Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank says to Gunjan that she must look into her eyes. Gunjan forbids him to say it again. Mayank says that this will have to be done, as he has to bring feelings into the script. He was waiting for her in rehearsal hall. Gunjan says she will rehearse after some time, but now she has to drink the coffee. Mayank sits with her, and orders the coffee. She is shocked and asks how he knows her choice of coffee. He says he has ordered it for himself, and their choices are much alike. She leaves, he stops her for rehearsal but she says he might do it alone. He follows her and sings a song for her in the corridor trying to make up for rehearsals but every time she tears the script papers. He stops her and says he just want to know her a bit, and do the rehearsals. She stops and says that instead of knowing her, he is infact irritating her.

She says he has been following her for so much time, what he did he come to know about her. He says he just came to know that when she laughs, her eyes get closed for a moment, and when she is angry, a line shows up on her nose. She do whatever she thinks is right, can make any one smile or cry in a little time and her friends consider her the best friend. When she is nervous, her fists get jammed, and is a beloved daughter of her father. Everyone gets her as friends, but she doesn’t want to share her inner self with anyone. She turns to ask how he knows her so much. He says he know her from before. He smiles and holds her fists, which were jammed. He looks Akaash behind her, and says that this is about all the girls as they are all same and takes her leave. Gunjan leaves annoyed.

Mayank was watching some posters on cupboard, and stood with some men. Akaash comes behind him, when a girl meets him. He says he has come here to meet the principal as he wants him to sponsor the drama and asks about Gunjan. The girl tells him that Gunjan has left for home, as she was angry at the partner Romeo. Akaash says that the guy must be irritating to her. She points at Mayank that there he stands. He hides himself, without coming in front of Akaash.

Gunjan leaves annoyed saying that she thought he was true, but he is a blo*dy liar. She sits in the car angrily, regretting that she took part in the competition. She reverses the car, and hits a girl. She comes out of the car, and turns the fallen girl; it was Rachna. She looks at her for a while, recalling blurred imagers of them together. People were worried there, and suggested to take her home. Mayank watches the crowd and runs to them, but the car had left. He asks a guy where Gunjan took the girl, and shows concern about the girl. He says she is fine now. Mayank thinks about reaching Gunjan’s house. In the car, Rachna opens her eyes and calls Gunjan. Gunjan wonders, did she just took her name.

Gunjan sits with Rachna on bed, and when she wakes up, she says Hi to her, how is she now. Rachna says Gunjan, holds her hand and touches her face. The bell rings, while Gunjan leaves saying it must be the doctor. Rachna is shocked to see the room, while Mayank whispers her name.

In the living room, AKaash says to Gunjan she must not have brought her home. Gunjan says she couldn’t leave her there. AKaash says what if she made a police case. Gunjan says she will bear the punishment, but is worried that she knows her well.

They come into the room, Akaash asks You? Then says You are fine. Rachna denies, and calls Gunjan. Gunjan asks how does she know her, have they met before and why is she crying. Rachna looks at her in shock. Akaash says that she needs rest now, and takes her along. Gunjan resists, that she wants to get answers, have they met before, how she knows her? Rachna turns back, to say that her name is written on the photo on the wall. Gunjan smiled. Rachna say they have not met her, she has returned here after 6 months and she didn’t meet anyone in these months. Gunjan tells her not to take tension, and asks if she has pain? Rachna says she is fine, but Gunjan says she will confirm it with the doctor first, as she is much stubborn. Rachna says she know her, then makes up that she was being stubborn with her dad, just now. Gunjan leaves to get the doctor. Rachna says to Akaash that it is good, that she didn’t tell her. Rachna says Mayank told her everything, and loves Gunjan a lot. Akaash says that he won’t let Gunjan go into Mayank’s life again, as this is another chance she got in her life. He asks Rachna who she wants to talk to? She says I want to talk to no one.

Gunjan was telling servant about soups for Rachna when Mayank comes in the door. She asks what he is doing there, he doesn’t speak anything. She closes the door, and her fingers come in between on which he shouts. She apologizes, opens the door, and puts ice bag on his fingers. She asks why he came here. HE says that the girl she has brought to her home is his sister.

PRECAP: Akaash asks Mayank how he dare come to his home. Mayank says Gunjan is his wife, and no one can stop him meeting her. He promises Akaash that this time; he will win Gunjan’s heart, for sure.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. But how Akash getting in the middle of them? Why hide truths!?!?! Any person would be upset if they realise the family members are lying to them even if it is because the THINK they are protecting them.

  2. guys can you tell me the name of the song that rachna and kt normally romance with .. please leave a comment if you know . i think it goes like this” my heart beat only for you” not sure need help

    1. Manchala oh me tere na, go to youtube type in Manchala. n u’ll get it

  3. its manchala

  4. Call me stupid, slow or any adjective you can come up with but is this real world or make believe. I know it is a serial but it is supposed to be depicting real life is it not?

    Did Mayank take a leave f absence from work or did he resign? Are we to assume?
    Is it so easy to get enrolled into a college? Are we s stupid to believe this?
    Is it so convenient that he is in everything Gujan is into?

    The romance was doomed from before so why revive I? If my daughter ever brought home someone as stupid as Mayank I would have her head examined.

    This serial has lost all its juice. End it now. It too stupid to watch.

  5. Yes gunjan will be very angry with her father once she regains her memory. He is doing more damage by lying to her. Looking forward to Rachna and Gunjan bonding as Gunjan was already getting flashbacks.

  6. I agree with akash yes he is lying to her which is wrong but what happened in the past Mayank always say he loves Gunjan and then suddenly he don’t love her what is up with all that Gunjan is not a play thing that you chase her one day and then pretend everything is great the next day

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