Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl calls Rachna to hug, crying. Dayal and Seema are also happy to see her. Shayl calls her inside, asking won’t she hug her mummy. Rachna hugs her, Shayl is elated. Rachna looks at Dayal, Shayl calls her inside. Rachna comes inside to Dayal. She cries, and asks for forgiveness as she hurt them all a lot. Dayal holds her hands, and wipes her tears. He says one shouldn’t say this, we hurt you as the time you needed us the most, and we weren’t there with you. He places his hand on her head and says he must ask her forgiveness. She hugs Dayal, everyone in the house is happy. Seema calls Rachna to hug, and says they missed her every moment; it is good that she came here. Mayank calls Rachna, he hugs her. She tells them that she can never without her family. Shayl says it is done with crying now, their happiness has returned.
They smile.
Gunjan sat with a fountain at night, holding a red rose in hand. She watches as biker approaching, and stands up. He had brought a bouquet for her, and removes his helmet. She wakes up, and says when these dreams will leave her and when will this stranger come to her front.
Gunjan practiced her dialogues in corridor, some guys looks at her and says they might take some hot pics. Mayank takes their phone, and asks aren’t there sisters and mothers in their house. He says he can send them jail, showing these photos. The boys go away, while Mayank tells a friend that he will just delete the photos. Gunjan approaches him, saying he is taking her photos. Mayank’s friend explains Gunjan, while Mayank shows his cellphone to her in the pocket. Gunjan apologizes Mayank, and they head for rehearsal. On the stairs, Gunjan slips off while Mayank catches her. He removes his button stuck in her chain, holds her hand and says that sometimes the goal is so near, and one keep on wandering here and there. It is a beautiful coincidence that we get to meet again and again. She looks at him, he says he wrote these lines himself for the play. Everyone in the hall claps, while director announces the lunch break. Mayank offers Gunjan that he got aaloo k parathay in lunch with mango pickles and his taiji’s love. Gunjan says it’s her favorite, but he may eat. He takes them praising each and every bite. She gets water in mouth, and says if he is insisting a lot she will also take it.
Gunjan says these are so tasty, and says she thinks she feels she has eaten them before, and is also familiar with the smell. But she has been unable to recognize it, has she taken them before? Mayank was about to say something, when Gunjan gets Rachna’s call. She invites her to Karwa Chot, Gunjan says she doesn’t know anyone there. Mayank says she knows him and Rachna, and will come to know the rest as well. Gunjan says she will come, and heads to leave.
Shayl says to Dayal that Rachna is back home, and asks that Gunjan must also come home. Dayal assures that this time as well, they will all celebrate Diwali together. Shayl notices him lost, He says he is thinking about Rachna and is afraid that is her life still complexed, and is she still stuck to where she was 6 months ago; he wants her to move forward. Shayl says this must be the best for Rachna, as it is difficult for her. She has done to KT, what no one could and he left her for his brother, but that is it. KT and Rachna did what they fell good, but now she won’t let KT’s reflection come onto Rachna.
Rachna had heard this and comes to her room, thinking about what Shayl had said. She comes to wardrobe, and takes out the dress KT had brought for her, from her favourite designer. She throws it away, and all the letters and memories of KT and her together.
Shayl was elated, that Gunjan is coming home. Golu comes to tell everyone that there is smoke in Rachna’s room. Rachna was burning all the things, she asks Mayank not to put off this fire. She says she is just burning her past, so that the memories don’t hinder in her happiness. She brings the dress, but Shayl stops her. Rachna says want a single memory of KT. Mayank puts water on the fire. Dayal asks for 5 minutes alone with Rachna, everyone leaves. Dayal says to Rachna, that she did only one mistake i.e to love the wrong person. She says she never wants to hurt him. He says she never did. She asks for his promise that he won’t be worried about her ever. He says that he knows this all is difficult for her, but time erases all the bad memories. He promises her that he will always support her. She hugs him and goes out. She says she did this to make everyone believe that she has moved forward, neither love was in her hands, neither coming out of it.

PRECAP: Rachna tells everyone that none of Gunjan’s marks be there. One of her wedding photo, however is left out. It fells from wind, while Gunjan comes to hold it. Mayank and Shayl are worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Its already late….
    for SSLK u guys always update late…..

  3. Rabirian Fans

    Miss u kt a lot.

  4. Let gunjan she the wedding picture and ask for the of the wedding pictures

  5. Love Rachna’s attitude and remark towards the end of the show. Time for the writers to move the story back to KT house, need to see how Bittu slowly reveals the truth to him. Cannot wait for his mother and aunt to be thrown out of the house.

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