Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan is shocked to hear the the girl at her house is Mayank’s sister. She says that she is sorry, it was a mistake and he must not tell the police about it. Mayank places a hand on her mouth, she removes it. Mayank says that the whole world is working to get them united. Gunjan says that he has got much into the character, and she must refer him to a psychiatrist. They come in, when the doctor was leaving. Rachna and Mayank come close and hug, Mayank says he was alone without her. Rachna says she is alright, as Gunjan was with her. Gunjan says it was an accident. Mayank says Gunjan always places medicine after hurting. He asks Rachna to come home, but she says she won’t go there; she hurt everyone. Gunjan asks is there a boy in her life. Rachna nods, and says she won’t be able to go. Mayank asks where she will go. Gunjan says she can stay here, with her. Rachna says Gunjan is like her sister. Mayank is quiet.

Mayank agrees. He says that she is his sister, but she is like her sister; there must be no problem in it. Rachna says that she is his fraternal sister, and can be her maternal sister. Mayank says that he and Gunjan are playing Romeo and Juliet in college. Gunjan tells Rachna that he always remain in character, and she must not heed his sayings and can stay with her as long as she wish. She assures Rachna that parents always forgive their children. Mayank says that parents forgive, but others never do; and the winner is the one who makes the others forgive them. Akaash comes inside. Gunjan tells him that Rachna will stay here, he says he heard everything and he has no problem. But Mayank should immediately leave, explaining to Gunjan that he also needs rest. Mayank turns back before going, Rachna and Gunjan stood there. He says to take care of his possession. Rachna and Gunjan both nods.
When Akaash has left, Gunjan cheers that she always wanted a sister. Rachna says she also had a sister, she got it back today. They hug.
Shayl watches the picture of Gunjan and Rachna, and cries that why they both left her alone; her life has stopped. She prays that her daughters get back to house again.
Akaash calls Mayank outside, and asks what he thinks of himself and how he came into his house. He can send him to jail. Mayank says that Gunjan is his wife, and no one can stop him from meeting her. Akaash says he left her. Mayank says she was, and will be his wife. Akaash says that his daughter isn’t a toy, that being stubborn he can get her back. Mayank says it is his love, and this time no one can stop him from getting her. He takes his car away. Rachna is worried hearing this all.
Gunjan brings warm milk for Rachna, and sets her bed. Rachna helps her. Gunjan watches this, and says she must drink the milk. Rachna says she doesn’t want it. Gunjan asks her to sit, and says she must not take tension of anything, not even her brother who is a bit weird. Rachna says her brother is the best in the world. Gunjan says that she recalls someone listening to her, and gets her mother’s photograph; she says she was her best friend but she isn’t in the world now. Rachna smiles that she resembles her mama. Gunjan says she wants to be like her, she misses her, cancer snatched her; and she realizes that she was her gift of life. Rachna misses Shayl, and cries. Gunjan notices this and asks her what happened. Rachna says she was thinking the same, that mama is the most precious gift; it has been six months she hasn’t met her mama. Gunjan says she shouldn’t ask, but wants to know that why she doesn’t want to go home. Rachna says she didn’t go with their decision, she shouldn’t have done that. Gunjan says that family is a place, where forgiveness is the easiest thing to get. She must return home, before the time passes; and she can stay here for as long as she wishes.
The next morning, Shayl drops the prayer candle, someone holds it back and she is elated to see Rachna. Rachna says she has come back, she must not worry as everything will be alright. Shayl says everything will really be ok. She says she will tell everyone that she has returned specially her father, and thanks God. She turns back to find no Rachna there. The candle was still there, and Seema helps her pick it. She asks what is she thinking. Shayl says nothing. Seema asks what to cook today. Shayl says they must cook Rachna’s best dishes as she is missing her a lot and feels she is somewhere here, around. She lights the candle, it blows off. She tries again.
A rickshaw stops by the house. Shayl goes to open the door. Rachna comes out of the riskshaw. Seema asks Shayl what has happened. Shayl hits a stool, Dayal and Prabhu calls her name but she moves forward to the main door and opens it. She realizes what she has been doing, Seema also asks what is it about. She watches Rachna come at the door. Shayl cries, and calls Rachna’s name.

PRECAP: Rachna invites Gunjan to her home, for Karwa Chot. Mayank congratulates Rachna that their Gunjan is about to come home.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Update fast plz..

  2. i have not watched this serial since past 2 weeks. can someone tell me what happened to KT???

    1. KT left because his mother made a fake letter from Rachnaa in which she said that she will marry Bittu… So Bittu came to the mandap instead of KT. KT’s mother created confusion between them so Rachnaa and KT could not unite.
      Rachnaa also read the fake letter from KT made by his mother….
      Her father asked her to leave the house.
      Mayank and Gunjan separated for 6 months. But during the six months, she had an accident and lost her memory …

      1. thanx alot for updating me with the story

      2. It’s OK Rija 🙂

    2. And now… Rachnaa took care of Bittu for six months, and took him to undergo surgery in Mumbai.
      He returned to normal, and he promised her he would return back KT to her !
      Mayank is trying to win back Gunjan’s heart

  3. Rabirian Fans

    Miss u lot kt

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