Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

KT drives in the morning, he was sad thinking about Rachna and her I love you. Rachna again thinks about her question, and asks KT why he is doing so. She needs answers now, why is he behaving like this when his eyes show intense love. KT speeds up the car. Rachna keeps hand on his, and says life never gives other chances and they are lucky to get it. They can’t lose this chance. KT jerks her hand; he says he has no feeling for her, stop asking questions again and again. He stops the car at home, and asks her to go inside. She asks why he is doing so, and behaving like strangers; they were both going to marry and they both still… She stops while KT looks at her. She says alright, if he doesn’t have to say anything but she would still say I love you. She would never be able to thank anyone, she will only marry him else she won’t. Does he know his family will now look for proposals for her.
She says she will keep on saying no, until she will become a drama in the family and people would blame her parents then. She has now decided that she won’t go home, ever. She get off the car, KT goes behind her. She stops at her call, he comes to hold her by arm. He says she must go home, they are her parents and she can’t do this with her parents. She jerks his hand, but he gets her nearer again and says he won’t leave until she goes home. He will leave when he has left her home safely, takes her hand and enters the house.
Inside, Shayl and Dayal were both shocked to see KT and Rachna. Shayl angrily comes to KT, and says he has no shame. Everyone comes there. Rachna asks why she is asking so, but Shayl stops her. She looks at Rachna and KT holding hands. She gets it away, and says who gave him the right to hold her hand, what will the neighbours and people think about their daughter. KT says they are taking him wrong, Shayl still blames him saying he must be afraid of God. Why doesn’t he leave their daughter. Rachna says to Shayl that is enough. She is blaming KT pointlessly, she wants to say to her that hadn’t she found KT at night, she might not have been with them all today. She was caught in such a catastrophe, Shayl asks was it bigger than the one he had left her into. Dayal interfers angrily, asking Rachna not to explain anything and go to her room. Rachna asks what if she denies, Shayl says she will take her there herself. What magic has he done to her, that she wants to repeat her mistake. Rachna says it wasn’t a mistake, it was love.
Shayl is shocked hearing that, so is everyone else. Shayl says this can’t be her daughter. Rachna further says they people might hate KT, but she doesn’t. No one can erase her love for KT, because she loves him a lot. Shayl says this isn’t she, this is someone else. KT denies this, while Rachna cries that it isn’t like this. Dayal holds hand on Rachna, then stops before he had hit her. He says if she says one more word, no one will be worse than him to her. Rachna runs to her room, and bolts it. Shayl goes behind her.
KT says to everyone that he left to go to airport when he found Rachna alone on highway and explains the whole story to them. He says it is nothing like they people are thinking, he just came to drop Rachna safe here. Shayl comes down and says he doesn’t love her daughter else he wouldn’t have left. He played with their daughter and they can never forgive him for this. Rachna doesn’t need him, he must leave. KT turns around, memories flashing in his eyes. Gunjan moves ahead, but Seema stops her by holding her hand.
Gunjan says to everyone that they must give them another chance, they can’t be so stubborn to them both. Seema stops Gunjan and says Shayl is right. Rachna is young now, and is crazy. Atleast, she must not be sided this time.
Rachna cries lying on the bed. KT gets into the car. Both think about each other.
Shayl and Dayal were quiet in their room. Gunjan tells everything to Mayank, he was angry but Gunjan stops him. Prabhu and Seema were also worried.
KT drives the car, thinking about the last night, and Shayl’s blames. He drives to a desserted place, comes out of the car and cries asking God what he must do. Should he fulfilled the promise given to Shayl or his love to Rachna. He made a promise that took him away from his love, he sits on the floor with his car, crying.

PRECAP: KT comes home, Mayank asks why has he come here again. Everyone gathers. Mayank shouts at him to get out. Dayal stops Mayank, he has called him here.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Please don’t end SSLK.

  2. plz sslkians keep voting. zee tv must listen to our request or else we won’t watch new show. sslk rocks. pls sslk ka time slot change karo. zee bangla pe jab shows itna din se chal sakta hai to zee tv pe kiu nahi?

  3. Plz don’t end it………

  4. this show need to come to an end so I agree let rachna and kt get married let gunjan have twins and throw bindiya ass of their house this a good ending

  5. “”he sits on the floor with his car””‘ huuuummm…… seems that his car is his puppet ! lolz

  6. Rabir rocks

  7. It is confirmed that new show titled “Hello Prathiba” is going to replace SSLK.

    For those who wants to save our show plz start requesting ZeeTV to consider to telecast SSLK in a new time slot as the show still has great potential.

    Plz keep posting in ZeeTV official page , and mainly plz tweet to zeetv !! Plz include hashtag ‪#‎NewTimeSlotForSSLK‬ in your every tweets. Do not forget to tag @ZeeTV !!

    Thank you !!

  8. I just read about the rumors on SSLK being cancelled… Please don’t cancel this show. It’s the only thing I look forward to especially because KT and Rachana are back together…

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