Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan sees all the drama of 10th devi in the forest. She wakes Mayank up but he doesn’t open her eyes. At ashram work is going on, Guru ji comes to visit the stage preparations, Gunjan comes hidden in his car. She goes inside the jungle, but leaves her necklace stuck on the car. The man goes to the car, and finds the car unlocked, he also finds the necklace. The guard notices Gunjan, she runs into the jungle. The man comes and shows the necklace to Guru ji.
Gunjan runs in the forest, the guards follow her. She steps on a net and get trapped in it. Guru ji comes there and says this isn’t a joke, a magic or miracle. He says he doesn’t want anything to be done before 10th Devi comes so keep her to a place she can’t get out from. He says after the 10th devi arrives then kill her mother in law and husband with her.
They brings her to a temple, she deters the men but he tells her to sit quietly here else no one will be able to help her. They locks her inside, she thinks about calling Mayank but finds out here is no network. She thinks she must get out of here soon.
There is announcements and advertisements about the 10th devi. Seema and Mayank are sitting in the ashram. Seema says she is happy everything went well, Mayank asks where has Gunjan gone. Seema says she hasn’t seen her too. Bauji calls Mayank and asks how Gunjan is. Mayank tells him that Gunjan was blessed and was given the responsibility of cleaning the ashram. His papa asks him to talk to Gunjan, he says Gunjan might have gone out for some task of Ashram. He scolds him to be unaware of where Gunjan is. He goes out, and tries to call Gunjan but her number is unreachable.
Gunjan sees the camera watching her; she hears the sounds of appreciation for 10th devi.
Seema comes out to ask where Gunjan is. Mayank is worried; Seema asks a man about Gunjan, he goes away saying everyone is busy in preparations. Seema thinks she must be in temple and asks Mayank to let’s go.
Gunjan sees the idol, gets an idea and thanks Goddess for showing her the way out. She wears a dupatta, and sings the ‘Bhajan’. The guard hears to this.
Rachna comes out of the bath, smiling and thinking about herself and KT. She dances in her room. There KT smiles in front of the mirror as he wears her favourite sweater; Rachna wears KT’s favourite colours. Rachna thinks she must tell Gunjan how much she loves him.
Guru ji comes to seat. He says that today he is getting the fruit for years of her hardship. Mayank calls Rachna to ask if Gunjan is there. Rachna says she is with you people, we are all waiting for you people. He tells Rachna she isn’t with them since last night, but she must not worry.
Guru ji goes inside and tells his man that this is their biggest drama and there must be no mistake in its accomplishment. He turns around to find Mayank standing there.

PRECAP: The men throws kerosene oil on floor around a chair on which Gunjan is tied. They burn the match-stick and throws it. KT and Rachna comes to her rescue, Gunjan tells them all the reality.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. YEEPEEE !! finally the Guruji track will come to an end soon 🙂 🙂
    And then they will focus on KT&Rachna !

  2. wow.. so much is going on this show.. thank god gunjun will be fine n she, kt n rachna will expose this fraud guruji… i am sure n best of luck u three

  3. Exciting times 🙂

  4. Was hoping a lot for KT Rachna love but……hope this guruji track will over soon

  5. Mayank is not good actor coz he’s not listerning his wife

  6. Guruji have such ugly foot…he looks so act like a guru..but go along with the episode of kt and Rachna. Enough of guru ok.

  7. That guri ji part was just nonsense why was that in the script in the first place

  8. where d hell did dis guruji come frm

  9. Woooooooh kt when will you express your love for that cutiiiieee litle angel cal RACHNA?????

  10. plz update 2days epi amena, atiba, tina pls any1 its already 9:15…

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