Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan stops the men as Mayank gives them her photo. They were to spray water at the house, and ask Mayank what are they doing here and why did you give this photo to them. She asks what happened to him after so much education. Seema stops Mayank and asks them to continue. They gives her something to be washed in water, if it gets yellow the bad image is still there. Gunjan snatches the cloth from them and says there again is a fraud. She tells Mayank that this is what they studied in school that this cloth has been soaked in turmeric and will get red upon getting washed in soap. Shayl and Seema’s husband protest Seema and Mayank. Mayank says he knows Guru ji and believes him. Gunjan says this is just superstition, but Mayank refuses to listen and leaves.
Rachna comes to workshop. KT was sitting there. He says Hi to her, she doesn’t reply. He notices her mood was off. Rajiv comes inside, and takes permission to come in. he asks KT he wants to say something important to say to Rachna and shows the letter. KT allows. Rajiv says does Rachna remember she wrote him a letter, this is its reply. Rachna was skeptical about the letter and takes it. He tells Rajiv he reserves the office for his personal work and winks at him.
Rachna sees an old photo of her with Rajiv in the hockey match in the envelope. She smiles and happily keeps it in bag. KT recalls how Rajiv says let this letter get to Rachna, you will know about her love for me.
Golu brings his geometry box to Seema; in return she gives him the chocolate. She measures a black cloth and brings scissors from Sangeeta. Shayl calls and she hides the cloth. Shayl says whatever is happening between Mayank and Gunjan is not right, Seema says she also doesn’t like this. Shayl hugs her saying she expected just the same from her.
At night Seema gets up and goes to Gunjan’s room after reading the instructions from the paper. It says bring Gunjan’s 2 inch long hair and burn 101 of them in a black cloth before dawn. She quietly enters the room and carefully cut the hair but Gunjan is awake. She finds a bunch of her hair left on the bed and notices the cut hair. Seema counts her hair and ties them in the black cloth, she burns them. Gunjan sees Seema praying and holding the pot in which she burnt the hair over her head. Gunjan says there is one way to break this belief, to bring that Guru’s reality to everyone. Gunjan recalls all the reactions she got about complaining against him.
She thinks this all can’t be coincidence, it is must a plan. In morning, shayl finds Gunjan sleeping on sofa. She thinks Gunjan must be worried the whole life and must have sleep here. She wakes her up and says she understand what she is going through. Gunjan says this is some planning, whatever is happening to her. She says Guru’s ego got injured because of her truth. She says what is worse is that she and Mayank had a lot of differences because of this all. She will expose that Guru ji very soon.
At ashram Guru ji sits on his chair.
Gunjan dressed in saree touches Shayl’s feet and asks her blessings. She says she will now get Mayank and Seema out of the grip of that Guru ji in her own style.

PRECAP: She stops Seema offering something to Guru ji and brings a ‘thaal’ to him. Guru ji is also shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I just hate this episode…very unfair…. kabir scene very short….waste my time waiting impatiently for the episode to start…frust

  2. This blasted guru ji…… Oh gosh….

  3. Ive dis feeling that Rajiv is not inlove wit Rachna…i blve he want kabir to confess his love

    1. Yeah sure i am to belive that Rajiv may make rachana and KT together!!!!

  4. rajiv is a @#$%^ an god know what he will get……………………………. tht guru i ya

  5. For some reason i think rajeev is doing all this to help KT so that KT will beable to confess his love for rachna

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