Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan says she is ready to do anything to prove her loyalty. The man says she will have to walk on burning coals, if she is loyal her feet will get burnt. He says if she get burned they mustn’t see her there. she says she is ready.
Rachna is tensed in her room as she thinks about what Rajiv said to her. She gets his call, disconnects it. Rajiv says I will make you confess your love anyway. He texts her that what such thing did he say to her that she isn’t talking to her. he thinks he is being a villain but won’t give up as he smiles. Rachna reads the text and says how he can think about them. She thinks how to tell him she loves KT.
Mayank takes Gunjan in a side and asks why is she doing this all. He won’t let her burn on coal. Seema also forbids her that she will talk to Guru ji, but Gunjan insists telling Mayank she is his wife, and she also wants to be loyal to what he is. He thinks this Gunjan won’t listen to anyone now.
Rajiv finds KT in the workshop busy with his work he sees his cell phone on the table and takes it along him. He calls Rachna through it, she immediately pick up the call. He says alright, seeing KT’s name you picked the call readily and weren’t replying me. She says I don’t have to say anything to you and disconnects. He says he won’t leave her too and will make her tell the truth. KT comes to him, Rajiv says his cell phone’s battery was dead. KT asks was the call this urgent that he couldn’t ask him. Rajiv says he came there but you were busy. KT goes away, he calls Rachna. Rachna says again, she gives him the explanation. He says KT here; I called you for an assignment. She says she will be right there and hurries.

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Gunjan says to Guru ji that she is ready. The man invites anyone to the venue tonight.
KT sees as Rachna arrive at the workshop. He comes to her, she was uncomfortable. He asks her if everything is alright. Rajiv sees them from behind the wardrobe. She doesn’t reply. He keeps hand on her shoulder and asks did anyone say anything to her? Did Rajiv say something, what is it? She is disturbed and wipes her sweat. She says it is so hot, just nothing else. He says there is an assignment file, start working on it as he is going for a meeting. Rajiv comes there saying Busy, busy, busy. He was saying… she stops him saying this is a professional place and she doesn’t want to say something personal here. He leaves. Rachna gets a text message from KT asking her to come to a photo-shoot.
Mayank stops Gunjan. She gets rid of her hand. She comes to Guru ji to ask for blessings. He thinks why is she doing this all. She sees a powder along his chair. She recalls that she told Shayl that fire dust is a bad conductor of electricity and doesn’t let heat reach the body, and she stepped on that fire-dust along Guru Ji’s chair while taking his blessings.
The ladies there began to shout now that she will get burned, someone must stop her. Guru ji strands and runs to her, he drags her from the fire. Mayank hugs her. Guru ji tells her to rub her feet in grass, he says to his followers that whatever happened today was wrong. No one needs to do this for him, Gunjan asks him to give her the responsibility of cleaning the ashram. Guru ji announces the 10th Devi is coming here tomorrow. Gunjan wonders who this 10th devi is, she will find out about her.

PRECAP: Rajiv forces Rachna to say that she loves him. She cries and shouts that she loves KT. KT hits Rajiv and he fells into the swimming pool. KT says I love you to Rachna. They both hug.

Update Credit to: Sona

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