Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna comes to the location KT texted her and thinks hasn’t she come to a wrong location. She sees someone standing there, she asks are we shooting here or not. The man turns around to be Rajiv sir. She is shocked to see him. he says KT called you once and you came here, anyway now you are away from work so now they can do personal talk. She backs up, he comes forward until she is trapped in the wall. She says what he is doing, it is wrong. He says she is doing it wrong to her, she must think about him and she will start loving the way she did before. She pushes him further, and shouts saying she can never love him. he jerks her why, tell him the reason. She says because she loves someone else. He says she is telling a lie, she will have to say to him that she loves him. She shouts him to stop it, she only loves KT. He smiles and comes forward to her, someone puches him on his face, it was KT. He beats him hard until they both fells down into the swimming pool. KT asks him how he dared to torture Rachna, Rajiv asks is he a body guard of Rachna or he gets involves with all the employees. KT says she isn’t only her employee. Rajiv asks then who is she, he says she is a lot to him. Rajiv asks what he will do to him, and what is his relation to Rachna? KT shouts saying He loves her. Rachna is shocked; KT shouts again I love Rachna!!
Rajiv comes out of the water, laughs and says thank you very much, that at least in water he confessed his love. He says strange it is, he had to do so much to make them say this. Why didn’t they say this to each other before, he takes KT’s hand and helps him out of the pool.
Rajiv says they both are so stubborn, he apologizes for being rude. He says now he is leaving, but he has to keep Rachna very happy. KT says he is sorry for all that he said and beat him. He hugs him and says thanks to him. Rachna also says that she was being rude to him, he is sorry. Rajiv says she must be sentimental not to him, gives Rachna’s hand to KT and says, get sentimental with each other. Rajiv leaves. They both leave each other’s hand. KT says I love You Rachna. She says I love you too KT. They both smile. KT hugs her, she hugs him back.
Gunjan hears dogs barking outside, at mid night. She gets up to drink water, and hears the men saying that the things will arrive at 2 at night. She thinks what things; she must get to know about it.
Rachna comes home excitedly calling Gunjan. She sees Shayl in the room and smiles looking at her. She hugs her saying Oh, mummy and hugs her. She says today is a good day; Shayl asks her what’s good in today. She smiles but shayl begins to judge it. She says it is for sure between you and Nanha. She worries that how did mummy know. Shayl says KT must have appreciated her work today, that’s why she is happy. Rachna is relieved and asks where Gunjan is.
Shayl tells her that Mayank, Seema and Gunjan will spend night in the ashram. She wishes everything gets well in her life too. Rachna nods.
Gunjan wakes up at the voice of the truck. She thinsk its 2.10 and she kept on sleeping. The men brought something covered in a box, Gunjan peeks at it from behind the tree. As she follows the men, she watches them. Guru ji comes in front of the box and asks did anyone see. The men deny, and leaves. The box lid opens and a lady appears out of it. Guru ji says beautiful. He says now, no one can stop her 10th devi’s decendance.

PRECAP: The men follows Gunjan in the jungle, she gets trapped in a net. Guru ji says they have caught her, once the 10th devi decends they must kill her, her husband and her mother-in-law.

Update Credit to: Sona

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