Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya demanded for Toilet and electricity. A villager asks why have they started for this protest. Divia’s mom come forward and cries that her daughter’s death might not go in vain. Gunjan says that Divia was murdered because of dark. She says that the head isn’t going to listen, while they didn’t help her with the DM as well. They all were worried. Gunjan says that she promises that she will get electricity to each of the houses in a week as they all will have to create security for themselves. The villagers say how she will do it alone. She says she is sure they will help her one day. She and her fellows picks the torches and urges people to come forward.
The head laughs and says does she know what is the cost of electricity, how can she bring it in a week. Vikram asks isn’t he worried, he laughs and says that a girl alone can’t do much harm to him.
Rachna was making her bed; shayl comes and asks how the day was. Rachna says it was really a busy day; she didn’t get a single minute to rest. Shayl shows her the movie tickets. Rachna was speechless. Shayl says that though she was busy, she got time to watch a movie. Shayl says that she just watched a movie, why didn’t she tell her. Rachna tells her to sit and explains that she and Chaya fought upon these tickets. Shayl says that she and her father trusts her, she must tell her before going the next time. After Shayl has left, Rachna asks for forgiveness that she can’t tell them about herself and KT until she is sure about their reaction.
Gunjan and mates take round of the village with the torches in hands. Gunjan says that they must stay together though they have promised the villagers to take the responsibility of the village’s security. Divia’s mom recalls her daughter and cries. Gunjan stops to console her while Chiraya moves forward. The men were hidden behind the bushes, say that this is today’s prey; the girl who wants to bring electricity to the village. Chiraya listens to them, she looks behind and finds no one.
They come to attack her but Chiraya finds a group of females with her. The women had torches in hands and promises Gunjan they are all with her.
Mayank comes to office, she asks Sheetal is Mrs. Segal here. Sheetal comes with goggle on. Mayank thinks his behavoiur was unprofessional and she must ask her for apology. He knocks the door and goes inside her office. He says he came to apologize for that day, he shouldn’t have rejected her. Charu removes her goggles, she says that he must call her as Mrs. Segal and not by her first name and he must do what she tells her to; this is what he gets salary for. He asks for the bruise she had under her eye. She says this isn’t her concern; she gives him the work to make a feasibility report. Before he leaves, she reminds him that she is a boss and he must respect their relation.
Gunjan looks for her cell phone; Rahul was charging her cell phone on a cycle machine. Gunjan gets excited and calls Shayl. Rachna also comes there and says she had to tell her so much, but looking at Shayl she says she won’t tell her now as she wants to see her expressions and reactions as well. Gunjan promises she will come back home soon. Shayl leaves, Rachna says that everything happened so suddenly in life she could know them well. The phone disconnects, Rahul takes it back to the recharging cycle. He asks what their next step is; Gunjan says it is a big one.
Shayl prays for Gunjan, Rachna also comes there and tells shayl that the phone battery went dead. She asks shayl does God really listens and accepts our prayers.
Shayl says that if someone asks them from real heart he listens. Rachna asks that she must pray for her as she has a meeting.
Gunjan was talking to some engineers. They promised her that they will complete the work in a week. Vikram comes running to the head, and tells him the electricity equipment is coming to the village. He says that no one can bring electricity to the village instead of him. He says he wont leave Gunjan.

PRECAP: The head comes to the site and asks with whose permission these people came here. Gunjan says they are a private company not governmental, all the deals and documentation has been done. He needs not to worry.

Update Credit to: Sona

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