Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seema says that she wants to know about the answers, and wants that someone approves her that this child is her Mayank’s. Prabhu stops but Gopal asks Gunjan if she is sure that Mayank is the father. Dayal scolds Gopal, that the daughter in law of the house is being questioned today. He scolds Aadi to go out, as this is their family matter. Aadi says this is my problem as well, what if the child is mine. Shayl comes and slaps him thrice. Aadi says nothing can change the truth. Shayl says she is mausi of Gunjan today, she won’t believe even if God says this. Mayank says he is an outside, and asks Seema how she can believe in what someone else has said. Seema says she isn’t blaming Gunjan, but they all know that when Gunjan had lost her memory she had no good habits as well.
Rachna and Prabu blames Seema but Gunjan stops them. She asks Seema what she must apologize her for, to lose her memory. She knows that she lost memory, but she knows herself as well. She has been brought up never to let herself play with another man. She knew even then that she has some connection with Mayank, and she has done nothing wrong. She won’t ever let Aadi come to her. She asks Mayank if he believes her, Mayank nods. Gunjan says her husband trusts her, she doesn’t care about anyone else. Shayl says that all of us trusts you, and points at Seema that she (Shayl) will never hear to anyone. Dayal asks Aadi to leave, and he does. When Aadi has left, Dayal says he wants this matter to be closed.
Seema says her question remains there. Shayl asks what they must do. Seema says there is a way, they must get a test done, who is the father of the child. Gunjan looks at Seema, open mouthed. Mayank says no, how can she think to get the test of her daughter in law. Seema says that science has advanced so much. Dayal says this test is get done in complex cases only. Seema asks what is more complex than this. Seema asks Shayl what she must have done. Before Shayl could answer, Gunjan says that she won’t get this test done.
Gunjan takes that as pure as the fire, she also is as pure. She has nothing wrong done, and when she doesn’t believe in her (Gunjan) what they can do with the test. Today she wants to tell her truth, the child is mine, my and Mayank’s love. Seema says there is also a truth, that she lost her memory. Gunjan says firmly, that I don’t want to get the test.
Seema asks why she doesn’t want to tell anyone about the truth. Shayl says the question is not about the truth, it is about the doubt in her mind. Seema says she is saying so, as Mayank isn’t her son. Shayl says she is saying so because she is also a woman. Dayal asks Seema to stop it, but Seema asks why she must? She asks Gunjan, that Seeta also took the test to prove her truth; if she is true, she must also prove it. Gunjan says she isn’t Seeta, Seeta gave the test so that no one ever points at the respect of a woman, she won’t take the test and this is final. Mayank says this is his decision as well, holds Gunjan’s hand and takes her inside.
When everyone has left, Shayl says she has crossed her limits today, she could never think she would do this. The next time she points a finger at Gunjan, she must think well. When Shayl has left, Bindia smiles, passes her and looks behind victoriously.
Mayank tries to calm Gunjan, in the room. He tells her that crying isn’t good for her. Gunjan says thank you for siding her, Mayank says he trusts her and won’t ever point at her past. Shayl comes to the room, Gunjan hugs her. Shayl says that whatever happened today, must not have happened. She says she cant bear someone points at the respect of the elder bahu at home. She says she did the right thing to deny about the test, she is with them both. Rachna comes to end this emotional scene and takes Gunjan along, to terrace.
Bindia keeps hand on Seema’s and says it must be really difficult for her to say this all. Seema says no one tried to understand her. Bindia says she understands her, whatever she was doing is for the betterment of the child. Bindia says she has mistaken a lot, when the metal is hot she has to make an attack on her.

PRECAP: Bindia makes a papaya juice, saying it isn’t good for the child. Seema serves the juice, but Shayl takes a sip and stops Gunjan from drinking it.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Seema is so easily manipulated. This situation seems to be ringing through on most of ZeeTv shows….a daughter in law having to deal with terrors of her husband’s house. I am so glad that my culture is not really like this. ALthough it is frequent in Trinidad, extended families living together, in fact I grew up in one. But this having to live uncomfortably….I don’t even know why Gunjan would want to even stay in the same house with Seema after that. When Seema was already easily manipulated about the “prophet” and put her whole family in danger with her stupidity…now she is repeating the same mistake.

    1. Kristelle I understands all you are saying but I also from Trinidad and I did not know this bull goes on here with the Indians here too.I thought that this crap was out dated.Girl I think you all need to do something..Whilst I agree ,perhaps it is your culture but not ours.I need to get my own home after marriage with no interference.Please this is real crap.

    2. Yes it does….meaning the girl goes to live with the husband’s family. But it is not necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing is the women being forced to live in a home that she is not respected (by husband or inlaws), mistreated or abused. I in fact know one friend here who was in that situation, but she pick up her ass a leave that place. But in the shows here, it looks like these women feel that they have some cross to bare and they must at all cost maintain their family even it is detrimental for them.

    3. *bear lmao

  2. Aadi and Bindia is pure evil , both of the need to leave this show now , nobody don’t want to see they drama , that’s why the TRP is dropping every week , this show need RaBir to bring the TRP up , I don’t know why ,Sslk is talking to long to bring him back

  3. Please bring Kt back and end this drama with Gunjan

    Seema is horrible to believe Adi and Bindia…. The outsiders

  4. Things are getting out of hands. I watch sslk for about a year and half. I watch this coz this is the only drama dealing with teenagers. But too much of dramas in it now. I stopped watching sslk since the day rachna fot married to bittu. And now after a month I tried reading the written update there comes nonsensical characters like adi and bindiya. Please do not carry on with this story line. Bring back KT for god sake. And make gunjan a brave and socially responsible girl. 🙂

  5. I fail to comment on this soap because it is going all wrong first it was the whole confusion with kt and his family with rachna then stupidity steped in where rachna was forced to marry bittu after kts mother and aunt did so much shit to sabotage kts wedding to rachna then another shitty script was written with rachna resembling a woman who is the mother of a little boy called lucky and now another shitty script is written with gunjan aidi and bindia come on gunjan is a grown woman she must know if she slept with aidi the only way that could happen if aidi drugged and raped her and please writers do not use this as a storyline it was never shown in the script this show has become real crap crap crap

  6. Zee Tv i hereby resign my membership with Dstv on the 4 India channels i currently subscribe to. All you do is portray India in such a poor and negative light with abusive husbands, evil in-laws, murderers, adulterers and worst of all good never ever survives the evil in any of your scripts. In fact the “bad” in your scripts surpasses some of the worst American stuff ive seen….I am so disappointed as originally when i subscribed i expected some twists and turns, yet good clean viewing, but this pure evil and disgusting stuff your writers are producing is not the India i thought your country was. I advocated to all my friends about how refreshing it was to watch stuff without the s*x, swearing, foul language etc but i realize now your allowing the “insinuation” thereof is the same thing.

  7. Well said Annie! I think most women will agree…it is becoming distasteful.

  8. Hmmm same usual thing. Seema d dumbest mother in law I’ve ever seen onscreen.

    1. Are you crazy!?!?!? Have you seen Shashi on Doli Aarmoo Ki…..she is hand down the absolute dumbest mother in law ever!!!! But Seema is very high up in that list too eh!!! lmao

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