Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th June 2013 Written Update

Mayank says he will become Joru ka Gulam but for now he just wants to marry Gunjan. Seema Sangeeta and maasi are furious. Mayank put s the maala on Gunjan but she does not and eats bhaav she tells that he convinced her father and entire family but he never proposed her. Mayank bends on his knee and asks gunjan to marru him and she agrees.
Vihaan throws a flower on Rachna Bobby is upset and before Vihaan can react Rachna pleads him not to in actions. Seema is unhappy and the photographer asks her to smile as she is the boys mother Seema tells Sangeeta and Maasi that she is desperately waiting for the kanyaadaan to happen then she can make Shayl dance to her tunes.

Gunjan and Mayank are on the stage Akash goes up to Gunjan and says she is looking very

pretty and for a moment he thought it is Sneha Gunjan says she is missing her mom . She says she is happy but still there is a void and wishes her mom was here Akash tells her not to cry and says her mom knew she would miss her so there is a surprise. a video is played on the projector where Sneha is talking that she knows its her daughters big day but she is not around. Sneha says that she knows her Shayl maasi would have done a lot and that her blessings are always with her and damaad. She says she knows that her son in law will be one in a million and asks him to take care of her. She advises Gunjan to be good in her sasuraal and tells her not to cry today but to smile and celebrate. She gives lots of love to them Gunjan is crying hugging her father and so is Shayl. Gunjan asks from where did the CD come from Akash says that Sneha had recorded the CD and given him while he had saved it . Gunjan says she has no problems if Dayal and Shayl do the kanyadaan but she wanted Sneha and Akash to do it. Akash says maasi and Seema are saying it for her good and he will be behind her.

Vihaan is upset with bobby Rachna tells him Bobby is a small problem and they have much bigger ones .Vihaan tells her that he will tell his family but Rachna is hesitant they will agree. Vihaan asks her if she is ready to spend her entire life with him and she says maybe Vihaan says that is enough for him and that he will manage,Chaya Rachna and some other girls making a plan to steal Mayank s shoes. Rachna realizes her earring is missing.

The earring is on Vihaan s jacket and Dayal spots it when Vihaan is offering him juice. Vihaan covers up that its a broach Dayal accepts thinking it s a new style. Rachna comes near them and Dayal realizes its Rachna s earring but Vihaan gives it back saying he found it on the ground and thought its a broach and wore it.

Rachna Chaya want Mayank s shoes but Gopal Chacha says he will take care and even Dholu. Mayank gives the shoes to Dholu Rachna tries to trick him but he does not give the shoes . Dholu meets a cute girl who asks him to hold her purse Tujhe Dekha to Yeh Jaana Sanam in BG and Dholu drops the shoes which Chaya picks up . Dholu is shocked to see the shoes missing when the girl leaves and is even more shocked that the girl is a part of the plan Funny Tujhe Dekha to Yeh Jana Sanam BG while Dholu thinks all girls are cheats.

Shayl does not let Dayal sit for kanyaadaan and Asks Akash to sit and when maasi questions she asks Rachna to get it. rachna comes out holding a huge square thing covered in red and removes the red cloth and it s Sneha s photo.Shayl teels Aksh to do the rasams. The marriage starts . Akash feels Sneha is beside him and doing every ritual.

The pheras take place and Gunjan feels Sneha s presence. She tells Gunjan to be faithful to her husband and that to follow Shayl .Mayank puts sindhor on Gunjan s forehead and then the newly weds are told to take everyone s blessings which they do.On touching maasi s feet she blesses them that Gunjan should have a son like Seema. Shayl blesses them and says itdoes not matter if its boy or a girl but it should happen at the right time. Maasi taunts Shayl that she does not have sons but Shayl says she is proud of her daughters and that she is what she is because of them .Rachna has tears in her eyes

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