Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan says her dialogues, ‘Why should I believe in you, Romeo?’. Mayank is quiet for a while, he closes his eyes and recalls his life with Gunjan. He looks up, keep his hand on his heart and says that when you will keep your hand on it, you will know it beats only for you. Whereever I might be, it beats for you. My life is nothing without you, your eyes show me the path I walk onto. You are the goal of my life, he walks up the stairs to her, and says she must never leave him as he won’t ever leave her too. Gunjan looks into his eyes. He says it is his queue now. Everyone stands to clap for him. He asks for her hand, she holds it. He takes her down the stairs, as they receive the standing ovation.

The director says that they are both selected, as they had the best chemistry.
The boys come to congratulate Mayank, he thanks everyone. Gunjan thinks about what Mayank had just said to her, and was lost.

The director asks her why is she feeling so awkward. He says that Romeo and Juliet is an epic love story, there must be great chemistry. Mayank offers to back up, but the director says that they must stay with each other for a few days. Gunjan says she has exams, the director says he has talked to the principal, she must not worry about the exam. He brings them the script. Mayank smiles at Gunjan, and forwards his hand introducing himself as Mayank Garg. Gunjan leaves. He comes behind her, and says he belongs to Banaras, where she belongs and suggests she must be from Mumbai. She stops, he further asks is she from Delhi? She says Mumbai. He asks her more about her, but she says she is busy, he must wait for her in the rehearsal hall. She was about to leave, he holds her hand. She says how dare he, he says he doesn’t need any permission and shows her the nearby lying broken glass. He leaves saying he is waiting in the rehearsal hall.

Rachna says to Bittu that he is going to get discharged. Bittu hopes KT was there, he must have been very happy. He says she is responsible for all this. She says they must leave, and tell everyone. Bittu says only she will return to her family to Banaras, it’s time for his test. He will find KT.

She says he won’t go anywhere, as he needs rest. She says the doors of that house have been closed for her for always, as Dayal had said. Bittu blames himself. He says he knows that the doors never get closed for your own ones. Rachna says that for a girl, the house is till her marriage.

Dayal watches Rachna’s childhood album. He recalls the pride moments with his daughters and goes to Rachna’s medals. He wipes his tears, and hears Rachna calling Papa. She is shocked to see her standing on the door, she comes inside and asks what is he doing here, was he finding her. He nods. She complains that he must have found her in his heart, as she will always stay there. Dayal agrees; that she will always remain in his heart. He calls her to hug her. Shayl holds his hand and he calls Rachna. He says he is missing Rachna a lot. Shayl says he misses her daily, he has sent her away from the house but he has not been able to separate her from his heart. He says she was a part of his life, and he himself sent her away. He will not be able to forgive himself, he wonders how she must be.

Rachna brings Bittu to the temple, and says it is because of them, whatever has happened and prays for blessings. She says to Bittu that they must now go home, but turns to find there is no Bittu. She calls him, and looks for him but he is nowhere to be seen. A boy comes to give her a letter. She reads it, it says that he doesn’t deserve to say sorry but he knows she wouldn’t have let him leave but it is important for him to find KT. He is leaving her ticket along, she must return home; he will come to take her as her sister-in-law.

Gunjan’s friends say that there is something that so many coincidences happen at one time. Mayank comes from behind. Gunjan hides under the table, when he passes by she thanks God he has left. he taps her back. She asks what he is doing here. He says I love you, I love you so much. She says excuse me. He says he wants to tell her how much she loves, and wants to show her how much he cares. And she must peek into her heart; she will know she also loves him.

PRECAP: Gunjan sits in the car angrily,she hits a girl who fells down. It was Rachna.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona spd up

  2. So gyi kya

  3. Did anyone notice how they are now trying to make Rachna look like the older one, and Gunjan the younger one in the show by any chance?

    1. It’s true ! But it’s good !!! it’s been 2 years that they are showing us that Rachnaa is a little girl….Even with KT she looks like a little girl ! But now, her look is really good, she really looks like a married woman and a girl of 20 years old or more
      I really love the story line 🙂
      This is the first Leap of the show in 2 years and it’s a good track !

  4. Need punishment for KT’s mother and aunt please…need Rachna and KT to reunite. Yes agree with all, it’s about time Rachna gets the respect she deserves. Let her also help solve Gunjan’s problem for a change.

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