Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna says that her mummy now supports him, so he should talk to them. He asks we should talk about what. She says that you people… KT says that I haven’t yet proposed you.
Bauji says that you know in what conditions he was brought up, and the mistake was mostly his mothers. Gunjan says that he loves Rachna, and cares about our family. There is love, and respect; what else a relation needs.
Rachna asks wont you propose me? What was the use of me coming here, and going against family? She goes wiping her tears, KT stops her. She turns around to see him kneeling down on floor. He says that my family isn’t a big one like yours, and you dad would have looked for someone younger than me; but I have something for you no one else can have and that is Love. He says if you are with me, I will ask your dad for your hand and am ready to bear his anger. He asks if its yes or… She places her hand on his mouth before he could say no. She says she will be with him after the last breath. KT stands up. They hug, Rachna says yes.
Bauji says to shayl that if KT is the last man on earth, even then he wont marry Rachna to him. He was leaving when Gunjan stops him; she says that Rachna should get one chance to listen to her heart. Gunjan says that today you have become stubborn against the daughter he loved so much till today. He scolds her. Shayl says that Rachna’s heart will be broken for another time. She reminds him that he promised her a gift at the time of marriage; she is asking that gift today. Bauji asks have you forgotten his mother. Shayl says his mother didn’t bring him up even. She asks him for the happiness of her daughter and says she is going to Mausi ji herself. Bauji leaves silently. Gunjan comes to Shayl and says sorry as she annoyed him. Shayl smiles and says she knows where he has gone.
A boy was running stealing toys, some people ran behind him. KT was going for a meeting when he stops the car. The boy was hidden beneath the car door, the man running after him said in disgust how mad people come to them. The boy asks KT for help in actions, but people get him. The beat him, but he asks the elder brother for help saying his mausi said there come three pieces in 30 rupees. He hugs KT, and introduces himself as Bittu. He says he wants to thank you and gives him a toy as good luck. He says he will tell his mausi that his good luck is lost. KT’s mother stood behind, she says her arrow went to the point without taking aim and laughs.
Dadi opens the door, it was Dayal. Shayl stood behind him whom Bauji notices then. Dadi calls them inside. She says that today the sun must have risen from west. Bauji says that KT has that woman’s blood. Dadi says we can’t change his blood, but I can bet he has neither the brought up nor the shadow of his mother, she kept him away from her. Dayal says he agrees with the proposal. Dadi and Shayl hug in elation. Dadi says haven’t you brought any sweet, she calls KT to tell this to him.
Dadi tells KT to come home soon, as Dayal and Shayl have come with his proposal. He cheers and promises to reach home soon. He again notices some men beating Bittu. He goes to save him, as he was crying. KT shouts at the men and deters them to take police station. Bittu says it hurts him a lot. He was crying, KT takes him in his car and washes his hand with the water and gives him his handkerchief. KT tells him to sell this somewhere else, caresses him and tells him to go somewhere else. The guy comes with the hockey to beat KT, Bittu hugs him shouting at them not to hit his elder brother. KT fights them back, the other boys run away. Bittu says the hit him hard. KT promises nothing will happen to him. Bittu says you are too good. KT caresses him on head.

PRECAP: Dayal says that three days from today is a good date for engagement. The lady following KT marks the date of engagement.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. wht the hell is happening here another problem has occurred them again jeez impossible love 😐

  2. Rachna and kabir marriage date fix and another problem coming bittu is cute.

  3. Kabir and rachna made for each other

  4. Please let there be a wedding ? All RaBir fans is waiting for this !

  5. I bet that woman is KT’s mother, coming back because she read in the newspaper that her son is now rich. But it is time they let the viewers know what is it that KT mom did

  6. please i want to c rachna happy

  7. They are gonna bring kt’s mum, aunt and younger brother in the show. New twist….such a waste of time!

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