Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan turns to say anything and is shocked to see its is Mayank. He poses as if he didnt recognize her, but she says he dared to come to her college and drags him to principal. Mayank dances with her on the way. He asks her why is she taking him to principal. She says that he was following her for a long time, and came to her home as well. He explains that he mis took her as his friend, and his gradution certificate will get stuck here if he reaches the office. Principal comes there, Mayank thanks Gunjan for not telling him anything but Gunjan says she is going to keep eye on him. He says that he has reached the first step.
At home Seema and Shayl say they will gift Kesar Ke Paday (A sweet) to God if Gunjan comes home. Mayank comes from behind, and asks them to buy the Paday as he got admission in Gunjan’s college as a first step.
Shayl congratulates him.
Gunjan was upset at the table. Akaash asks why is she absent minded, is that boy disturbing her again? She says he came to college, but she had to help him. She asks how is the food, she just wanted to cook today. She says she mistook the boy, He thought her as a frien, but she thinks she knows him. Akaash asks her to stay away.
Seema and Shayl prepare Mayank for college.
Gunjan watches the clothes Akaash had bought, and says that someone should teach the boy about dressing, he came to college dressed as if he was going for job interview. She tells papa not to worry, when he reminds her that they are here only for her course. She tells him that she taking part as Juliet, in Romeo Juliet play.
Mayank tries different looks, and is finally satisfied with one. He says he misses his designer sister today.
The doctor tells Rachna that operation has been successful.
Someone comes to the room. Mayank asks what is it maa, and turns to see Gunjan. She holds her ears for him, he goes nearer and takes her by shoulders and hugs her, then kisses her on forehead. He wakes up from dream and says that soon this drama will come to be true, as he will do anything to bring her back.
In the hospital, Bittu wakes up and recalls Rachna and his time together. He looks at the nurse who smiles and runs to call the doctor. She tells Doctor taht the patient is conscious, Rachna comes in his room and sits besides him. She says Bittu! He remembers she took his hand before leaving her house. He says how crazy he used to be, was so much into her love that he thought she can only be her. He aks her forgiveness. SHe says it wasnt his mistake, and says he wishes KT could understand. He tells her to leave it to him, as he got his new life because of her. She says that the good thing for now is, that she could take care of Bittu as per promise.
At home Mayank dances with Golu and Prabhu. THe ladies ask why are they happy. Golu says that he is from India, and can dance the best. He says one must watch ‘Dil se nachay dunya walay’.
In the college, Gunjan says that she will play Juliet in the annual play. She says Romeo must be the one who performs in audition with confident, he must be the one who can love whole heartedly. Mayank comes there, dressed in college boys look. She smiles looking at him. He says taht he fight for his love, and doesnt leave his love story, and he will be Romeo. Gunjan drops her books, he asks her to pick them up herself. He goes for auditions.
Everyone laughs at the auditioners. Some guys make Mayank afraid, that this director doesnt like someone who speaks the rott learn lines. Mayank’s turn comes. He comes to the centre, and looks at Gunjan above. She looks at him.

PRECAP: Gunjan asks why shall she trust him. He says that she must keep hand on his chest, as he is the reason he lives. He goes upstairs, and asks her hand to dance.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Bittu is normal ! 🙂

  2. Bittu is normal now I am super excited cause now those two witches can’t use him anymore I will begin to watch again. YaAyyyyyyyy dancing Rabirans forever

  3. This serial has gotten so “harebrained” and downright stupid. If they have run out of ideas end the serial and not go off on a tangent. The Myank-Gunjan saga needs to end not start up again. The worst mistake of her life was getting involved with this spoilt “momma” boy. He has no clue how to treat an intelligent woman. He just wants a “housekeeper” with benefits.

    Take us out of our misery.!!!!!

    Don’t make the mistake of bringing Rachna in again. If she wanted to be a nursemaid to Bittu she didn’t have to marry him to do that. Where are your brains people?

  4. Thank goodness Bittu got better now if only he can help Rachna and KT get back together. He might be the one to expose his cruel mother and aunt.
    Writers need to fast forward to Gunjan regaining her memory

  5. Yay bittu is normal so KT gonna be back yippppe

  6. writers after what happened with rachnas wedding I definitely do not want kt for rachna ; kt is tooooo dotish rachna deserves someone better end that kt rachna storyline start another story where bittu and rachna does not really love each other to that extent and let them separate opening a new storyline about bittu understanding all that is going on in his life with that meddling mother and aunt showing them up for who instigated the whole plot of breaking up kt and rachna; why I turned against kt is because he was so dotish to give up the love of his life rachna to his retarded brother bittu; he should have more sense than to do something like that. please let kts grandmother throw kts mom and aunt out of the house skating on their behinds never to be accepted in the family again especially that ugly aunt of his. I would love to see their faces when they are exposed.

  7. For some reason I don’t think Rachna and Bittu are married. She just left with him.

    1. That is what I am thinking as well as there was no sindoor or wedding chain….so why call him her husband? And where was the “doting” mother and aunt with this big operation?

  8. It crossed my mind too….especially that hey went out of their way to not show anything between them.

  9. bittu should join the pair rachna and kt

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