Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Seema brings the medicine to Gunjan, and she is about to take it in when Bindia peeks in. Gunjan leaves the tablet, seeing Shayl, Rachna and Mayank. Rachna asks what is going on. Gunjan says the new guest was missing them all, had a pain and mummy ji brought medicine for her. Shayl looks at the tablet, and is worried. Mayank also sees the tablet, and asks maa what she thought before bringing such heavy dosed pain killer. Seema takes the tablet, and wonders how it got changed. Gunjan advocates her, but Mayank says it was a serious matter, she must get a bit responsible. Seema gets tear-eyed, and leaves. Bindia smiles.
Seema hears from the window, Dayal telling Shayl that she must be careful and stay along with Gunjan.
In the room, Gunjan tells Rachna and Mayank that everything was going well. Rachna says she must talk to Seema in person.
Seema shouts to herself in the room, that she got the daughter in law, then she lost her memory, got into love with someone, now is pregnant and what is happening to me. Gunjan comes inside, and asks who gets angry with the children, she has told everyone that it must be by mistake. Seema scolds at Gunjan and curses her child blaming it to be the reason of all the pains and problems in her life. Gunjan cries hard before leaving, Seema also sits in a giving away way.
In the corridor, Gunjan come crying, thinking about what Seema had said. She runs, when her foot slips with the carpet and she fell down. Shayl and Dayal come running, everyone gathers. Gunjan cries in pain, saying she is in much pain and may die. Vikram brings water, while Seema is taken aback. She thinks what she did, and blames herself. Bindia enjoys and says she hopes nothing happens to the child. Seema is lost, thinking about her curses. Gunjan cries for her baby. The men take Gunjan inside. Bindia wonders what has happened to Seema.
Bindia gets water to Seema in her room. She takes it, and thinks about what she had said. Bindia sits besides and asks what she is thinking, and apologizes her if she said something else. Seema curses herself, for saying so much. Bindia asks what is she to do with all this. Seema says she scolded her so much, that she must have slipped. Bindia tells her to not think about it all, and must not tell anyone about it.
The doctor asks Gunjan how she fall down.
Seema says she came to say that she doesn’t consider her responsible. She scolded her so much. Bindia says she must understand that she must not tell anyone about anything. Seema asks how she can not take the blame. Bindia says that this is worsen the situation, everyone will blame her more. And God knows what Mayank does. Seema prays for her daughter in law and her grandchild.
Gunjan was asleep. The doctor tells them that they couldn’t take care of Gunjan, and the child is in pain. Mayank sits with her hand, and says it is so strange she is sleeping with such peace for the first time since she got the news. And when she will wake up, he has nothing good to tell.
Seema prays in the temple, comes to hall and cries praying. Shayl assures that God always hears about his people. Rachna complains that since the news, nothing good took place. They have produced an environment of fight around Gunjan, blaming and cursing her.
Gunjan gets into consciousness. Mayank smiles and goes to tell everyone.
Dayal says to Rachna that she is speaking a lot, Gunjan fall on herself and no one is responsible for this. Shayl says to Seema that she fall down coming out of her room, she must tell what happened. Seema stammers, when Mayank comes to announce Gunjan is conscious. Seema smiles, Rachna goes to meet her but Mayank says the doctor is checking her. The doctor comes and says there is a good news, Gunjan and baby are normal but Gunjan’s BP is high. They must let her rest. They all are determined to stay with Gunjan. The doctor says that it must not happen again. Seema says he doesn’t understand how Gunjan can fell down, and goes to asks Gunjan.
In the room, Seema hears Mayank asking Gunjan if maa said something to her. Gunjan looks at them, closes her eyes.

PRECAP: Bindia tells Seema that the nurse will do the paternity test along with other tests. The nurse denies that it is dangerous and is against law. Seema bribes her when Mayank comes in the room.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. why the hell bindia do not get her ass out of the peoples house and leave them alone she needs for the bad man with the film to take off in her ass again all bindia is doing is forever causing bacchanal and confusion in seema gunjan and mayanks life please bring this to stop before it is too late.

  2. Please remove the stupid Bindya from this series, it’s tiring to watch one trouble to another trouble….please allow some nice positive things to watch…

  3. This is what I don’t understand. Was Peehu not pregnant a few weeks ago? How come Shayl and Dayal don’t care about their own daughter being pregnant than they do Gunjan??

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