filled with. You are not worth his friend, wife aside. You call this love, does anyone betray his love this way, the girl who can do this before marriage can take his life after marriage. She says she won’t let you come near her son. Shayl tells Dadi to calm down while Sonal apologizes KT saying I love you. KT shouts ‘But I do not!’ Love apart, you are worth not calling a friend; after what you did to my collection. You have brought our relation to a point from where going back is impossible. He tells her to leave before he also slaps her. She goes away.
KT says you know Dadi, I had never thought Sonal could do this to me. Dadi says I understand son, and I also know that still there are a lot of misunderstanding between you and Rachna; you people sort them out while we wait outside. Shayl and Bauji nods in agreement and they leave. KT remembers Rachna working backstage. Rachna comes forward, KT calls her name, she says before him to forgive her, she has no right to interfere in his personal life, but she had no way to prove herself. She says I am sorry KT, but it was only possible because she accepted all her faults herself. She further says that she lied to Sonal that she loved him. Neither does she love him, nor he. The one week they had, has ended. She should now leave, she thanks him for letting her work with him, and she will try to reach the heights of career as his. Thanks and bye. She turns around to leave, KT recalling her. the fire work was going on.
KT sits on the bench, remembering as she said, she is leaving in a few days.
Gunjan and Rachna come in the house through rickshaw. Rachna asks why you didn’t come back with everyone. Gunjan says she already told her, they were getting late so the left her there. Rachna asks about Murli ji. Did something sort between him and Pihu? Gunjan says how she can know. She asks what Rachna had thought about her job. Rachna says she has bidden farewell to her job. Gunjan was shocked and says ‘What? Your problem was with Sonal? Will you be able to stay happy without it?’ Rachna says it’s not about being happy, what I wanted to do, I have done. I got to learn a lot but I promised Bauji to leave this job. Gunjan says so you are doing this for Bauji. She says no she is doing whole-heartedly. Gunjan says you can lie anyone but me. They come in; it was all blacked-out. She asks Gunjan where everyone is. She says I don’t know, good night Rachna. Rachna heads forward, the lights get on and the party bloopers fall on her. Everyone comes out. She hugs Bauji, he boasts about her designer daughter. Shayl says she knew her daughter was talented, today she gotta know she has a big heart as well.

PRECAP: They were all sitting together; Shayl sees Pihu got a call from Vicky. She goes inside. Vicky says he wants to meet her right now; she hangs up saying it was not possible right now. Gunjan hears that. Vicky was suspecting her.

Update Credit to: Sonal

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