Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Dholu being determined to see Mithu’s face. Seema tells Dholu to find Mayank. Seema tells Vickram to spend some time with her and he can always see Mithu to his heart’s content once they are married. Dholu is walking and suddenly realises wind blowing in his direction and sees a stand fan and has something on his mind. Seema says that Bua always said that Vickram’s wife would be the most beautiful daughter-in-law and Vickram agrees that she is beautiful. Seema says she wished she could see Mithu’s face but she’s always covering it and asks if Vickram has a picture of Mithu. Vickram says he has a pciture and Seema tells Sangeetha at least better late than never as they are able to see her face.

Dholu is bringing the fan while Vickram is opening his wallet and takes out the photo. The wind from the fan blows the photo away and they all are looking for the photo. Shail comes and calls Seema and Sangeetha. The photo gets stuck on someone’s shoe. Meanwhile Gunjan, Rachana and Chaya are dancing on Nagada from Ram Leela while Dholu is trying to direct the fan at Mithu doing the rangoli.

Part 2

While the whole family is busy with the aarti and Dholu is aiming the fan at Mithu and her ghoongat gets caught on fire. She removes her ghoongat and it is revealed that Mithu is none other than Charu who is in a shocked state. The whole family run towards her and Vickram comes to her and hugs her. The lights go off. Vickram warns the family to stay away from her. They all back off. Mithu then requests Vickram to take her to the room as she is feeling scared. He takes her and tells her not to worry. Shail calls out to Vickram and Mithu and she quickly takes a cloth lying and covers her face.

Part 3

The whole family is in the room. Shail asks Mithu if she is alright and she says that she’s fine and Gunjan asks if it hurts and she said that she just felt suffocated downstairs. Gunjan gets the first aid kit and passes it to Vickram. Gunjan tells Mithu that no one intentionally wanted to hurt her Vickram angrily asks Gunjan how did such a big accident happen. He then asks her was it an accident or a hatched plan. Mithu says she has no complains about anyone. She says that in the cold she just wondered who switched on the fan. Dholu confessed saying he did it. Vickram and Charu are annoyed. Sangeetha scolds Dholu and makes him appologise which he does. Gunjan tells him not to cry and knows he is a good boy and that he did it with the intention of having fun. Dayal says that Dholu is at fault and not to deny it. Gunjan says he’s just a kid and he doesn’t know good from bad. Vickram angrily tells Gunjan if something happened to Mithu because of his act would she still say the same thing. Dayal applogises on everyone’s behalf and promises such a thing will not happen again. Shail assures her too. Mithu tells her not to apologise as she is elder and says she has forgotten it all. Vickram says that he can’t forget it and it seems they don;t like them staying there and if anything happens to Mithu he won’t be able to tolerate it. Vickram tells her to pack the things as they are leaving. She curses at him for making such a decision..
Part 4

Rachana tells him not to leave and that all have apologised but he says that Mithu is everything to him and he can’t stand if anything happens to her. He says that he has decided and won’t change his decision. Prabhu tries and tells him to stop but he says he can’t stay any longer. Dayal tells him the house is like his own and that he is like a son. Vickram says he respects them but where Mithu’s life is in danger he can’t stay there. Vickram asks what is the gurantee that it won;t happen again. Charu is thinking that he is putting her efforts to waste. She then tells Vickram that they are like family convincing him to stay. Vickram diagrees. Charu tells Bua to convince him but she says that if its his wish then she can’t do anything about it. Charu is thinking about how to stop him. Seema then tells Vickram that it was Dholu’s fault but he is getting so angry over it. Mithu then says that she doesn’t want to separate him from the family and that he is unecessarily angry. She tells him if he loves her he will agree. Gunjan tells Vickram if they leave then they will feel bad and Shail’s heart will break. Vickram apologises to Shail saying that he is a bit crazy and that because Mithu has no one he is overprotective and that’s why he got angry. Shail says that it will never happen again and asks Dholu to apologise and to be sincere. He apologises to Vickram and Mithu. Charu pretends saying its ok. In front of the mirror Charu is praising herself at how she was able to handle the situation and that Vickram almost foiled her plans. She starts dancing and Dholu sees and dances also. She then comes and asks Dholu to come join her dance. Dholu gets scared and runs away.

Episode Ends


Charu pretends to fall and Gunjan helps her up. She thinks to herself that Gunjan is one of the biggest fool in the house and that she will gain Mayank as her husband is only her husband.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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  1. i hate charu she is one biggest fool

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