Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan denies Prabhu, and says to Seema that she is the winner. Seema asks if she wants to prove, that she is a bad person. Mayank says Gunjan just wanted you to win. Seema blames Mayank for always supporting his wife, and says she is leaving the house if they all dislikes her so much. Gunjan cries, and says sorry to her. Seema says she proved herself wrong in front of everyone. Shayl asks Seema what happened to her. Seema says everyone always blame her for anything so little. She says she will just call her brother, they all stop her and argue. Dayal shouts that no one will go anywhere, and they must stop creating this all drama, he tells Prabhu to take Seema in. Rachna assures to Gunjan that everything will be alright, and takes her inside. Bindia is unhappy.
Mayank says how can maa even think about it. Gunjan was lost, and says there is no good why mummy ji did this. We must think why we let her think like that, we are also wrong somewhere. Mayank says she must never take stress. Gunjan says her mama said, that if love is there relations can always be handled. Rachna says she is right, they have all observed chachi ji in the past six months, she missed her daily. Gunjan says she has just realized that she never asked mummy ji what she felt. She says to Rachna that she has an idea.
In the morning at breakfast table, Mayank points at Shayl, she understands it. She says to Rachna and Bindia that they have to go shopping. Gunjan asks what kind of shopping. Shayl says her shopping. Mayank says he will drop them. Rachna offers Seema, but Seema says someone must stay at home as well. Shayl says Seema is right, Gunjan would be alone at home. Bindia offers to stay, but Rachna says she has to go too. Rachna says she must not say no, but Bindia thinks there is something wrong. She can’t let Gunjan make up Seema’s mind. Mayank waits in the car, Rachna and Shayl sit. Bindia stands on the door, thinking she must do something. Rachna opens the car door for her, Bindia says she is having severe head ache. They all get worried, Rachna offers to go to doctor, Bindia says she often has this head ache, and runs inside to rest. Rachna wonders this as strange.
Seema was in the kitchen, Bindia comes there. Seema asks didn’t she go with them. Bindia says she suddenly had headache, so she stayed. Seema says she did the wrong thing. Gunjan comes downstairs, and wonders mummy ji must be making halwa for her. Bindia says to Seema that she must be feeling awkward cooking for Gunjan, now. Gunjan comes to kitchen, and asks hasn’t she gone. Bindia says she had a headache, and says to Seema that the halwa smells so good and asks to taste some. Seema stops Gunjan by hand. Seema asks Bindia to tell her eat fruits, if she is hungry. She might blame her, for mixing something in it as well. Gunjan says she must have mixed something in it, smells it, and says there is a lot of love; that is why she must eat it. She pours the halwa for herself. Seema stops her, that it is hot and her mouth will burn. Seema leaves, Bindia goes behind her.
Mayank asks Gunjan did she react. She says she didn’t react anything, and watches Seema coming to her room with fruits. Seema comes to Gunjan’s room, Gunjan hidden behind the sofa. She makes up Gunjan’s bed, and keeps fruits there. Gunjan says to Mayank on phone, that there plan must work.
Seema was drying the chillies, when Gunjan comes out to help her. Bindia takes the box, and says she must rest. Gunjan says she must take rest, as she had head ache. Bindia says she has taken medicine. Seema asks Bindia for help. Gunjan sits there, and has cough. Seema gets worried, and goes to her, brings water for her. Gunjan drinks the water, as Seema rubs her back. Gunjan holds her hand, while Bindia thinks Seema must jerk her hand. Seema takes her hand off Gunjan’s, and tells her to go and rest in room. Gunjan thinks she will not accept the defeat, and will make her up.
Gunjan comes to the corridor, and feels dizzy. She is about to fell down, holding the door. She calls Seema before felling down, Seema holds her and asks what happened. Gunjan says she felt dizzy, Seema says there is nothing wrong, a new guest is about to come she must not worry. She takes her to sofa. Gunjan stops her by hand, and asks her to sit with her and asks if she felt the same at Mayank’s birth. Seema sits and says yes. Gunjan asks when the baby starts to move. Seema says at fifth month, but her papa said that a foot ball player is about to come. Seema asks if she likes to eat ice cream. Gunjan nods, Seema says she liked it too. That is the reason, Mayank can always eat icecream. Seema asks Gunjan for a leave to kitchen, Gunjan aches in pain. Seema gets worried, and says she will get the medicine for her. In the kitchen, Bindia changes the tablet Seema takes for Gunjan.

PRECAP: Gunjan fells down and cries in pain. Everyone gathers, Gunjan cries that she will die of this pain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. this soap is just going so shitty what the hell is this girls bindia doing in this place soooooo long it about time they throw her ass out I only hope that gunjan do not lose the baby what I cannot understand is why she bindia is doing all this putting putting each other against one another she has nothing to gain because mayank is already married to gunjan twice so she lost out anyhow it is about time they find out what bindia is up to all this mischief she is making faking headache and belly ache she should really get one in her ass let them put her in a hospital for good I find this soap to be making every one frustrated

  2. gloria i read ur name as gorilla hahaha

  3. Pls someone tell me what happened to Rachna and KT? Where r they?

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