Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th April 2013 Written Update

Aditya says he is not scared of his pocket rocket. Gunjan says really and they stare at each other. Adi checks out gunjan top to bottom and says hi gunjan. She asks him what he called her. Adi says she has started looking nice. Everyone is amazed listening to their conversation and dholu is angry.. aditya teases Gunjan as he scares her saying rocket and makes a loud noise Gunjan tells him there is a lizard and he starts jumping on the sofa. Everyone laughs. Dholu places the toy on the floor Aditya slips Gunjan holds him Maynk sees this and is hurt Charu is happy. Aditya is thankful as he did not fall on Gunjan as everyone would call him gira hua then!!
Akash praises Aditya but he keeps staring at Gunjan then he says he is hungry and Shayl tells him that s good. Gunjan is told to show him the room and Mayank is standing there. Addy introduces himself while Gopal introduces Mayank they shake hands. Charu hugs mayank s arm and introduces herself. Addy goes up while everyone is furious with Charu Mayank walks away and Rachna starts screaming at Charu Shayl shuts her up that guests are at home and tells her to arrange the table. Mayank is lost in Gunjan s thoughts! mayank has been terminated as the company policy says he cant have a police record. He thinks how can he tell his family and will only tell them once he get s a new job. He thinks its because of him that his parents had to go to jail at this age. Mayank is frustrated and he hears his dad s voice he hides the letter. Prabhu tells him to come down for dinner and he refuses. Prabhu convinces him Mayank is worried about the termination letter in the drawer. Rachna does not want to serve Adi Shayl convinces her. He asks Shayl to sit with them . Adi says his parents will be coming soon to India. Mayank and Prabhu come and sit. Mayank-Gunjan have an eyelock. Adi tells his parents want to move to India and he is searching for a place for them. His business is in Australia so he wont be able to stay with his parents.asks Gunjan to pass the salad and both Mayank Gunjan reach for the plate at same time. Charu interrupts them and Gunjan passes the plate. Dholu is angry and Addy keeps praising the food.
addy says he cant eat anymore as his stomach will burst. Gunjan tells him she can make pudina chach. Gunjan – Addy keep talking while Mayank and Dholu are upset. adi tells gunjan that both of them will cook and give party to everyone.Dholu drops a glass of water on addy and Sangeeta scolds him Dholu says he wont apologize. Addy wants to wash his hands Gunjan says she will show him around . TUM ho BG MUSIC Bua tells their jodi is nice na Shayl agrees and Mayank gets up from the table. charu is happy that everything is happening as she wants.

PRECAP: Akash tells Mayank that he knows he loved Gunjan but he dint trust her enough and has lost his chance. he tells him to stay away from her and to respect her decision.

Update Credit to: vibz88

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  1. tatz grt…. Atlast gunjan vl gt settled far away foM heA …It vs mayankz wrong dicision 2 mary charu n nw itz gud let hm suffer

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